Acting Principal’s Message | Mr Chris Ryan

Dear Terrace Family,

I look forward to the Celebration of Excellence evening at the Brisbane Convention Centre tomorrow night. On your behalf, I thank Ms Zoe Morgan, Mr Matt Cocking and all of the many staff and students who have contributed to bringing what is a gala presentation to the stage. Again, warm congratulations to all prize winners. We are also pleased that Dr Carroll is progressing to such a degree that he is able to join us and address the community. Dr Carroll will return to Terrace full time on 12 November.

Our Year 12 students continue to engage positively in each phase of their final days at Terrace. Jacob Montaner, as College Captain, addressed the student body for the final time at Tuesday’s assembly. In a similar way to our Vice Captains last week, Jacob impressed with his calm humility and sincere messages of gratitude and hope for the future at Terrace. My lasting memory of Jacob will be his capacity to engage with the youngest of our boys in the red and black. Barely a day has passed in 2018 where I haven’t seen Jacob helping someone, engaged in conversation or enjoying a game with the younger boys. This legacy of service and presence will be remembered for years to come. We wish the Year 12 group well for their final days of classes and their upcoming final exams.

At last week’s assembly, I spoke to the student community about my concern for the challenges presented by social media. Whether it be on year level assemblies, House assemblies, in Formation classes or other forums, Terrace students are regularly advised about how to behave positively on social media. This term, I have sat in several year level assemblies where Mr Damien Cuddihy, Acting Dean of Students, has spoken to the students about being ‘reserved’ and ‘conservative’ online. As we were gathered in the Campbell Centre for our whole school assembly, I referred to the well-known former Principal of Terrace, Brother ‘Doc’ Campbell in my address. Brother Campbell coined the term ‘Terrace Gentleman’. All those years ago, Brother Campbell and others forged a tradition at Terrace based on the dignity of the person, respect for self and others, courtesy and service. We are proud of this tradition. In his day, he was referring to behaviour in the classroom, on the sporting field, on public transport, in the community and at home and explicitly linking these values to those of the Gospel. The young people of today now face the challenges and temptations of social media as well, and the standards expected of a Terrace Gentleman apply as do the values of the Gospel. The crux of my message to the boys was that a ‘Terrace Gentleman’ does not behave online in a manner that is not in line with the values of dignity, respect and courtesy and does not participate online in discussion that they would not be comfortable with their own parents seeing. I am confident in the knowledge that the community agrees with this position and I thank our parents for their continued support of their sons and the College on this important issue. 

At yesterday’s assembly, we presented the GPS Track and Field team for this Saturday’s Senior event. I congratulate our Years 5 and 6 athletes who gained fifth position in last week’s Junior GPS event. We are very proud of this performance and the wonderful support of our Years 5 and 6 students. On your behalf, I thank all of the coaching staff and wish the team all the best both individually and collectively for this Saturday.

It is a time of thank you and goodbye. Yesterday, I joined the Cultural community at the annual Terrace Performing Arts lunch to thank and celebrate the contribution of our Year 12 musicians and performers. I thank them for their generosity and commitment in sharing their gifts with us; many of them since Year 5 in choirs and bands. What a wonderful contribution.

Best wishes for the week ahead.

God Bless

Mr Chris Ryan
Acting College Principal

Acting College Dean | Mr Damien Fall

The end of this week marks the half-way point of the term for most of the College.  For Seniors, there are only two school days next week before exams commence.  They enter the season in which they will do many things at school for the last time – final lesson in each subject, final assembly, final Tutor Group, etc.  In my current acting role that has a strong focus on our staff, I am more aware than ever, of the profound impact that staff in schools have on the lives of the young men entrusted to our care.  As an organisation based around relationships with significant adults, it is crucial that we maintain a staff that is committed and aligned to our mission.  At this late stage of the year, everyone, including students, parents and staff is getting tired, so it is important that we look after each other.  As a Catholic community, we are all called to ensure we do our part to take care of everyone in the Terrace Family in the busy few weeks ahead.

I have written previously about the introduction of the new role of Program Leader, Years 11 and 12 in 2019.  I am delighted to announce that this important pastoral and academic role will be filled by Mrs Loren Serafin-Huey.  We look forward to Loren’s contribution in guiding the Senior students on their journey in the coming years.  In other staff news, Mrs Pamela Lather has been appointed to the position of Mathematics Subject Coordinator, Years 7 – 9.  Pam’s significant experience and expertise will be a great asset in this role and we know she will do a wonderful job.  Mr Andrew Stormonth has also accepted a new role for 2019.  He will take the position of Program Leader, Campus Ministry and we look forward to his wonderful influence across this important aspect of the Terrace journey.  Congratulations to all of these staff on their appointments.

Many in our community will know Mr Craig Jesberg, a member of staff at our Tennyson campus.  Sadly, Craig’s father passed away this week.  May he rest in peace.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Craig and his family at this sad time. 

Friday evening’s Celebration of Excellence is an opportunity to celebrate all that is special about Terrace.  Both staff and students are recognised for their efforts on this occasion, and I look forward to seeing many of our families in attendance.  Congratulations to all award winners and to the parents and staff who provide students with the opportunity to do so.

Acting Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

Our College Motto, Servire Deo Sapere - To serve God is to be Wise, is one that should inspire us in all that we do. It articulates our commitment to the formation of the ‘Terrace Gentleman’ to be a young man of faith and learning who will make a difference through knowledge, humility and wisdom. I was witness to this during the week when our College Vice Captains addressed the student body for the final time this year. They reflected on a year that was characterised by the service of others. The reflections from all four leaders were firmly embedded in the relational approach to leadership that significantly enhanced their influence throughout the year. However, it is not just events of the 2018 year that they highlighted in their speeches. They all made references to individuals and cohorts that had been before them who also led through their actions. We often hear speakers talk about “standing on the shoulders of giants” and in 2018, the Senior group focused on the rallying cry of Shoulder to Shoulder.  We can be assured that the 2018 Senior group have value added to the great Terrace legacy of student leadership being grounded in the service of others and the service of God.  

On Saturday morning, I walked through the rowing sheds as the crews were finishing their morning sessions and were busily preparing for the BGS races later that morning. The level of ownership that the boys have for the shed always impresses me whenever I spend time with the Rowing community. I realise I am speaking to the converted here in the Rowing community, but rowers have a very strong and obvious understanding of teamwork and belonging. We certainly see it in many other aspects of the community but it was a pleasure to watch the crews go through their routines on Saturday. Old Boys, young and old, giving back with their wisdom and time. The enthusiasm in the boys' voices when they spoke about the race plans for the BGS races coming up later in the morning was refreshing. The beauty of sport right there. 

The final term can sometimes be challenging in school communities. It is an exciting time of year but it is crucial that all students remain focused until the final exam. From Year 5 through to Year 12 the little things matter at Terrace. Staff are working hard to prepare lessons and provide feedback on drafts for the boys. Can I ask that you pick up on conversations with your sons that will assist us in providing a positive learning environment over the coming weeks. Standard of dress, punctuality, using correct classroom etiquette and completing homework thoroughly are all conducive to maximising learning outcomes for your sons. 

Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Celebration of Excellence

Tomorrow evening is our Celebration of Excellence evening. 

With 411 students receiving awards for Academic Excellence, it is a great achievement for our boys, our teachers and our families. We look forward to acknowledging these boys on the night.  While it will take moments to pass across the stage, the commitment behind this award will have required hours of dedicated study. It will be a proud moment for many of our boys.

Preparation and Planning

The Year 12 students have now been issued with their exam timetables. In the coming weeks, the remainder of the school will similarly be issued with their exam timetables. It is imperative that this document becomes the basis for strategic planning of exam revision time. As mentioned, prior revision should be systematically worked through and it should be carried out with a pen and paper response to the listed required knowledge. Many boys have worked very hard this year and it is important that we sustain our commitment to our academics despite the “end” being in sight. I encourage all students to download the checklist and to make sure that revision involves completing the items on this checklist.

Focus - Homework and Diary Week

This week has had a focus around ensuring homework has been completed and completed well and that homework has been logged in the diary. My thanks for the parent support in the practice of the weekly signing of their son’s diary. Your involvement in supporting and ensuring that your son/s complete the practising of skills is much appreciated.

Mentoring Week

Over the past two weeks, reflection around outcomes of Term 3 reports have been conducted by Tutors. This reflective process is a crucial factor in maintaining and sustaining strong outcomes and placing new strategies in place to enhance outcomes. I continue to be both delighted and amazed at the level of thought and the commitment our students make towards their studies. Below are just some of the reflections of our younger members of the community who made significant improvement in Term 3:

“Pure and simple…was just over getting low results and just wanted to finish my primary experience on a high. Along with a friend in class, I started to take down their own notes and collating together.” 
“A best mate followed this exercise of note taking daily and weekly. Both just wanted to help out each other”.
“Writing out palm cards and attaching them to my diary so that every time I opened my diary, I saw the notes”.
“Going to sleep earlier".
“Logging how long I took for homework”.
“With sport, I had to use my time better and I got more out of it. Being busy has helped”
“Using my time well, I just needed to work harder as there wasn’t always heaps of time.”

Well done to these young members of the College, your results are certainly worthy and reflect your efforts. This great feeling of accomplishment after investing hard work is certainly one that stays forever.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

On the Turning Away

As the handout was passed around to members of our meeting, it first read as a poem describing active ignorance of tough social issues. At second glance, they were words to a Pink Floyd song. An hour later, I was in the car listening to that song that I had heard plenty of times before, and yet, this was the first time I heard its impressive meaning. On the Turning Away will now be heard through this renewed, and far healthier, perspective. Although I would usually keep such simple personal discovery to myself, whilst preparing for updating our teaching staff with respect to our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) the song struck a chord (sorry for that) with what we are hoping to achieve. 

“On the turning away” is a call to social participation, not allowing indifference to become normalised. Essentially, this is the very same challenge that exists with respect to our response to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives – Do we actively engage in an important local and national issue? Or do we passively witness the world move around us?

Using words you will find are strange 
And mesmerised as they light the flame 
Feel the new wind of change 
On the wings of the night

For the past three months a RAP Working Group, consisting of Aboriginal elders, students, parents, Old Boys, College Board members and community members, have gathered and discussed a vision and pathway to actively engage in National Reconciliation with First Nations people, their history, culture and traditions. Knowing that we can openly share our thoughts and perspectives in an open forum has been a heartening experience. If we were to sum up our combined vision for the Terrace RAP, the final verse of Pink Floyd’s On the Turning Away does a good job:

Just a world that we all must share
It's not enough just to stand and stare
Is it only a dream that there'll be
No more turning away?

I thank the following people for their generosity of time on the RAP Working Group:
• Parents: Mrs Victoria Bell-Locke and Mrs Kylie Waldren.
• Staff: Ms Natalie Berndt, Mrs Louise Cosgrove, Mr David Giles, Mrs Susan Hinton, Ms Kara O’Neill and Mrs Judy McGuire
• Elder: Mr David Miller
• Murri Ministries: Mrs Ravina Waldren
• Old Boy: Mr Chris Power
• College Board members: Br Marty Sanderson and Dr Edith Hampson 
The RAP Working Group looks forward to joining our Terrace Family with further exploring the possibilities of active and authentic expressions of national reconciliation.

Commemorative Mass 

Our wonderful tradition of honouring those who we have lost from our Terrace Family, and own families, continued this week with our Commemorative Mass, aligning with the Feast Days of All Saint and All Souls of this week.  Each name that our College Captains read was a life lost and a light to be remembered. Each name resonated in the hearts of those gathered in the Chapel of The Holy Family on Tuesday morning. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have recently experienced the loss of a loved one and with those who continue to find ways to carry the burden of loss from times past. 

Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

Transition is a consistent theme across Terrace in this last term. This experience of transition has varying degrees of meaning for different groups. For our Senior students, only a couple of weeks remain before they take on the greatest transition of all, which has them leaving the surrounds of Terrace and making their way in the big world. Each year level will transition with different challenges facing them. For the younger men of the College, our Years 5 and 7 students will be that little bit more experienced than our new just starting students. Year 6 will be faced with the challenge of making their way into the Senior part of the school and welcoming 130 more students in the process. All transitions pose challenges, which is why the way in which we finish this year and prepare ourselves for the next phase of our Terrace journey is crucial. Great steps can be taken by finishing this year on a positive note and taking that experience and meeting the new phase with a spring in the step.

The transition process continues with Year 6 on retreat next Thursday 8 November at Tennyson. This is a time of reflection to look back on what has been achieved so far, and of course, what is to come with movement to high school life at Terrace.

With each start to a term, academic mentoring takes place and it is always great to hear how our young men have adapted each term to improve their study habits.  Strategies range from things that can be addressed at home such as getting adequate sleep, addressing study space and the hardest task of all, time management, to school strategies, such as being prepared for the first five minutes of the lesson so that the key concepts are not missed. Boys are encouraged to consider how they can engage, respond to and comprehend what is being presented in the lesson.  Similarly, they should finish off the week reviewing the work with diary use or extra notes to help during exam time.

Last Wednesday, Terrace competed in the blue-ribbon event on the GPS calendar, the Junior GPS Track and Field carnival at QSAC. It was a fantastic way to finish the GPS season with some incredible performances on the day. Personal bests and records were achieved. Well done to all competitors. 

A reminder to parents in Years 5 and 6 to log onto Parent Lounge and accept your son for the end of year excursion. Acceptance and payment is required by Friday 2 November.

Enjoy the week.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

Casino Royale Underground

Thank you to all the families who joined us last Friday night for our annual Jazz Night.  This yearly event takes on a different theme each year and this year certainly showcased our students in a different light in the historic underground reservoir at Spring Hill.  It is a fantastic event for our Senior students who performed at their penultimate event in Terrace colours.  We look forward to doing it all again next year.

Senior Performing Arts Students

This week we had the opportunity to acknowledge our Senior students who have given to our Performing Arts program whilst at Terrace.  Whether it be a student who had the opportunity to be a part of the Norman Clarke Music Program from Year 5 or started at Terrace in Year 8, it was a privilege to be able to take the opportunity to thank them for the time these talented young men have given to the Terrace community.  We wish you well in your future endeavours and look forward to continuing to see your names up in lights for many years to come.


On behalf of the debating community, I would like to congratulate the Year 7.1 QDU team who finished their season undefeated.  Congratulations to the following young men: Will Ames, Cohen Napier, Oliver Forbes and Hugo Panizza. 

Cultural Sign On

We would like to encourage parents/caregivers and students to check the Terrace App and the Parent Lounge over the coming weeks as we will be releasing sign on information for 2019 Cultural activities.  Many of these can only take a select amount of students so the cut off time will be strictly enforced. 

Support Group Meetings   

Part of the success of our Cultural activities can be traced to our Support Groups.  If you would like to be involved, meetings are outlined in the College calendar and on the App.   

Terrace Performing Arts AGM – Tuesday 27 November. Venue to be announced.    

Debating Support Group – Tuesday 27 November, 5.30pm in the Founders’ Room   

Staying in touch  

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss a thing. 

Director of Music | Acting Director, Mr Jan Hewerdine

Last Friday, we held our annual Jazz Night at the Spring Hill Reservoir. What an amazing experience it was, both for the audience as well as the performers. Thank you to families for the support you provided for this as well as the spirit in which you entered into the event. Our thanks too to the TPA for their wonderful support.

Celebration of Excellence

Can I ask all families to re-acquaint themselves with the various details regarding transporting of students to the BCEC on Friday 2 November (tomorrow) for the Celebration of Excellence.
• Music Captains, Year 11 Music Students, Featured Artists and SWE Percussionists: meet directly at BCEC 7am.
• Celebration Orchestra and Choir: board bus at the Chapel 8.30am
• Massed Band (BCB, RCB, Callan Black, Callan Red, Year 5 and 6 Band and Strings): board bus at the Chapel 12.50pm. Return 2.20pm to GT. Please eat your lunch at morning tea.

Music Practice Hall

Music Practice Hall recommenced last Monday. This is held in the Music Centre, from 3.15-5pm. I ask that you actively support this so that we can roll it out fully next year and support the boys in attaining quality practice habits. The response from participants to date has been very positive, with students seeing an immediate improvement in their playing.

Term 4 Events

• Celebration of Excellence - Friday 2 November 

Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Track and Field 

Congratulations to the youngest members of the College Track and Field community that competed in the Junior GPS Championships last Wednesday at QSAC in front of some very noisy and enthusiastic Years 5 and 6 students.

It was a great performance from the team, overcoming some very late scratchings due to sickness and injury to finish the day in a strong overall fifth position. It was a true team performance and upon reflection it was great to see so many boys fighting for their overall position and performing under pressure to maximise the points and placings on offer.

There was numerous stand out performances but perhaps the winning run by Max Van Balen (Year 6) in the Under 12 200m in Division 1 was the stand out – I have never seen a young man take off so quickly at the start to lead all the way home and defeat a much bigger and stronger looking opponent – what a great run. However, the full team deserve credit for the manner in which they continually competed and gave their best, well done to all boys involved. It was also exceptionally impressive cheering by the Years 5 and 6 cohort who attended and kept chanting out the Terrace war cries – well done boys – you were certainly the largest and loudest supporters in the grandstand.

This Saturday is the Senior GPS Track and Field Championships in the main grandstand at QSAC. Along with the Swimming Championships, this event is probably my favourite event of the year with the standard of athlete on display simply outstanding. A mini Olympics in eight hours, there are events for all boys and certainly a high-quality field in all events. 

The boys who will represent the College deserve the support of the student body and although at first glance it may appear a very long day commencing at 9.30am with a series of field events. Supporters are encouraged to make their way to the stadium – either through private transport or via the College organised bus, ready for the start of the 200m races at 2pm. The track events will be running continuously through the afternoon with the final event being the Open 4 x 100 m relay at 5.35pm and presentations on the Track at 6pm.

If boys require transport to the event a bus will depart the Chapel area of the College at 12.30pm and return to the Chapel by 6.45pm. Please place your name on the sign on sheet in the Sport Office.

Swimming /Rowing Launches 

Congratulations to both communities for the activity specific launches for their respective seasons that were held over the weekend and attended by a good number of parents/caregivers and boys. Both groups have held these introduction evenings for several years; they are free of charge and provide a soft introduction and entrance into their respective seasons. Both launches were successful with good numbers in attendance and plenty of information shared.

Cricket Community 

The Cricket programs are running afternoon teas and BBQ breakfasts at the Victoria Park facility for all Terrace Cricket families. It is a great opportunity for parents to see their sons train under the Terrace coaches and come together for the first time this season – keep an eye out via the College App for full details.   

Captains’ Corner | Vice Captain, Will Roach

In two weeks time, along with the rest of the Seniors, I will be walking out of the Terrace gates in uniform for the very last time, and I am not quite sure how to feel about it. Obviously, just as the other Year 12s, I am excited to leave, and a bit nervous as to what the future will bring. However, at the same time, looking back over my last five years here at Terrace, I am pretty sad to leave this place. This school has meant so much to me and given me countless great memories and mates that I will take with me for the rest of my life, and as a result, I am disquieted about the fact that my journey here is almost done. I have said it a few times before and I will say it again, the truth is Terrace forms part of your identity, part of who you are. The memories and the friendships you make, they are something that stays with you long after you leave Terrace, and it is why this school is such a great one to come to and why I am so honoured to be a part of it. 

This doesn’t just happen without a lot of work behind the scenes and being my last Captains’ Corner, I wanted to thank a few people. To the staff, I doubt there’s a school where teachers are more committed to helping students do well than Terrace. You give up so much of your time teaching not only school work, but also making us into young men, so thank you for that. As well as this, Mrs Quinn also graduates with us in a couple of weeks’ time, so a massive thank you for all the work you have put in during your time here. You have helped so many boys achieve their goals and allowed them to pursue the future they want. 

To the Year 12 boys, thanks for the journey over the last five years. We have made some great memories together, and I have honestly loved every moment of the ride. The days have gone so quickly, and only this term have I finally come to the realisation that this is it, this is the last one. The last time I will put on the uniform, the last time I will sit at the lunch tables with my mates, the last school prayer I will say at the end of the day, and the last Captains’ Corner I will ever write. I wouldn’t change a moment of my time here, and I will take the memories I made with me for the rest of my life. Terrace will always be part of who I am, so thanks for the journey.

Terrace Ladies Group

TLG Annual General Meeting - Appointment of Positions

The Terrace Ladies Group's Annual General Meeting was held on Monday in the College Museum. Thank you to the ladies who came along and a special thank you to Mrs Bec Tweedy for giving us a touching update on Conor’s progress. We understand how difficult this must have been for her and all those attending were moved to hear of their family’s planning for Conor’s best future. We also passed on to Bec a certificate for their records showing the $55 000 that has been deposited into their account for Conor’s care. Thank you to our wonderful Terrace Family for your generosity and making this generous donation possible.

At the meeting on Monday, we announced our new positions for the TLG Executive Committee for 2019. These are as follows:

Executive Committee 2019
  • Kirsten Carroll – President (new)
  • Samantha Mills - Vice President - (Logistics) (new)
  • Leonnie Flynn and Libby Baynton - Vice Presidents (Hospitality)
  • Sam Murphy - Treasurer
  • Rachel McGahon - Secretary

 Support Positions

  • Lou Weir - Year Level Coordinator
  • Chris Guist - Care and Concern (supported by Cathy Nash) (new)

Thank you to the Norelle and Clare in the care and support roles who are finishing up this year. I would also like to say thank you to the team of cooks who are called upon to assist our families and students needing extra care from time to time. Your contributions make a very big difference to those who need it.

Mrs Leisa Low has been my Vice President over the past two years and has very much been more of a partner than an assistant. I am most grateful to Leisa’s support and friendship and her exceptional organisational skills. Kirsten and Samantha are going into our roles fully prepared with past experience in many areas of school support activities, a terrific team of ladies on the Executive Committee, as well as the added bonus of extensive notes prepared by Leisa for the day to day operations of the TLG.

TLG Thanksgiving Mass – Friday 9 November 9.30am

A special event in the year is our Thanksgiving Mass, which is on at the end of next week on 9 November in the Chapel of the Holy Family. This is followed by a delicious morning tea in the Founders’ Room, with a celebration lunch for the Year 12 Mothers to be held at Gambaro Hotel and Restaurant.

Assistance Needed - Year 12 Celebrations

The College is seeking assistance during the last week for our Year 12 boys. On Monday 12 November, help is needed for wrapping gifts for our Seniors to be presented to them at the Valedictory Dinner. Help is then needed for setting up the tables at City Hall on Friday 16 November. Please follow this link to assist with wrapping on the Monday 12 November and this link for setting up for the Valedictory Dinner at City Hall on the Friday 16 November. No Year 12 mothers of course!

Julie Quinn's send off celebration

Planning for Julie Quinn's Farewell Morning Tea is coming along well. We are seeking a few more volunteers to help set up the food and drinks tables, and then to assist with the clean up.

If you can spare approximately an hour to help with either the set up or the pack up, please sign up via the link below.

Conor’s Long Lunch

Conor’s Long Lunch is coming up on Saturday 24 November. The Committee are seeking help with selling raffle tickets from about 12-2.30pm, looking for about ten teams of three raffle sellers. If you are able to offer a little time, please contact Mrs Megan Clifford direct via email

Staff Christmas Lunch – Wednesday 5 December

The annual Staff Christmas Lunch is a wonderful celebration of our staff in appreciation for all their efforts and support of our boys throughout the year. The TLG hosts this directly through the generosity of our families with contributions of food, time, and monetary donations. More details on this will be distributed in the next few weeks along with links to volunteer sign-on pages.

Date Claimers

Term 4
  • Week 5 – Friday 9 November – Thanksgiving Mass followed by Year 12 Mothers' Lunch
  • Week 5 – Saturday 10 November, 10am – Farewell celebration for Julie Quinn, Tennyson
  • Week 7 – Saturday 24 November – Long Lunch for Conor Tweedy, Tennyson
  • Wednesday 5 December – Staff Christmas Lunch (first week of student holidays)

Contact |TLG President | Mel Josephson

The Terrace Family

We pray for the families of the following members of our Terrace Family who have gone to their eternal rest:

Mrs Lavinia LEE, mother of Jason Lee (Year 12)

Mr Leigh STEINDL - GT 1963

May they be consoled by their many memories of those they have loved and lost.

Terrace Shop

Parents and carers may like to visit the Terrace Shop to purchase end of the year gifts for their sons.
  • Popular items include the Terrace golf umbrellas, cufflinks and key rings.
  • We also have the limited edition GPS100 sports cap available for purchase at $25 each.


Find all your upcoming Terrace Family event details here...

The Terrace Family is warmly invited to attend this evening of entertainment and celebration.
When: Friday 2 November | 6.30pm for a 7pm start
Where: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
RSVP: No RSVP necessary

Support the work of Youngcare by purchasing a tray of fresh, juicy summer ready mangoes direct from the farm! All funds raised will go directly to Youngcare.
Date and Time: Place your order by Friday 9 November
Mangoes will be delivered Tuesday 13 November to the Founders' Room, Gregory Terrace for pick up between 12pm - 3.30pm
Cost: $30 per tray (+ booking fees) 
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Julie Joseph | | 0408 737 733

Mango Orders | Place Here

Date and Time: Friday 9 November | 10am - 11.30am
Where: College Hall, Gregory Terrace
RSVP: Please RSVP via email or telephone Erin Bowpitt on 3214 5422 by Friday 2 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Erin Bowpitt | | 3214 5422

Email RSVP | Click Here

Date and Time: Friday 9 November | 11.30am - 3.30pm
Where: Gambaro Hotel, 33 Caxton St Petrie Terrace 
Cost: $92 per person (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course lunch & champagne on arrival
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Wednesday 31 October
For further information or enquires, please contact
Nicole Hoffmann | | 0417 793 583

Year 12 Mothers' Lunch | Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 10 November | 10am with formalities at 10.30am and morning tea to follow.
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson.
RSVP: No RSVP needed - all members of the Terrace Family, past and present, welcome to attend.
Join us to thank Julie for her 24 years of service, dedication, leadership and friendship here at Gregory Terrace

To mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, the College will compile a list of relatives of the Terrace Family who served in the Great War. Please email David Giles who will collate this list to present to the College Archivist.

Email Mr Giles | Click Here

Two information evenings available to attend about this unique and exciting opportunity to study at NASA
Date and Time: Tuesday 13 November | Junior Space School 6pm - 7pm and Senior Space School 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Where: GT125, Gregory Terrace
RSVP: Please RSVP via the link below 

CASE Space School Info Night | RSVP Here

Date and Time: Friday 16 November | 6.30pm - 10.30pm
Where: Main Auditorium | Brisbane City Hall, 64 Adelaide St Brisbane
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 2 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Jo Tarlington | | 3214 5203

Valedictory Dinner | RSVP Here

Date & Time: Saturday 24 November | From midday    
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson    
Details: Set to be a fun filled, relaxed and joyous community afternoon including:

  • Live music & DJ
  • BYO food or for an easier option, food trucks from 12pm
  • Full cash & cocktail bar
  • Food trucks from 12pm
  • Strictly adults only event

RSVP: Please RSVP by Monday 12 November  
$600 (+ booking fees) for a Table of 10  
For booking enquiries, please contact    
Natalie Davis |   
Simone Hiley |

Conor's Long Lunch | Book HereConor's Lunch Raffles | Purchase HereConor's Long Lunch | Pre-order Beverages

Details: 3 different size Terrace cricket bags available to purchase
Cost: $138.50 (+ booking fees) | Senior atomic bag 
$75 (+ booking fees) | Junior atomic bag or Duffle 750 bag
RSVP: Limited number available so please order ASAP or before 16 November
Approximate delivery to the College late November 2018
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Blair Copelin |

Terrace Cricket Bags | Order Here

Date and Time: Sunday 2 December | 1pm - 4pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson
RSVP: RSVP not required. Please feel welcome to attend on the day.
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Blair Copelin |

Date and Time: Tuesday 4 December & Wednesday 5 December | 4 sessions to choose from - 8am - 10am; 10am - 12pm; 1pm - 3pm or 3pm - 5pm
Where: Victoria Park, Gilchrist Ave Herston
Cost: $175 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 hours coaching with world leading power hitting and fast bowling experts AND a force train better weighted cricket bat, valued at $200
For further information or enquires, please contact
Blair Copelin | | 0411 042 768

Cricket Masterclass | Book Here

In celebration of 100 years of the GPS Association, Spirit of Fellowship caps are currently available to purchase. Pick one up before they sell out!
Where: The Terrace Shop (open Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 7.30am - 3.45pm, closed for lunch 12pm - 12.35pm)
Cost: $25 | All proceeds from the sale of these will contribute directly to injured students within the GPS rugby community

The cookbook every Terrace Family should own a copy of is available for the special Welcome to Terrace price of just $50. 
Details: This hard cover, full colour cookbook is full of beautiful historical photographs from Terrace's rich history, as well as great family favourite recipes.
Cost: $50 | For sale now at the Terrace Shop
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Leisa Low |

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your Term 4 parent function details here...

Year 7 End of Year Parent/Caregiver Function

Details: Saturday 10 November | 7.00pm     
Where: Norman Hotel, 102 Ipswich Rd Woolloongabbba    
Cost: $21.00 (+ booking fees) | Includes finger food. Cash bar    
RSVP: Please RSVP by Thursday 1 November    
For further details or enquiries, please contact      
Catherine Hennessy | | 0409 152 240

Year 7 End of Year Function | Book Here

Year 5 End of Year Parent/Caregiver Function

Details: Friday 16 November | 6.30pm 
Where: Story Bridge Hotel, 200 Main St Kangaroo Point 
Cost: $36.00 (+ booking fees) | Includes canapes & drink on arrival. Cash bar  
RSVP: Please RSVP by Monday 12 November 
For further details or enquiries, please contact   
Mandy Stephens | | 0412 563 229

Year 5 Function | Book Here

Year 11 End of Year Parent/Caregiver Lunch

Details: Friday 30 November | 11.30am
Where: Bar Alto, Brisbane Powerhouse, 119 Lamington St New Farm
Cost: $61.00 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course set lunch. Cash bar
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 23 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact   
Kate Pearson | | 0422 646 842

Year 11 Lunch | Book Here

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