Acting Principal’s Message | Mr Chris Ryan

Dear Terrace Family,

Welcome to Term 4. I trust the that the holiday break has been a refreshing one for our young men. I particularly welcome back our Year 10 gentlemen from their Immersion experiences in late Term 3 and thank all of our generous and talented staff for their support of this signpost Terrace experience. I also wish to particularly acknowledge our Year 12 students and wish them well for their final term at Terrace. It is important that they do their very best right up to and including their final moment in the red and black. We look forward to their continued strong contribution to College life.

Term 4 is a short term of teaching time. Our Year 12 students have only 20 days of class time. It is important the everyone in all year levels returns to routine and structure as quickly as possible and we thank parents for their support of this at home. The College Leadership Team will stress this at upcoming year level meetings. Reports will be available this Friday and are a significant tool for reflection and the setting of goals for the term.

Prior to the break, interviews were conducted for the appointment of the new Dean of Studies from 2019. It is my pleasure and privilege, on behalf of Dr Carroll, to announce that Mr Mason Hellyer has been appointed to this key role. Mr Hellyer is a long standing member of our teaching staff and community and is currently our Head of Faculty: Human Movements. Mr Hellyer has previously acted as Dean of Studies in 2014 and earlier this year. He has a deep understanding of our culture and context and is committed to working with students, teachers, staff and parents in leading our teaching and learning programs into a bright future at Terrace. We congratulate Mr Hellyer on his appointment.

Mrs Julie Quinn commences her final term with us and has greatly appreciated the many kindnesses extended to her upon the announcement last term. We will have several opportunities to thank and acknowledge Julie this term. A key community event that I would flag is a morning tea to be held at Tennyson on 10 November where the extended Terrace Family is invited to join us for some brief formalities followed by some social time to celebrate the outstanding contribution that Julie has made. Further details to follow and all in the extended Terrace Family, past and present, are welcome.

Over the break, Dr Carroll wrote to our families about Hannah Alford who is a Year 6 student at All Hallows’. Hannah has had an operation to remove a brain tumour and is in the early stages of her recovery. We continue our prayers of support for Hannah and her family, including Jack who is with us in Year 5 Windsor. The Alford family is appreciative of our care and concern and we will keep the community updated regarding Hannah’s journey.

Conor Tweedy also continues his journey positively and it was pleasing that he began to attend some school and community activities in the latter part of Term 3. Conor is working towards extending these activities and an early goal this term is to participate in the upcoming Leadership Camp, attend some classes and join his friends at the Semi-Formal next Monday evening. This will be a wonderful occasion for everyone in Year 11. Thank you to the Year 11 parents for their support of their son and partner in enjoying the evening. We look forward to seeing more of Conor as the year progresses. A reminder of the Terrace Long Lunch on 24 November at Tennyson where funds raised will go towards the Conor Tweedy Fund - tickets will go on sale next Monday. Thank you for your support.

Dr Carroll recently travelled to the United States to meet with Old Boys of the College. He was joined by Mrs Lea Walker-Franks, our Director of Development and Executive Officer of the College Foundation. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet with Old Boys of several different eras and to share stories and reconnect with the College. Another one of the opportunities in meeting with the Old Boys was to invite them to join the journey that the College Foundation has been facilitating in fund raising for supporting students who may not otherwise have an opportunity to attend Terrace through our Bursary program and through our future Capital Works program. 

Upon his return to Australia, Dr Carroll has undergone his knee replacement surgery and has commenced his recovery and rehabilitation process. We wish him well and look forward to his return.

Finally, with less co-curricular activities on this term, there tends to be more cars in the afternoons.

Please be mindful and respectful of:

• Brisbane City Council signage and road markings around the College. Brisbane City Council is facilitating checks on this throughout the city and our College is on the list.
• Our neighbours and their driveways.
• Conditions in the Spring Hill pool complex will change as the warmer months commence and more swimming groups are being facilitated. Please refrain from parking during pick up. Please return to the ‘loop’ process that we used successfully in Term 1.

God Bless,

Mr Chris Ryan
Acting College Principal

Acting College Dean | Mr Damien Fall

I extend warm regards from my role as Acting College Dean to all in our community as we commence the new term. We wish Dr Carroll all the very best as he commences recovery from surgery this week and we give Mr Chris Ryan our support and best wishes as he fills the role of Acting Principal.  We know he will do a great job.  Many in our community would be aware that a number of permanent and temporary staffing changes have been made for a variety of reasons.  We welcome the following staff who have joined us this week:

• Ms Belinda Brown who joins us this term at Waterford Place, teaching Maths and Business as a temporary replacement for Mr Mark Shori.
• Mr Gavin Clements, who joins the Waterford staff for the next five weeks as a Geography, Business and HPE teacher.
• Mr Harry Curtain who joins the HPE staff for the next two weeks covering for Mr Rob Sweeper while he takes paternity leave.
• Ms Felice Gatenby who has been appointed as the Terrace Shop Manager.
• Mr Clinton Mohoupt who joins us as IT Systems and Projects Manager. 
• Ms Janey Robson who joins the Maths Faculty for four weeks covering for Mr John McKinlay while he is on leave.
• Ms Kaylene Campbell who is covering for Ms Mary Ryan for two weeks.
• Mr Gary Stickley who is replacing Mr Andrew Ebrington as he takes leave for the term.

A number of other staff are filling acting roles for the first five weeks of term as a result of Dr Carroll’s absence:

• Mr Damien Cuddihy will be Acting Dean of Students.
• Mr Steven Hohn assumes the role of Acting Dean of Waterford Place.
• Mr Dwayne Hoy fills the Acting Mahoney House Dean position.

Terrace is a large and dynamic workplace and, while we aim to maintain consistency of staff as far as possible throughout the year, there will always be some unavoidable changes.  We wish all members of the community the very best for a productive Term 4; the time always goes quickly, particularly for Year 12 students and their families.  We look forward to a positive and successful final term.

Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Welcome back to our final term of the year after, what I trust, has been a restful break following a very busy Term 3. 

Academic outcomes 

Reports will be available electronically tomorrow (via Parent Lounge) showing the academic outcomes from last term. These outcomes include the Term 3 result for each subject, the cumulative result for Terms 1, 2 and 3 in each subject, and a grade of either “satisfactory” or “not satisfactory” for behaviour, homework and application. Indication may also be given to parents that an interview is required as a follow up to these outcomes. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher where this request has been made.

The results from Term 3 have been analysed and will be reported back to each year level in their specific year level assembly. These summaries are specific to each year level and this sharing of information is designed to inform and motivate students to strive for excellence and improvement. Recognition of individual students who have made significant improvement is made at these assemblies.

OP estimated scores

Both Years 11 and 12 students will be given updated estimated OP scores that are based upon their most recent cumulative results. These estimated scores will be given to the Year 12 students by their academic mentor and by House Deans to the Year 11 students. I would encourage parents to have a conversation with their sons about this interview.

Academic Excellence Awards

The cumulative results across Terms 1, 2 and 3 are used to select students who are the Dux of a subject and students who will receive an award for Academic Excellence. The minimum requirement for Academic Excellence for each year level is as follows:

  • Years 5, 6,7 and 8 require a minimum of 7 As  
  • Years 9 and 10 require a minimum of 6 As 
  • Years 11 and 12 require a minimum of 5 As - all based upon a cumulative result across three terms.

We are, again, most encouraged by the number of students who will be recognised on the Celebration of Excellence evening with these awards. It is a wonderful recognition and celebration of the commitment from students, staff and families to seek the very best outcomes for our boys.

Term 4

Just a reminder to all students that Term 4 is only eight weeks in duration. Assessment calendars have been issued to all boys and the “checklist” outlines the requirements for the term ahead. I encourage all families to ensure that these details are noted and that a study plan for the term is established this week.

Study group for Year 11 students will take place in room 323 every afternoon after school from 3.15 to 5.15pm. Year 12 study group will take place in room 423 every afternoon from 3.15 to 5.15pm. The library is also open until 4.30pm.

Acting Dean of Students | Mr Damien Cuddihy

Welcome back to Term 4. The boys have made an excellent start this week and seem prepared for the challenges of the term ahead. Thank you for your support in assisting the staff to create a positive tone around the corridors and in the classrooms. This term is short, meaning there is no time to waste. Students have heard the message throughout the week that they need to get down to work immediately.

This Friday we hold our annual Inter-House Track and Field carnival. The day will include a range of fun events culminating in the much anticipated all age House relay. As with all House events, the focus is on participation, fun and connection. On this day, all students are asked to wear their PE uniform to school. It is an expectation that every student who is physically able to do so, completes in all events for his House. This is an enjoyable, important and compulsory day for all students, and I look forward to everyone attending and participating to the best of their ability. 

A reminder that this month’s Terrace SchoolTV topic looks at the impact of not having enough sleep. Whilst a number of boys have very busy schedules that compete for time, it is important that sleep remains a priority. Frequently, a sleep deprived student lacks engagement in the classroom, preventing them from keeping on top of the content. The earlier a student “gets behind” in the term, the more problematic things become, often leading to wellbeing issues that may impact on other aspects of life. So, particularly for the parents of our younger students, keep fighting the good fight with phone use and games such as Fortnite. Both have the potential to erode good sleep patterns as students get older, which can become increasingly difficult to recover from. Many parents have found the SchoolTV resource to be insightful across a range of topics specific to adolescence. The link to this month’s topic on Sleep can be found here.

We continue to push the message about road safety. Students have been asked to ensure they only cross roads at designated crossings, even if it means walking slightly further to do so. The welfare of students is our top priority and we need them to help by making good decisions when it comes to their safety. I look forward to a positive and highly successful second term for all members of our community.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

Thin Places

A warm welcome to Term 4 . I hope your family was able to enjoy some restful time together over the recent break. 

One of the gifts presented to me over the break was taking the chance to catch up on some reading, and a little Netflix. While normally I opt for light-hearted holiday reads, I found myself being intrigued by the book The Heart of Christianity. In particular, it struck a chord with me regarding the experience of faith in a modern world, and how the essence of Christianity is, and always will be, a relevant and powerful way of being. Still resonating with me since completing the book is the concept of ‘thin places’.

‘Thin place’ theology is linked to Celtic traditions of the fifth century as a way of describing the presence and experience of God. Christian practices; prayer, sacraments, hymns, liturgical seasons are constructed and facilitated to become ‘thin places’ where our hearts open to the experience of God. Linked to this is another theology – panentheism. Are you still with me?

Panentheism is a practice that imagines God as an encompassing spirit. This imagination is relatively new to Christian theology and a key tenet of a more modern view of the faith. Panentheism’s evolution arises from a shift in perspective from God being an interventionist who acts from afar and is largely separated from the lived experienced. Consequently, those who adopt a divine-interventionist view of God are experiencing God as absent and not present, which is contradictory to the Christian faith tradition that has always affirmed the Spirit of God as omnipresent. Alternatively, panentheism views God as omnipresent, and by definition of its greek roots, “in” “everything”. Have I lost you?

In very simple terms, this may explain why some love to; fish, do yoga, garden, surf, hike. Perhaps through these experiences we position ourselves in ‘thin places’, whereby we allow ourselves to become closer to, and experience, something bigger than ourselves and beyond explanation. Something that is life-giving. Now I know why I love cricket so much! 

I will leave you this week with well-known Twentieth-century Trappist monk Thomas Merton’s summary of  the concept of the omnipresence of God:

Life is simple. We are living in a world that is absolutely transparent and God is shining through it all the time. This is not just a fable or a nice story. It is true. If we abandon ourselves to God and forget ourselves, we see it sometimes, and we see it maybe frequently. God shows Himself everywhere, in everything, in people, in things, in nature and in events. It becomes very obvious that God is everywhere and in everything and we cannot be without Him. It is impossible, the only thing is that we don’t see it.

I hope you can find your ‘thin place’. Golf anyone?

Acting Dean of Waterford | Mr Steven Hohn

Welcome back to the final term of the year. As always, the extended break from mainstream schooling experienced by the Year 10 students throughout the Immersion period is a significant time of change for the boys on many levels. I have been fortunate enough to listen to the stories and reflections of many students from various Immersions and was really pleased at what they have been able to take away from their experiences.

This term has a few changes at Waterford Place and as a result of those changes, we welcomed Mrs Belinda Brown and Mr Gavin Clements to the Waterford Place staff. Given the changes, the need to reestablish routines as quickly possible is vital.  On the first day back this term we spoke about the need to follow ‘The Terrace Way’ document as an approach to settling back into school.  In short, ‘The Terrace Way’ document encourages the students, as a group, to get their behaviour right and to come to class with the right attitude and the correct equipment for learning.  

I have spoken to the Year 10 cohort about showing respect and having positive interactions with their peers and staff members.  This can be achieved through:

• Communicating positively with each other.
• Respecting different viewpoints.
• Handling conflict in a respectful way.
• Sharing the workload.

We have watched a short video on decision making in the moment.  There are many moments within a day where we are presented with opportunities to make decisions.  These decisions can impact others negatively or positively.  The Year 10 students were challenged to “choose kind”.

This term at Waterford Place, we will continue to focus on the small things to ensure that the boys finish the year with the necessary momentum to finish well and start Year 11 in the correct frame of mind.  

On Friday we have the Inter-House Track and Field carnival.  The day centres around participation and I would encourage each student to turn up, have a go and have some fun with their classmates.  It is a great community opportunity to reconnect with each of the Houses and House mates from other year levels.

Years 7, 8 and 9 Program Leader | Mr Damien Coman

The Formation program at the start of each term commences in the same way for a good reason, we reflect on last term’s results, so students think about how they prepared and if their preparation for assignments and exams was effective for them. Goal setting for each term requires some thought about the actions that need to occur in order to strive to achieve the goal. 

Students create their weekly routine, acknowledging all of the time that they do not have for school work, and then plot the block of time that they make for homework, followed by revision/assignment time.  This is the aspect that students in the middle years often find most challenging as they feel they don’t have to do this. However, whilst they may not receive a mark or have revision checked, it is this element that brings academic success. Like any other pursuit (which boys often do understand), to be a top violinist or cricketer, a serious amount of time perfecting is required by the body.
Good habits and consistency are they key. Students need to go over and practise what they have covered in class and revision needs to commence Day 1 Week 1.
The Year 9s have Outdoor Education camps this term and need to take this into consideration for their plan also.
The Leadership team will complete their Year Level assemblies, giving the main messages from each area of the College to students in a very clear manner. This occurs within the first two weeks of each term. Mrs Quinn also highlights a number of students that have performed strongly in their studies, but also acknowledges those students who have made significant improvements.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

Terrace Jazz Night

The 2018 Jazz Night ‘Casino Royale – Underground’ will be held 7-9pm on Friday 26 October. This event will see the Spring Hill Reservoirs turn into an underground Casino and feature the Terrace Jazz Orchestra, Terrace Jazz Combo as well as the Red and Black Big Bands joined by the staff band and a special guest artist. Tickets will be available from College Events in the coming days.

GPS Chess

We would like to congratulate the GPS Chess team under the leadership of their Coordinator Mr Liam Herne. This year has seen the best results ever. We are now looking forward to our State Inter Schools Grand Final on Saturday and Sunday 20 - 21 October. This final will be hosted by Terrace in the Campbell Centre. Best of luck to the team.

Debating – QDU and Debating trials

Saturday and Sunday 20 – 21 October will also see the start of the 2019 Debating trials. It is exciting to see the students give their best for their placement in our teams for next year. The end of this year will see our Senior A coach Mr Josh Taylor move to Melbourne. Josh has been an exceptional member of our coaching staff and we wish him well in his move and future career. 

Chamber Music Concert

Tonight will see many of our talented students take the stage in the Edmund Rice Theatre performing solos at our Term 4 Chamber Concert. Doors open at 6pm with refreshments from 5.30pm for those wishing to attend. Access is via the rear theatre doors. Thank you to the Music staff, TPA Volunteers and students involved for what will be a great night.

Terrace Public Speaking Competition

Next week will see the annual Terrace Public Speaking Competition take place. This event is organised by the Coordinator of Public Speaking and will see four afternoons full of our elite speakers vying for the Public Speaking awards presented at Celebration of Excellence. Thank you to Mr Pauley and Mr Ganley for running this event as well as Mr Stormonth and Mr Cacciola for helping with the adjudications.

Music Placement Day 

Monday 22 October will see all of the new 2019 Years 5 and 7 students come to a new Music Placement Day. Placement Day is a time for our staff to listen to the talents of our new members to Terrace and place them into ensembles. This day is not an audition as we have ensembles for all levels of musicians. We look forward to meeting the next generation of Terrace Musicians. This day will run after their testing in the morning.

British Car Rally

Over the holidays the Terrace Performing Arts parents hosted the British Car Rally at Tennyson. This event is their only fundraising event that helps the Premier Ensembles and families towards their touring costs. This event was quite significant this year as the Music Department will have two tours in 2019. In June/July the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Terrace Jazz Orchestra, 1st Percussion Ensemble and T\the Red Thunder Drumline tour to Singapore while the Terrace Choir and Waterford Soloists will tour to Europe in the September holidays.

Thank you to the on going support from these parents and especially for the work at this event over the holidays.

Support Group Meetings  

Part of the success of our Cultural activities can be traced to our Support Groups.  If you would like to be involved, meetings are outlined in the College calendar and on the App.  

Terrace Performing Arts – Tuesday 16 October, 5.30pm in the Callan Centre

Debating Support Group – Tuesday 16 October, 5.30pm in the Founders’ Room

Staying in touch  

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Acting Director of Music | Mr Jan Hewerdine

A perusal of the calendar dates below will show that we have a number of engagements in Term 4. Please consult the College App for more details as they come to hand and please respond promptly to invites sent to the Parent Lounge.

This evening we have our Chamber Music concert starting at 6pm at Waterford Place. This concert provides the opportunity for soloists and smaller ensembles to showcase in a more intimate concert setting. Families of participants, please respond via the Parent Lounge. Soloists need to be at Waterford Place at 3.30pm to soundcheck, with the remainder to arrive at 5.30pm. Hospitality will be available for families from 5pm and after the concert.

All musicians in Years 5 and 6 classroom Music, the Red and Black Concert Bands, Callan Red and Black Strings have all been asked to commit to memory the music to Carmina Burana. We ask families to encourage the boys to work on this at home. The results will be well worth the effort when we combine these musicians with the Celebration of Excellence Orchestra and Choir.

We will be running outdoor rehearsals of Carmina Burana in Treacy flat to teach the boys the format for performance. The Black Concert Band and Callan Red Strings are required after school on Monday 29 October from 3.15-4.30pm. The Red Concert Band and Callan Black Strings are required after school on Tuesday 30 October from 3.15-4.30pm.

A new initiative, Music Practice Hall will be rolled out for Wind, Brass, Percussion and Strings. This will be supported, after school practice run by Music staff. This will be held in the Music Centre, from 3.15-5pm on Mondays, commencing next Monday 15 October.

JMI’s final term of Night Classes for 2018 will be kicking off on 10 October. These are casual group classes in learning to play jazz repertoire for beginner and intermediate levels. Held on Wednesday nights from 6-8pm, these classes are great way to start learning for beginners or to build on the current knowledge for intermediate players.
Click on the link below to learn more.  

Please check the Terrace App and Parent Lounge regularly as this is where information regarding various events (see the list below) will now be published. As events are approved and posted to the Parent Lounge, you will be sent an email advising the name of the event, including the Event Memo, to check and you will be required to give a response regarding attendance. Event Memos will also be available through the Terrace App in Culture|Music.

Term 4 Events

• Chamber Music Concert - Thursday 11 October 6pm 
• Placement Day - Monday 22 October (Pupil Free day) Year 5 10.45am-12.15pm, Year 7 12.45-2.20pm. 
• Terrace Jazz Night - Friday 26 October 
• Celebration of Excellence - Friday 2 November 

Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Welcome back to all members of the Terrace community for a very short Term 4.

Track and Field

From a Sport perspective, the focus is heavily upon the Track and Field Championship events that will be held very early on in Term 4:

• Junior GPS Track and Field Championships Wednesday 24 October QSAC
• Senior GPS Track and Field Championships Saturday 3 November QSAC

These two championships will come about very quickly. Boys need to commit fully to training and the Friday evening meets that are currently being held. Selections in the respective teams comes from times and distances recorded at these meets. 

Track and Field is the priority for all the boys and considerations that boys won’t make respective Term 1 teams due to attendance at Track and Field training at this early stage in Term 4 is not factual and is not shared by the Directors of Term 1 activities.

Congratulations to the great numbers of boys that attended the Track and Field training clinics over the holiday period – there was some great coaching experiences provided for the boys.

Congratulations to the leadership group for Track and Field in Season 2018 - Captain Declan Madden and Vice Captain Nikolai Wightman. These young men were chosen by their peers as the leaders of their activity. Both men show great commitment and dedication and are very worthy leaders of this activity. The College will present the Track and Field team to the community at a Presentation assembly on Tuesday 30 October.


Congratulations to Angus Burton (Year 12) and Zac Hyams (Year 11) who represented Queensland Under 19 in the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships. Both boys were successful in winning the Gold Medal at the Championships. Further to this congratulations, Angus was selected for the Open Queensland team to compete at the Nationals later this year and for a scholarship to the QAS Volleyball program for 2018/2019. 


Congratulations to the following boys for their performances at the recent Brisbane Open Water event at Lake Kawana:

  • Tom Neill - Gold in the 16 Years 5 km race
  • George Williamson - Gold in the 14 Years 5 km race
  • William Voltz - Bronze in the 13 Years 2 km race  

Well done to all the boys that competed.

Water Polo 

Congratulations to Max Balmano (Year 10), Oscar Wynne (Year 11) and Lachlan Steains (Year 11) who all were victorious members of the gold medal winning Barracudas Water Polo team at the recent Australian Club Championships. It is the first time a Queensland club has won a medal at these championships and the team was coincidentally coached by  Old Boy Mr Darcy Moreland – well done to all involved. 


Congratulations to Nick McGill (Year 11), Ryan Walker (Year 11), Dylan Kritzinger (Year 10), Toby Snell (Year 10) and Aubrey Stockdale (Year 10) who competed in the Under 17 National Championships held during the holiday period in Mackay. These boys performed exceptionally well and were a great credit to the College. 


Congratulations to Robert Capstick, Luke Allen, Alex Sullivan, Harry Canfell, and cox JJ Klemenc, who won Silver at the recent Queensland Schools Championships in Rockhampton in the Year 11 Quad Scull race. Terrace also recorded a Bronze medal in the Eights race. There were numerous other boys who competed at these championships and represented the College and Met North exceptionally well. Well done.

Captains’ Corner | College Captain, Jacob Montaner

Welcome back Terrace Family!

I hope you enjoyed a lovely and refreshing break, like our blessed College Vice Captains. Tom Dearlove was sighted at the Sommerville House Formal dazzling attendees with good looks and dance moves. Zach Boland was sighted barefoot water skiing and watching past seasons of American reality television series Survivor. Tom Pappalardo was sighted playing chess long into the night. Will Roach was sighted at Burleigh Heads tanning, intent on achieving the perfect ‘summer bod’. False hope is a dangerous thing. 

My grandfather Max kindly invited me to attend a Men’s Discussion Group at Ozanam Villa Aged Care Facility, also in Burleigh Heads. Every Monday morning Max and long-time friend Bernie visit Ozanam Villa to host an informal gathering with male residents, where topical news events are drawn on as a source of conversation. At this particular meeting, we covered material ranging from controversy surrounding Storm fullback Billy Slater to the European double-kiss. While this may appear a small and insignificant gesture on Max and Bernie’s behalf, the Men’s Discussion Group is a highlight for these residents, who unfortunately may not receive visitors or participate in engaging activities. Max and Bernie serve as an example to treat others with kindness and compassion, especially those most vulnerable. In other words, Shoulder to Shoulder at its core. I was touched. 

Finally, Term 4 is an exciting time. The Seniors are looking forward to celebrations, Year 11s to leadership positions and younger students to eight weeks of uninterrupted, stress-free holidays.  However, we must maintain our focus and finish on a strong note. Good luck!

Terrace Ladies Group

Welcome to Term 4

As usual it is hard to believe we are on the wrap up of the school year with the commencement of the eight week Term 4. Despite it being a short term, there are many things happening on the TLG front. Here are a few to keep in mind.

• Inter-House Athletics Carnival – Tennyson  

Tomorrow our much anticipated Inter-House Athletics Carnival is on at Tennyson. As per previous years, we have a full canteen, which is always popular with the boys, and staff. Details on food and prices have been distributed via social media this week. A very big thank you to all the families who are contributing to this big day with home bake or hands-on behind the counter. It is a big team effort indeed. Please follow this link if you would still like to come along and help out but haven’t had a chance to put your name down yet.

• TLG Annual General Meeting - Appointment of Positions

The Terrace Ladies Group Annual General Meeting is coming up on Monday morning of Week 4, 29 October from 7.30am in the College Museum. All are encouraged to attend and to enjoy a delicious morning tea afterwards together. We will be reviewing the year to date, putting forward our table of events for next year and announcing the roles to be replaced for 2019. We will also be presenting the contribution towards Conor’s rehabilitation to Bec Tweedy from the funds raised at the Fashion Parade. 

• TLG Thanksgiving Mass – Friday 9 November 9.30am

A special event in the year is our Thanksgiving Mass in the Chapel of the Holy Family, followed by a celebration lunch for the Year 12 Mothers to be held at Gambaro Hotel and Restaurant. 

• Julie Quinn's Farewell Celebration

We are all sad to be saying goodbye to Julie Quinn at the end of this term. Julie's incredible dedication to our boys’ academic outcomes over the years has been something none of us have taken for granted. We have a wonderful chance to show her our appreciation with a fabulous send off celebration, which is set for 10am Saturday morning on 10 November at Tennyson. More details on this will be coming in the next few weeks.

• Long Lunch for Conor Tweedy

Tickets go on sale this coming Monday 15 October for the Tennyson Long Lunch to be held on Saturday 24 November to raise funds for the Conor Tweedy Foundation. Information on the event can be found on College Events via this link. Tables of 10 are to be purchased (no single tickets) at a cost of $600 ($60 per head). Please contact Kristen Esler | kristin_esler@bigpond.comor Simone Hiley | further information. 

• Staff Christmas lunch – Wednesday 5 December 

The annual Staff Christmas Lunch is a wonderful celebration of our staff in appreciation for all their efforts and support of our boys throughout the year. The TLG hosts this directly through the generosity of our families with contributions of food, time, and monetary donations. More details on this will be distributed in the next few weeks, along with links to volunteer sign-on pages.

Good luck to our athletes on Friday.

Date Claimers | Term 4

Week 1 – Friday 12 October – Inter-House Athletics Carnival
Week 4 – Monday 29 October, 7.30am – TLG AGM, College Museum
Week 5 – Friday 9 November – Thanksgiving Mass followed by Year 12 Mothers' Lunch
Week 5 – Saturday 10 November – Farewell Celebration for Julie Quinn, 10am Tennyson
Week 7 – Saturday 24 November – Long Lunch for Conor Tweedy, Tennyson
Wednesday 5 December – Staff Christmas Lunch (first week of the student holidays)

Contact | TLG President | Mel Josephson

The Terrace Family

The Terrace Family is asked to pray for the recovery of

Hannah Alford, sister to Jack Alford, Year 5 Windsor and her family, 

and for the continuing recovery of Conor Tweedy. 

Terrace Shop

Please click on the following links to volunteer to assist the Terrace Shop for outfitting incoming students for 2019.


Find all your upcoming Term 4 event details here...

All parents are warmly invited to stay after drop off and enjoy a guided tour of the Shed and meet and greet over morning tea. A great chance to see the boys in action!
Date and Time: Saturday 20 October | 10am - midday
Where: Tennyson Rowing Sheds, Vivian St Tennyson
Cost: No cost event. Morning tea provided.
RSVP: No RSVP required, please feel welcome to turn up on the day
For further information or enquires, please contact
Simon Daly | | 0409 648 391

Coaches will be assessing new swimmers from 5pm to determine squads.
Date and Time: Friday 26 October | 5.45pm - 8pm
Where: Centenary Pool, 400 Gregory Terrace Spring Hill
Cost: No cost event | Includes buffet meal & drinks 
RSVP: Please RSVP for catering purposes by Tuesday 23 October
For further information or enquires, please contact
Shannon Neill | | 0488 155 718

Swimming Opening Function | Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 27 October | 10am - 4pm
Where: Estee Lauder Corporate, L2 33 Park Rd Milton 
Cost: $10 (+ booking fees) | Includes entry
RSVP: Please RSVP by 25 October or ASAP as limited to 100 tickets available
For further information or enquires, please contact
Joan Hyams | | 0413 683 117

Estee Lauder Shopping | Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 27 October | 4.30pm - 7.30pm
Where: Tennyson Boat Shed, Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson
Cost: No cost event
RSVP: Please RSVP for catering purposes only via College Events by Wednesday 17 October
For further details or enquiries, please contact:
Tamara Andrijich | | 0437 074 761

Rowing Welcome Night | Book Here

Support the work of Youngcare by purchasing a tray of fresh, juicy summer ready mangoes direct from the farm! All funds raised will go directly to Youngcare.
Date and Time: Place your order by Friday 9 November
Mangoes will be delivered Tuesday 13 November to the Founders' Room, Gregory Terrace for pick up between 12pm - 3.30pm
Cost: $30 per tray (+ booking fees) 
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Julie Joseph | | 0408 737 733

Mango Orders | Place Here

Date and Time: Friday 9 November | 10am - 11.30am
Where: College Hall, Gregory Terrace
RSVP: Please RSVP via email or telephone Erin Bowpitt on 3214 5422 by Friday 2 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Erin Bowpitt | | 3214 5422

Email RSVP | Click Here

Date and Time: Friday 9 November | 11.30am - 3.30pm
Where: 33 Caxton St Petrie Terrace 
Cost: $92 per person (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course lunch & champagne on arrival
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Wednesday 31 October
For further information or enquires, please contact
Nicole Hoffmann | | 0417 793 583

Year 12 Mothers' Lunch | Book Here

Two information evenings available to attend about this unique and exciting opportunity to study at NASA
Date and Time: Tuesday 13 November | Junior Space School 6pm - 7pm and Senior Space School 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Where: GT125, Gregory Terrace
RSVP: Please RSVP via the link below 

CASE Space School Info Night | RSVP Here

Only 250 tickets will be sold!
Prize: Hyundai i30 Go RRP $20,990
Cost: $100 a ticket | Purchase from the Finance Office in person or by phoning 3214 5455
Drawn: Friday 16 November | Last day of school for Year 12s

Date and Time: Friday 16 November | 6.30pm - 10.30pm
Where: Main Auditorium | Brisbane City Hall, 64 Adelaide St Brisbane
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 2 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Jo Tarlington | | 3214 5203

Valedictory Dinner | RSVP Here

Date & Time: Saturday 24 November | From midday 
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson 
Details: Set to be a fun filled, relaxed and joyous community afternoon including:

  • Live music & DJ
  • BYO food or order a picnic hamper
  • Full cash & cocktail bar
  • Food truck after 5pm
  • Strictly adults only event

RSVP: Tickets on sale 9am Monday 15 October via College Events. Please RSVP by Monday 12 November
Cost: $600 (+ booking fees) for a Table of 10
For further information or enquiries, please contact 
Kristin Esler | 
Simone Hiley |

Details: 3 different size Terrace cricket bags available to purchase
Cost: $138.50 (+ booking fees) | Senior atomic bag 
$75 (+ booking fees) | Junior atomic bag or Duffle 750 bag
RSVP: Limited number available so please order ASAP or before 16 November
Approximate delivery to the College late November 2018
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Blair Copelin |

Terrace Cricket Bags | Order Here

Date and Time: Sunday 2 December | 1pm - 4pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson
RSVP: RSVP not required. Please feel welcome to attend on the day.
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Blair Copelin |

Date and Time: 20, 26 & 28 November | 4pm - 5.30pm | Victoria Park & 2 December | 8am - 12.00pm | Tennyson Playing Fields
Cost: $70 (+ booking fees) | Includes training sessions 
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 9 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Tom O'Malley |

Yr 5 2019 Cricket Orientation | Book Here

Date and Time: 22, 27 & 29 November | 4pm - 5.30pm | Victoria Park & 2 December | 8am - 12.00pm | Tennyson Playing Fields
Cost: $70 (+ booking fees) | Includes training sessions 
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 9 November
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Tom O'Malley |

Yr 7 2019 Cricket Orientation | Book Here

Date and Time: Tuesday 4 December & Wednesday 5 December | 4 sessions to choose from - 8am - 10am; 10am - 12pm; 1pm - 3pm or 3pm - 5pm
Where: Victoria Park, Gilchrist Ave Herston
Cost: $175 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 hours coaching with world leading power hitting and fast bowling experts AND a force train better weighted cricket bat, valued at $200
For further information or enquires, please contact
Blair Copelin | | 0411 042 768

Cricket Masterclass | Book Here

The cookbook every Terrace Family should own a copy of is available for the special Welcome to Terrace price of just $50. 
Details: This hard cover, full colour cookbook is full of beautiful historical photographs from Terrace's rich history, as well as great family favourite recipes
Cost: $50 | For sale now at the Terrace Shop
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Leisa Low |

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your Term 4 parent function details here...

Year 12 Fathers' and Carers' Function

Details: Saturday 27 October | 4.00pm onwards 
Where: The Norman Hotel, 102 Ipswich Road Wooloongabba 
Cost: Food platters served, steaks available to purchase, cash bar
RSVP: Please RSVP for catering purposes ASAP
To RSVP or for further details or enquiries, please contact  
Grant Dearlove | | 0413 010 140
Paul Lilwall | | 0468 325 625

Year 8 End of Year Mothers' and Carers' Lunch

Details: Friday 2 November | 11.30am - 2.30pm
Where: Mrs Browns, 32 Commercial Road Newstead
Cost: $51.50 (+ booking fees) | Includes lunch feasting menu
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Wednesday 17 October
For further details or enquiries, please contact   
Marg Fitzsimons | | 0410 176 255

Year 8 End of Year Lunch | Book Here

Year 7 End of Year Parent Function

Details: Saturday 10 November | 7.00pm  
Where: Norman Hotel, 102 Ipswich Rd Woolloongabbba 
Cost: $21.00 (+ booking fees) | Includes finger food. Cash bar 
RSVP: Please RSVP by Thursday 1 November 
For further details or enquiries, please contact    
Catherine Hennessy | | 0409 152 240

Year 7 End of Year Function | Book Here

Year 9 Parent & Caregiver Function

Details: Saturday 27 October | 5.00pm  
Where: Breakfast Creek Hotel, 2 Kingsford Smith Drive Albion
Cost: $26.00 (+ booking fees) | Includes finger food. Cash bar 
RSVP: Please RSVP by Thursday 25 October
For further details or enquiries, please contact   
Maura Drew | | 0408 983 261

Year 9 Parent Function | Book Here

Year 6 Break Up Party 

Date:  Friday 30 November
Time:  1pm (end of school) till 3.30pm
Where:  Centenary Pool
Cost:  $15 for the party - includes entry, access to diving board, sausage sizzle, iceblock and graduation cake
From 3pm boys will be organised for photos by the parent organisers (feel free to bring your camera)

Traditional Commemorative Shorts
The traditional commemorative shorts will be handed out at this event.
If you are unable to attend it is still possible to order and receive the shorts.
The shorts are black Canterbury Rugby shorts (without the Terrace logo). 
On the front will be embroided "Terrace Year 6 2018"
On the back they can choose a name/surname/nickname of up to 13 letters (this of course must be respectful).
Details of sizing are attached to the order
Cost:  $34 for shorts and embroidery 
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Anna Wright | 

Break Up Party & Shorts | Payment Here