Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

This week I am attending the EREA Principals gathering in Adelaide.  This time will provide an opportunity to network, share and learn from each other.  I will provide some updates of this meeting in future newsletters.

In recent editions of the Terrace News I have included a commentary on how the College is acting on the issue of sustainability.  Recently, EREA published the EREA Principals’ Sustainability Statement. In summary, this statement aims to bring together the work already happening in our schools and align this with the Pope’s encyclical Laudato si'.  I have included part of the statement below:  

Our Aspiration

In his encyclical Laudato si’, Pope Francis declares, “A great cultural, spiritual and educational challenge stands before us, and it will demand that we set out in the long path to renewal.  As educators, we have a unique opportunity to promote a new way of thinking about human beings, life, society and our relationship with nature” (Laudato si’ #25) 

Inspired by this urgent declaration, we the leaders of EREA Schools, invite our communities to:
• Contribute to cultural transformation, whereby an ecological conversion of heart and mind can take place.
• Come together to care for our common home as a way of embodying our commitment towards becoming a national community in mission.
• Be awakened to a new reverence for life and a firm resolve to achieve sustainability.  (Earth Charter 2000)
• Come to experience our common home as a “joyful mystery to be contemplated”.
(Laudato si’ #12)

The full document can be seen by clicking on the link: .

Finally this week, I share the news of Old Boy, Nicholas Gattas - GT 2007.  Nicholas has recently graduated from the Harvard Business School where he was awarded the top graduate in his year.  This is an outstanding achievement and on behalf of the Terrace Family, I congratulate Nicholas.

Have a great week.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal

College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

A photo on display in the Founders' Room as part of the 'Being a Brother' exhibition celebrating 150 years of the Christian Brothers in Australia, recently caught my eye.  It was taken on a set of stairs to the Treacy Building (known as the Brother’s House by many) that I use to go to my office each day. It depicts a dozen or so Brothers from a time before the Second World War, and there is one who is taking the Mickey out of a serious Brother by putting a plate behind his head to make it look like a Saint’s halo. Several of the other Brothers are laughing at the joke. It is a joyful image of community, kinship and camaraderie.

In recent years, the Christian Brothers have faced many a challenge due to the actions of a few, and justifiably so. This part of the story that has been examined via the Royal Commission into child abuse and other measures has been a harrowing reality that must be met and addressed. 

Pictures like the one that caught my eye remind me of my childhood under the tutelage of the Christian Brothers and the many good men who have, and continue to form me. It reminds me of my days as a young teacher being mentored by Brothers with whom I lived in community that became my peers and then later in my professional life of being mentored and coached to become a senior leader in firstly a Christian Brothers' school and then what came to be Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice tradition. It is a richly rewarding and challenging responsibility that certainly the lay College Leadership Team of Terrace and staff take very seriously.

Pictures like the one that caught my eye remind me of the playful wisdom and practical spirituality of my friend and mentor Brother Vic Larkin who passed away peacefully last Friday night at 89 years. Vic ‘Leo’ Larkin was a Terracian and one of the finest men you will ever meet. His Brothers, family and friends gathered to farewell him this week, firstly at Veridian where many of the retired Brothers, including Terrace stalwarts such as Brothers Barry Buckley, Tony White and Ted Walker now reside in community and then on to Holy Trinity Church at Banyo and to the Brother’s resting place at Nudgee Cemetery where Brother Patrick Ambrose Treacy, founder of the Christian Brothers in Australia, rests.

Our community is called to be true to the four Touchstones of Liberating Education, Gospel Spirituality, Inclusive Community and Justice and Solidarity. What a privilege to have known and loved a living Touchstone of these values, who gave so much and always put forth the OTHER in Brother. What an extraordinary legacy and gift the Christian Brothers of Terrace have given us. May Brother Vic Larkin Rest in Peace and may Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him.

My sincere best wishes to all students, teachers and parents at this very busy time of the term. In particular, we pray that the efforts of the Year 12 students are fruitful for them and that they continue to support one another 'Shoulder to Shoulder'.

Dean of Studies | Acting Dean, Mr Mason Hellyer

This week has seen the commencement of exams for our Senior students and I have already been witness to great dedication by many students to produce their best outcomes. I continue to be inspired by the planning, preparation and thought that many students give toward their academic outcomes. One such example is the student who has downloaded all the learning required from the checklists provided and has across this term, methodically and systematically, marked off the lists as he has mastered each topic. His commitment has given him a level of confidence approaching this exam block that is an essential part of success. 

All students have been issued with copies of the exam schedule. Copies can be obtained from student services, downloaded from Moodle or on the College App. These timetables are a necessary part of a strategic revision plan. This week and next week’s challenge is to ensure that our boys exhibit perseverance in their preparation and commitment until the completion of their final exam. Our aim is for each and every student to finish the term knowing that he has given his best, whatever that outcome may be.

On Tuesday’s assembly, I spoke to the boys about ‘Surviving Exam Block!’. Ultimately, the key to good performance is preparation – it is still not too late to be prepared. Therefore, when your son is feeling the pressure of exams, here are the hints that I shared with them:
• Be prepared. Work backwards from your exam date to plan when you will prepare. Don’t just leave it for the night before.
• Complete all of the revision sheets
• Use the Moodle and the subject checklist to go back through the content you have covered
• Test yourself
• Use flashcards
• Do as many practice questions as possible
• Mind dump – close your notes and recall everything you can in your own words
• Continue to exercise and eat well. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
• Have a good sleep the night before, be well rested
• Go back over your study notes before the exam. Don’t engage in speculative talk
• It is okay to be nervous, in fact it is normal. Your mates may not obviously show it, but they are just as nervous as you. Feeling nerves is your body's way of getting ready.
• Walk into the exam with confidence – you have done the work, now is the time to show it!

All the best for the next week.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

In the past, I have written about the concept of a student's connection to school and the fact that one goal of a school’s pastoral system is to build in its students a strong sense of belonging.  At Terrace, we aim to build this connection on multiple levels and have the boys feel very much a part of their school, House, Tutor Group, year level, team, band, or any other group with which they identify.  Our recent student surveys allow us to gauge this sense of belonging and to determine how we might alter our practices to ensure boys feel as connected as possible to Terrace.  There is clear evidence that a student’s sense of belonging at school impacts not only their well-being, but can also have an effect on academic and non-academic participation and outcomes. 

It is timely that we are conducting the survey, because the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) last week released a report indicating that, in Australia, this sense of connection for 15 to 16-year old students does not compare favourably with numerous other OECD nations.  One conclusion of the report was that more Australian students feel awkward, out of place and lonely in school than their OECD peers.  This is quite alarming and, while the reasons behind this Australian trend will vary depending on the context, at Terrace we place a high priority on building the sense of connection and it would be fair to argue that we invest more heavily than most schools in getting this right.  In contrast, Australian students compared favourably to the OECD average in terms of making friends easily at school.  Other interesting findings included:
• Male students reporting a significantly greater sense of belonging at school than female students
• Non-indigenous students reporting significantly stronger connection than Indigenous students
• Students from metropolitan schools reported a significantly greater sense of belonging than those from provincial or remote schools
• Students from the highest socioeconomic quartile reported a significantly greater sense of belonging than other students
• Australian students’ sense of belonging has declined significantly since studies in 2003
For many of our students, the above findings are positive, but we must always bear in mind that, for some students, life at school can be tough.  We challenge our students to ensure that they make a positive difference in the lives of those who might be doing it a little tougher than themselves.

Exams are now underway and I wish all students the very best for the next week or so.  It can be a stressful time, but it is important that our young men don’t use this as an excuse to lower their standards.  In particular, personal presentation remains an important expression of the Terrace Gentleman.  I ask that parents assist us by ensuring that their sons continue to wear their uniform, including the hat, well, at all times.  Some of our Seniors need to improve with wearing their hat to and from school every day.  Older students are also asked to be clean-shaven.  Getting the little things right at all times is a true sign of character.

Assistant Dean of Identity | Mr Chris Zammit

This week we recognise National Refugee Week. It is an opportunity to be reminded of our commitment to the Touchstone of Inclusive Community, as articulated in the EREA Charter: That our community is accepting and welcoming, fostering right relationships and committed to the common good. We are also reminded of our commitment towards creating a society that celebrates diversity and welcomes those who have come across the seas.

The Gospel story tells us that Jesus was a refugee. The Holy Family, as Matthew recounts the story, was fleeing because of a “well-founded fear of persecution” because of their “membership in a particular social group.” Pope Francis reminds us that every stranger who knocks at our door is an opportunity for an encounter with Jesus Christ, who identifies with the welcomed and rejected strangers of every age. He also challenges us as a Catholic community to be part of a shared response articulated by four verbs: to welcome, to protect, to promote and to integrate. 

Last Friday, a number our young men from Years 10-12 joined together with students from other Edmund Rice schools for the annual Luminous Lantern Parade in Southbank; a walk of solidarity with hundreds of others from around Brisbane to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity and to be reminded of the richness of stories among people in our community.

This week Terrace is supporting the work of ‘The Asylum Circle’ - a community group dedicated to ensuring newly arrived asylum seekers and migrants are able to settle and feel supported and included in the Brisbane community. Throughout the week money has been raised to support the work of this organisation as they work directly with newly placed refugees in our local area.

As we finish our school term, we are also reminded of the many opportunities we are presented with here at Terrace - sporting, academic and social - and also our responsibility as a Catholic community in the Edmund Rice tradition to share these opportunities with those whose stories may be filled with pain and marginalisation. We pray that our response, like Edmund’s, may be one filled with justice and compassion and our hearts may be continually moved to stand up for those whose stories are filled with struggle and whose voices may not be heard.

Compassionate God,
No one is a stranger to you and no one is ever far from your loving care. Watch over those who are separated from their loved ones and homeland; those who fear persecution and hope for a better life in our community. May we reach out in welcome to all those who arrive as refugees, embracing one another so that together your hope, Lord, will be our future.
Live Jesus in our Hearts… Forever!

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking


As we draw to the end of Term 2, we celebrate the success of our participation in the GPS Competition and the QDU Secondary Competition. For GPS, our teams achieved either first, second or third.

  • Seven teams ranked first
  • Five teams ranked second
  • Seven teams ranked third

In the QDU Secondary competition, our teams in Years 8 to 12 have completed their qualifying rounds. Congratulations to the following teams who have automatically gone through to the finals in Term 3:

• Senior A
• Senior C
• 11.1
• 11.2
• 10.1
• 10.2
• 9.1
• 9.2
• 9.3
• 8.1

This week is the start of the QDU Primary and Junior Secondary Competitions. Teams in Years 5, 6 and 7 will have their first debate over these two weeks. Good luck to all our debaters!

Our Annual Debating Dinner is being held on 26 July and all Debating families are welcome to attend. Tickets can be purchased via College Events.


Theatresports 2018 kicked off with three workshops led by the training director of ImproMafia, Camelia Percy. During every workshop our budding Theatresports members were taught the basic foundational principles of improvisation. From our workshops with Camila, students were lucky enough to apply the theory during another three workshops with Kirsten from Youth Theatresports Australia. Playing game after game and training hard with coaches both after school and at lunchtimes, teams were prepared for the knockout preliminary qualifying rounds. First off the rank were our Junior One team who despite their best effort were narrowly defeated. Our Senior One team dazzled the judges with their physical comedy and reigned victorious, proceeding into the quarter final round. Terrace then hosted a composite Junior and Senior competition, in which our Senior Two team progressed to the quarter final round, with our Junior Two team just missing out. All our teams are to be congratulated on the positive way they represented the College. We wish our two Senior teams the best of luck for the quarter finals, which will take place next term.


Thank you to the many families who have taken the opportunity to purchase the 2018/2019 Entertainment Book.  Students in Years 5, 6 and 10 were given a book to take home at the end of Term 1 with the opportunity to either purchase or return.  Please check with your son as we have a number of books outstanding.  Those remaining families will go in the draw for a gift voucher to Bloodhound Corner Bar and Kitchen – upon confirmation of purchase or return.

If you would like to purchase your own copy, please follow the link: 2018/2019 Entertainment Books.

Support Group Meetings  

Part of the success of our Cultural activities can be traced to our Support Groups.  If you would like to be involved, meetings are outlined in the College calendar and on the App.  

Terrace Performing Arts – Tuesday 17 July, 5.30pm in the Callan Centre
Debating Support Group – Tuesday 17 July, 5.30pm in the Founders’ Room

Staying in touch  

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Director of Music | Acting Director, Mr Jan Hewerdine

A reminder to all that lessons and ensemble rehearsals continue during exams. Ensembles may be cancelled at the discretion of the conductors.

As we approach the end of term, could I please ask that students keep an eye on their lesson timetables and notify their Music/Speech and Drama teachers in advance of any absences related to class assessment. Most of our teachers are employed on a casual basis with teaching portfolios spread across multiple schools. Early notification of such absences will assist them in making the most of their time and ensuring your sons’ lessons are kept up to date. Whilst we have access to assessment calendars, some assessments are not always notified through this medium. We rely on students to inform us of potential clashes. Parental support in this area is appreciated.

Well done Black Concert Band who played at assembly this week.

Years 5 and 6 classroom Music students have received a new piece of music Carmina Burana which they must commit to memory. This will be used in the Celebration of Excellence early in Term 4. Please encourage the boys to start memorising this sooner rather than later.

Please note below the expanded list of workshops for ensembles in the first week of holidays. We are seeking maximum attendance in preparation for the upcoming Queensland Catholic Music Festival.

Please check the Terrace App and Parent Lounge regularly as this is where information regarding various events (see the list below) will now be published. As events are approved and posted to the Parent Lounge, you will be sent an email advising the name of the event, including the Event Memo, to check and you will be required to give a response regarding attendance. Event Memos will also be available through the Terrace App in Culture>Music.

Term 2 Events (First week of Term 2 holidays)

• Red Thunder Drumline Workshop: Monday 25 June,  9-3pm Tennyson
• Red Concert Band Workshop: Monday 25 June,  9-12pm Room 320/1
• Red Big Band Workshop: Monday 25 June,  12.30-3pm Room 322
• First Percussion Ensemble Workshop: Tuesday 26 June, 9-3pm Room 320/1
• Percussion 2 Workshop: Wednesday 27 June, 9-12pm Room 320/1
• Percussion 3 Workshop: Wednesday 27 June,  12.30-3.30pm Room 320/1 
• TJC Band Workshop: Wednesday 27 June,  9-12pm Room 322
• Black Concert Band Workshop: Thursday 28 June,  9-12pm Room 320/1
• Black Big Band Workshop: Thursday 28 June, 12.30-2.30pm Room 320/1

Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Both Football and Tennis enjoyed a solid day away against IGS last weekend, with great results across both activities.

In Football the Terrace teams were victorious in the vast majority of matches, with perhaps the best result of the day going to the Year 10A team who recorded a solid 6-0 victory over their rivals. The 1st XI match was probably the most robust fixture of the season with both teams putting their bodies on the line. Going into the fixture the IGS team were sitting on top of the ladder and Terrace were in equal third place. After conceding an early goal, the Terrace boys fought back strongly to level the score, the final 15 minutes being “end to end” play with both teams desperately trying to break the deadlock. At the final whistle, it was a 1-1- draw, which left both teams exhausted.

In Tennis, the Terrace program had a very good day out against IGS, easily winning the majority of the matches on the day. The 1st IV had a comfortable victory winning 8-0 with debutant Tom Brannigan winning all three of his matches. Well done to Tom. 

Saturday is the final round for both Football and Tennis against TGS at home. Thank you to all the boys who have committed for the full season and have displayed great sportsmanship over the last eight weeks. 

Coaches – It is always appropriate to provide the coach of your team with a small gift or token of your appreciation for their efforts over the season. Teams should consider providing some basic funds to say 'thank you' to their coach and present in an appropriate manner this Saturday following the final game.

Sign On 

Boys should now have signed on for their Term 3 activities. Choices are Rugby, Basketball and Track and Field. It is possible to mix Track and Field with either Basketball or Rugby. Boys will have to choose between Basketball and Rugby – these two activities will clash significantly. 

The Weekly Wrap

Football Wrap

1st XI

Déjà vu…Groundhog Day! Last Saturday was yet another game where we started slow, survived an onslaught, conceded a soft goal then ran over the opposition to earn a very creditable point...a point that has given our arch rivals and ‘brothers’ Nudgee the box seat for the premiership! Our second half performance was tough and resolute – an almost no holds barred, arm wrestle that we dominated. Credit must be given to the players for the character they once again displayed. It would be good if we could get it together from the start and I wish we had another three or four games instead of just one to go!

Ipswich Grammar were top of the ladder going into this game. They had the home ground advantage. We may have been a little intimidated by them at the start as we are a young side. Jack McInally turned 15 last week, and along with Josah Hithcock who is still 15, they have been the mainstays of our midfield this season.  These boys should be allowed a little room to grow and learn how to deal with situations like last weekend. In the end we should have won, no question. One Old Boy who witnessed the game said it was the best GPS game he had ever seen.  We should all be happy with that.  

This weekend we play another team above us on the ladder, Toowoomba Grammar. It is our last home game and a great opportunity to farewell the Year 12s who have worn the shirt with pride. We need a big crowd to drive us on…let’s see that amazing Terrace spirit that I admire so much.

Tennis Wrap

A reminder that we have our traditional tennis end of season break-up BBQ, and trophy presentation at AMBI, from 4pm-6pm this Saturday. ALL BOYS are expected to attend and their families are most welcome. The Parent Support Group will be providing a free BBQ and the courts will be available for social tennis. The day will culminate in the end-of season awards, which will start at approximately 5.15pm.

In addition to the usual awards, this year will feature the fourth presentation of the Terrace Tennis Medal. This is an initiative of the Support Group. The medal will be presented to each boy who has represented the College in Tennis for at least five years, irrespective of what level that representation has been. It is to recognise the contribution of each young man who has shown a consistent commitment to the program over such a lengthy period. 

I would like to formally thank Mr Cameron Van Balen on his outstanding contribution to the Terrace Tennis program as President of the Terrace Tennis Support Group. He and his group have done a large amount of work behind the scenes for a number of years and it is much appreciated.

Round 8 of GPS Tennis for Terrace included matches against Ipswich Grammar School, Brisbane Grammar School and some internal challenges. There were some outstanding performances right across the program with fantastic wins and some hard fought losses. One of the highlights of the round was watching our 7A team play against two of the best Year 7 players in the GPS competition. Both Todd McElwaine and Will Eather may have lost their matches on the scoreboard but fought incredibly hard and gave everything they had, which is all that can ever be asked. 

AMBI hosted the Year 7 teams who displayed some outstanding tennis throughout the teams, from the 7A through to the 7Fs. It is great to see all ten courts at AMBI full each week with Terrace Tennis players. The quality of the Year 7 cohort and their enthusiasm has been a highlight of the 2018 season. The Year 10 boys followed on from the Year 7s, playing Churchie. Once again, we finished the day with great results and lots of happy faces, especially the 10As who played against the Churchie 11As and had a fantastic win.  

Our Year 8s and 9s had a successful day in Ipswich, with three of the five teams coming away with convincing wins. For many of the boys, this was their first clay court experience, and it was thrilling to see how they were able to take on coaching advice and quickly adjust to the playing conditions. 

The doubles pair of the day -  Toby Kennedy and Tyson Riley. These boys played a very competitive match, with both boys demonstrating the aggressive brand of doubles taught in training. After a close few games, at 5-5 the boys backed themselves and were able to come away with a great win 7-5. 

Match of the Day - Charlie Hopkins 8A. Charlie in his singles showed an impressive and convincing display to mount a 6-0 win over his IGS opponent. 

Doubles Pairing of the Day - Tom Campbell and Angus Munn. Tom and Angus showed great attitude and chemistry to win their doubles 6-0 and 6-2 respectively. 

Team of the Week - The 7As, Todd McElwaineWill EatherSeb Lo Guidice and Lachlan Klatt. Beating a very good IGS team in what was one of the most competitive matches of the season 29-25.

Player of the week -Skyler Lam. Moved up from the 5Es and only dropped two single games in the 5Ds, had a fantastic team spirit cheering on the boys and helping ball boy with a smile.

We wish all boys representing the Terrace Tennis program the best of luck for Round 9.

1st IV 

The weekend was a tough ask on the boys, with Dom Anderson and Charlie Van Balen out with season ending injuries and this week Stephen Stoddart also unavailable,  we were well down on troops. This left us with a team comprising of two regular 1st IV boys, Bryce Robinson and Xavier Lim and two regular 2nd IV players Yosua Lumbanradja and Tom Brannigan

Bryce and Xavier did their jobs with minimal fuss by winning both their singles matches in straight sets. Tom Brannigan on debut put on a clinic, playing virtually flawless tennis to dispose of his opponent 6-2, 6-1. Yosua in the meantime was in a real battle losing his first set 6-2 and winning his second set 6-4. He quickly went down 5-2 in the third before starting his fight back. At 5-3 and 5-4 he fought off match points before levelling the set at 5 all. He then fought hard through the next few games before closing the match out 7-5.
One of the personal characteristics I look for in our Tennis boys is their ability to fight back from adversity. Yosua certainly showed some real Terrace fighting spirit on Saturday.

Our doubles were once again very strong with Bryce and Xavier being ruthless in both their matches and winning in straight sets. Our new doubles pairing of Yosua and Tom were a bit of an unknown, but my fears were soon put to rest as they got into their rhythm and controlled the matches through their 1st serves, return of serves and aggressive net play. 

The final result of GT 8-16-103 def IGS 0–2–69, was a much more one-sided scoreline than expected at the start of the day and really reflected the quality of play of the younger, less experienced boys.

This year, due to an unexpected number of injuries we have used eight players our 1sts team. There is one positive to take from these injuries, that being the experiences and opportunities some of the younger players have received as a result. Certainly, the development this year of our younger players in Years 9 and 10 of Dominic Anderson, Yosua Lumbraradja and Tom Brannigan will put us in good stead for the next few seasons. 

GPS Tennis | Round 8 Results

Rugby Wrap

1st XV Rugby Program

Congratulations to Will Kirk,Will Roach, Tyrone Metusela-Suapaia, Dan Condon,Mayson Hill and Glen Vaihu on their selection in one of the two GPS teams to compete at the upcoming Queensland Schoolboy trials during the mid-year break. 

Term 2 A/B Program

Congratulations to all players and coaches involved in our Term 2 A/B program. It was pleasing to see many solid performances by our A/B squads against BBC last weekend. I am confident that our common approach to our core skill development, terminology and patterns of play across all age groups over the last nine weeks will lay a solid foundation for the boys to build from heading into the GPS competition.

Whole of School Rugby Reminders

Please note that the Term 3 Rugby Sign on is now closed, so if you are still wanting to play please contact Mr Mandrusiak in the Sport Office.

Clothing and Equipment

• Terrace jerseys, shorts and socks will need to be purchased before the end of term as we play Nudgee in a trial on the Saturday before returning to school.
• Mouthguard (a fitted mouth-guard from a dentist is strongly recommended).

Holiday Clinic

Thursday 12 and Friday 13 July at Tennyson at the below times: Please note there is no need to register as it’s an expectation that all boys attend. Only if you’re not attending are you required to inform
• Under 11, Under 12 and Under 14 teams: 9am – 12pm
• Under 13, Under 15, Under 16 and Open Teams: 2pm – 5pm 
This will be followed by a trial game against NC on Saturday 14 July at Nudgee (Schedule TBC).

Term 3 Tennyson Training Schedule

• Please note: Buses depart Terrace at 3.15pm sharp and will return at approximately 6.15pm.


If you are interested in refereeing please contact me via email as each weekend we are required to cover up to 20 + games


Follow us on twitter @TerraceRugby, which is your first point of call for all news relating to Terrace Rugby.  The College App contains the general Rugby information.

Terrace Library

The Terrace Library will be closed after the last day of term on Friday 22 June.

Terrace ebooks

Terrace Ladies Group

TLG Meeting

This coming Monday, the end of term TLG meeting is to take place in the Founders' Room at 7.30am. We will be going over the events of the term, funding matters, initiatives coming up and any other updates of note. All are welcome. Coffee and tea will be provided along with delicious breakfast items. Please come along. It is a good opportunity to find out what’s going on as well as bring up topics you would like to discuss. We aim to have the formalities over by 8.15am so we can enjoy some time together and not hold anyone up who needs to get on with their day.

Tennyson Canteen

Although last Saturday was an away week for our Football teams, we had a terrific atmosphere at the Tennyson canteen. Several different schools came along to play against our boys who didn’t have IGS teams to play against. We also had Rugby trials in the afternoon against BBC. Even though it was theoretically meant to be a quiet day behind the counter, we ended up selling a good volume of food. A special thanks to Mrs Kirsten Carroll from the Football Support Group, who assisted us by keeping the 100 bacon and egg rolls cooking until they all sold out mid-morning, then helping us prepare and sell the scores of ham and cheese toasties that followed.

This Saturday we host Toowoomba Grammar School at Tennyson. The volunteer sign-on links have been created so you can nominate the time that suits you by signing on through the Canteen volunteer link or the BBQ volunteer link. It really is a tremendous help to making the day run smoothly for our families and visitors.

TLG Correspondence 

If you are not on our mailing list but would like to be, please email our Secretary, Mrs Rachel McGahon, on Please also ensure that you save this email address into your contacts as it may find its way to Junk Mail. 

TLG Date Claimers 

Term 2
Week 10, 7.30am 18 June: TLG Meeting, Founders' Room

Term 3 
Week 8, Friday 7 September: TLG Fashion Parade, Brisbane City Hall


TLG President | Mel Josephson |

The Terrace Family

The Terrace Family is asked to pray for the repose of the soul of:

Br Leo Victor LARKIN - GT 1944

Please also pray for the souls of those in the Terrace Family whose deaths are unknown to the College.

Terrace Shop

The Uniform Shop closes on Friday 22 June. It will re-open on Tuesday 17 July.

  • School jumpers
  • Basketball training singlets and shorts
  • Hoodies
  • Rugby jerseys
  • Black crew socks
Parents and caregivers can order through Flexischools

***  GTOBA 1st XV Heritage Jersey $70 (limited)


If you need your blazer embroidered with any awards please bring your blazer to the Uniform Shop Tuesday 19 June - Friday 22 June.  Blazers will be returned after the holidays.  Payment to be made on pick up.  


Find all your Terrace Family event details here!

The 2018 Terrace Art Union raffle will be drawn next Friday 22 June! 
With just over one week to go - make sure you return your tickets to Financial Services or Student Services ASAP! What better way to end the Term than being one of the lucky winners of one of the two brand new cars up for grabs, or $10,000 worth of gold bullion or a fantastic home entertainment system? Additional tickets are available to collect from Student Services or Financial Services - you don't have to purchase the entire book - $5 is all you need for 1 ticket.

All welcome to attend – Committee nominations encouraged
Date and Time: Tuesday 26 June | 6pm
Where: Terrace Room 6.8
Agenda available via the College App

Date and Time: Friday 13 July | 5pm - 9pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields, Tennyson
Cost: Family Ticket (2 adults + up to 2 children) $40 (+ booking fees) | Individual Adult $15 (+ booking fees) | Individual Student $10 (+ booking fees). Includes finger food for adults and pizza for children. Cash bar.
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Monday 9 July
For further information or enquires, please contact
Simone Hiley | | 0417 726 869 or Helen Kirk | 0402 163 000

Rugby Season Launch - Book Here

Date and Time: Saturday 21 July | 7pm
Where: The Norman Bar, Norman Hotel, 102 Ipswich Rd Wooloongabba
Cost: No cost event. Cash bar. 
RSVP: Please RSVP for catering purposes only by Thursday 19 July
For further information or enquires, please contact
Angela Papacostas | | 0411 749 044
Anne McMahon | | 0408 481 180

Basketball Season Launch - Book Here

Date and Time: Thursday 26 July | 6pm arrival for 6.30pm start
Where: The Marquee, Victoria Park Golf Complex
Cost: Adults $70 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course dinner & drink on arrival
Years 7 - 12 Students $70 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course dinner & soft drinks
Year 5 & 6 Students $50 (+ booking fees) | Includes children's menu & soft drinks
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 20 July
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Anne Pickering |

Debating Dinner - Book Here

Date and Time: Friday 27 July | 12 noon - 3pm
Where: The Greek Club, South Brisbane
Cost: $1800 for a table of 10 | Includes 2 course lunch, sparkling wine, premium beers and quality bottled wines
RSVP: Tickets to the St Joseph's College Rugby Lunch are now sold out! To join the waitlist for tickets, please use the email link below

Lunch Waitlist - Email Here

The Terrace Family is warmly invited to attend this movie fundraiser for Reidy House friendship group, Brisbane Youth Service.
Date and Time: Sunday 29 July | 1.30pm for 2.30pm movie screening
Where: New Farm Cinemas | 701 Brunswick St New Farm
Cost: $22.50 (+ booking fees) | Includes movie ticket and drink on arrival
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Sunday 15 July
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Samantha Mills | | 0409 290 906

Mamma Mia 2 - Book Here

All boys (& parents!) are invited to attend this special screening of Skyscraper
Date and Time: Sunday 29 July | 3pm - 6.30pm
Where: New Farm Cinemas | 701 Brunswick St New Farm
Cost: $30 (+ booking fees)| Includes movie ticket, drink & popcorn or choc top
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 27 July
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Natalie Kruysmulder | | 0402 092 386 
Angela Papacostas | | 0411 749 044

Skyscraper Movie - Book Here

All Terrace Old Boys are warmly invited to join our annual dinner celebration, following the Back to Tennyson Day - Terrace vs Churchie match at Tennyson.
Date and Time: Saturday 11 August | 6pm - 9pm
Where: Norman Bar | Norman Hotel, 102 Ipswich Rd Wooloongabba 
Cost: $97.50pp (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course dinner and 3 hour drinks package
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 3 August 
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Erin Bowpitt |

GTOBA Dinner - Book Here

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