Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

Our Senior students are six teaching days away from their external exams. Exam success is not just dependent on how much you know. Exam success is also determined by how well you perform. Our athletes and musicians know this fact too well. It is your performance that matters, not what your potential indicates.

Therefore, this week’s focus has been on two aspects of exam management. Firstly, to have the right mindset. The right mindset comes from being prepared, from being rested, and from being supported. Our Seniors are preparing well, have learnt the content, are practising exam questions, interpreting the marking schemes and incorporating the subject specific exam strategies into their revision.

Managing personal wellbeing during the exam block will be crucial. The following habits need to be formed:

Study + sleep + exercise + relax = optimal study and exam performance

Study will take the most time; however, all other aspects need to occur to allow for the best performance possible on exam day.

Finally, support. On Monday morning, the Year 12 parent spirit video was viewed by the cohort. It was a fantastic way of reinforcing that the boys are not alone in the exams and that they have the support and best wishes of their parents and the whole Terrace Family. Thank you to Mrs Loren Serafin-Huey and the contributing parents for a wonderful gesture. The video can be found on Terrace YouTube.

This week has also seen recognition of a wide range of outstanding student achievement in a number of academic pursuits. Late last term, 240 students from Years 5-12 completed the Australian Maths Competition. Terrace had four students gain a prize, 17 attain a high distinction, 81 attain a distinction, and 104 attained credits. The four prize winners were: Hayden Sharpe (Year 8), Reuben Dooley (Year 9), Ryan Wong (Year 10) and Yang Zhang (Year 12).

Our Future Problem Solving teams have progressed to the National finals to be held on 16 October here at Terrace. Only the top two teams in each division in the State have made it through to Nationals. Congratulations to the following teams:

  • Junior Year 6 - Jackson McConnachy, Max Walker, Julian Spark, Harrison Ellis
  • Middle Year 9 - Tasman Bunkum, Reuben Dooley, Zach Vivian, Hugo Smith
  • Senior Year 12 - Yang Zhang, Matthew Cho, Patrick Gleeson, Justin Jeyarajah 
  • Senior Year 12 - Robert McSwiggan, Matthew Rice, Finbar Carroll, Luke Evans 

Finally, our Senior Visual Artists have attained outstanding recognition for their work with the selection of Matthew Schoutrop and Sydney O’Hare as Excellence Winners of the Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Art. These artists work will be exhibited at GOMA from April next year. Additionally, John Dillon and Benjamin Spicer have been selected to exhibit their work in the Brisbane Regional exhibition. Congratulation to these artists and the College Visual Art staff.