Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

I trust that families enjoyed the Wednesday Exhibition holiday.  Although it was a holiday, over 100 Year 12 students attended a voluntary writing and QCS session on Wednesday, further highlighting their commitment and focus.  This followed a wonderful evening at their Year 12 Formal on Tuesday.  Well done Gentlemen.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been detailing the range of activities and events that have been taking place at Terrace.  This week I will highlight some other exceptional events.

Last Friday was a full day at Terrace.  On Friday evening Winterfest was launched and highlighted the extraordinary breadth of talent that exists in the Arts area – Drama, Visual Art and Music were on display throughout the evening.  The talent on display was spectacular.

Earlier that afternoon I attended the Professor Peter Doherty Awards at QUT where Wen Zhang (Year 12) was one of the ten student recipients of this prestigious award for excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Again, an exceptional outcome.  Well done Wen.

And finally, on the same Friday, staff and students were witness to possibly one of the most unique gatherings (assemblies) to take place since I have been at Terrace.  The assembly was to acknowledge and congratulate Mr Damian Maher - GT 2011 and 2018 Rhodes Scholar.  To add significance to this event, five previous Rhodes Scholars and the families of two other Rhodes Scholars were also in attendance.  To gather such an exceptional group of past Terrace students was an extraordinary feat.  The Rhodes Scholars in attendance were:

• Mr Damian Maher (GT 2011) Rhodes Scholar 2018
• Professor Colin Apelt (GT 1947) Rhodes Scholar 1954
• Professor John Corbett (GT 1958) Rhodes Scholar 1965
• Professor Bryan Horrigan (GT 1979) Rhodes Scholar 1986
• Mr Andrew Rosengren (GT 1985) Rhodes Scholar 1991
• Professor Simon Quinn (GT 1999) Rhodes Scholar 2005

Family members representing Rhodes Scholars included:

• Mrs Catarina Hampson – representing the late Cedric Hampson (GT 1950) Rhodes Scholar 1955
• Mr Des, Mrs Louise and Mr William Dann – representing Robert Dann (GT 1990) Rhodes Scholar 1997

This was a significant and unique event and one that will inspire future Rhodes Scholars who were sitting in the audience as students.  Thank you to the many people who made this event happen.  Well done.

The building program continues to progress well, as you would witness as you drive up Rogers Street.  Within the next week or so, the first-floor slab and supports will be poured, requiring around 550 cubic metres of concrete.   This major stage will take all day and will impact traffic flow in Rogers Street on the day.  I will communicate the specific date once finalised.  I thank parents for their cooperation when driving around the streets at pickup and drop off times.  Please continue to be aware of both our students and our neighbours.

I have continued to receive complaints regarding some of our parents at pick up/drop off in Victoria Street.  Please do not park across our neighbour’s or our driveways and obey the traffic rules.   Victoria Street is very narrow and if possible, please consider other drop off/pick sites.

Finally this week, I wish all of our musicians participating in the Queensland Catholic Music Festival this week the very best.

Have a great week.

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal

College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Staff News

Thank you to all parents for your recent engagement in the Parent/Teacher interviews. We trust that this was a beneficial time for you and your son and that strategies for continued growth and improvement were the result. Thank you for enhancing the culture of partnership we have at Terrace. I have thanked our staff for their excellent preparation and engagement with this process. As you can imagine, it is a physically and mentally draining exercise but a most valuable one for all concerned. It is our belief that our teaching staff do a marvelous job in this process and I thank them for the professionalism and commitment.

At the end of next week, Mrs Jan Cameron will take leave for the remainder of the term to have her second hip replacement in a few months! We wish Mrs Cameron the very best for this procedure that will hopefully see her return for Term 4 brand new. We look forward to welcoming Mrs Judy Ariotti back to the College in a full time capacity for this time.

Best wishes to Mr Anthony Baruksopulo as he prepares for the impending arrival of a new baby. A reminder that while Mr Baruksopulo takes paternity leave, Mr Gary Stickley will look after his Health and Physical Education classes and Mrs Madonna Effeney will facilitate his Mathematics classes. We look forward to welcoming Mr Stickley and Mrs Effeney back to the College.

This is the year for babies at Terrace. Mr Rob Sweeper’s twins are doing very well and when they go home, he will take some paternity leave later this term. Forward notice that Mr Darren Collins is also awaiting the arrival of a new baby and this paternity leave is likely to be in the early weeks of Term 4.

I have written to all of Mrs Karyn Negus’s student families to inform them that Mrs Negus has taken leave for the remainder of this term. We wish Mrs Negus well for this time and thank Mr Tony Nicita for returning to Terrace to facilitate her Year 8 and 9 Science classes and Mr Phil Elvery, Mrs Sally Hart, Mr Damian Cuddihy and Mr Charles Brauer for assisting with Year 11 and 12 Biology classes and other associated timetable adjustments. Thank you to the parents of these classes for their understanding and support of their sons, Mrs Negus and the College.

Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Rhodes Scholar Assembly

Last Friday we celebrated the appointment of our eighteenth Rhodes scholar Mr Damian Maher. It was a wonderful celebration where not only did we celebrate the success of Damian but also, we were able to share the celebration with five other past Rhodes Scholars and past Principals who travelled to be with us on the day. Damian’s speech (outlined below) gave a clear message to our boys on the trials and tribulations of life. It was an inspirational day for us all.

QCS practice days

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, our Seniors completed a final practice for all QCS papers. The Seniors have worked hard across the year to maximise their results on all four papers. Formal testing dates are 4 and 5 September.

QTAC evening

A reminder that this evening is the QTAC information evening for Year 12 students and parents. This will commence at 6pm in the GT125 theatre. The presentation will be delivered by Mr Paul Ianniello our Career’s counsellor.

Year 8 into Year 9 subject selection evening

On Thursday 23 August the information evening for all Year 8 students and parents to select subjects for next year will take place. The evening will commence at 6pm in the Campbell Centre. All Year 8 students will receive a booklet outlining the content and assessment for each of the option subjects offered. The evening will commence with general information about subjects followed by specific subject presentations, followed by an opportunity to speak with individual subject coordinators and Heads of Faculty.

Year 11 into Year 12 – English Extension and Music Extension

Year 11 students have been informed of the extensions subjects in English and Music that are offered in Year 12. The information evenings for these subjects are- English Extension - Tuesday 21 August, 7pm in the GT125 theatre; Music Extension – Wednesday 22 August, 6pm in the Music room.

Busy time

With Week 5 almost completed, many students will have assignments that are nearing completion and submission. Every student should ensure that he has checked his work prior to submission so that he is confident that he has produced his best work. Good planning leading up to due dates will always allow for checking and refining. Poor planning will result in handing in work that can compromise a student’s best outcome. I strongly encourage all our students to make sure that their planning always allows for a checking and refining time prior to submission.

Damian Maher’s speech

Last December, I set out to walk the length of New Zealand. I was to start at Cape Reinga, the northern-most point of the North Island, and after walking 3021 km, would finish at a small town unimaginatively named Bluff, the Southern-most point on the South Island. So, a similar distance to walking from here to Cairns and back. I was not alone in doing this, around 1000 other, alternatively mad or masochistic, people walk this long-distance hike known as the Te Araroa every year.  

I walked along beaches, through rain forests and beech forests, across moors and valleys, along knife-edge ridges and up mountains, through farmland, towns, and cities. Sometimes there was a trail, sometimes I walked along a back-country road; often, there was no path, just an orange triangle hammered into a tree a little way off or a white-capped pole on a ridge a few hundred feet away. I walked through heatwaves, rain, horizontal rain, thunderstorms, snow, hail, and (by far the worst) horizontal hail. I finished the trek at around the start of April, which meant four months (with the exception of time off for an injury) of waking up every day and just walking, sometimes with other people, but often alone. 

I was alone when I entered the Richmond Ranges, which are a very remote mountain range in the north of the South Island. The last person I had seen was a bearded park ranger when I was leaving Havelock, a small coastal village, and that had been three days before. The park ranger told me, when I asked what the weather was predicted to be, that there might be “a bit of rain coming”, but you should still be “sweet as.” I’m meant to be using this speech to doll out advice to you all, so here is my first dollop: whenever a Kiwi tells you you’ll be “sweet as”, you’re in for a bad time. 

After walking for two days along the Pelorus River, which I thought sounded ominously like Perilous River, I climbed up into the Ranges, which are about 1500 to 2000 m above sea level. Fortunately, in these ranges are a series of back-country alpine huts left over from hunting, forestry, or alpine sports. They’re essentially a shack with a fire place, a few wooden bunks, and lots of mice. At around 5pm, with the sun still high, I saw black clouds bruised purple tumbling across the sky. So I gathered some firewood, hunkered down in a hut near the base of the tallest mountain in the ranges, and fell asleep.

The “bit of rain” the ranger predicted was actually ex-cyclone Gita, one of the worst tropical storms to ever hit New Zealand. Roads were destroyed, power was knocked out, towns evacuated, the military was called in, and a state of emergency was declared, and back home, my parents watched with horror images of flooded rivers pushing cars off bridges, and tried desperately to call me. 

Meanwhile in a mountain hut, I was reading TE Lawrence and was oblivious to the surrounding maelstrom. I only knew it was raining, then hailing, then raining again; that the small lake beside the hut was doubling in diameter about every six or seven hours; that I should have chopped more firewood; and brought more whiskey. After two days, the sky was grey, not black, and the rain had (at least temporarily) ceased. I knew that I could not climb the mountain in these conditions, but I was running low on food and came up with a plan. I knew that there was another way through the ranges. I could walk down the valley and then hike up the other side. All that stood in my way was a small, thin, dashed blue line on my map, a stream so small it didn’t even have a name. 

After walking for three hours and losing about 600 or 700 metres in altitude, I arrived at the nameless stream. What would have probably been only ankle deep was now an ill-tempered, broiling, pummelling torrent. There was nowhere nearby to camp—the rocky bank was inhospitable; therefore, I either had to cross or turn back. Being stubborn, I did not want to turn back, and the stream was only a few metres across; however, as I plunged a stick in to measure its depth, the river snatched it from my hand—not a good sign. I dumped my pack, found what I thought was the most favourable spot, and started to sidle in. Around one-third of the way across the water was chest deep. My lower-half was already numb from the cold, but the pressure on my chest felt like I was being tackled over and over, and all I could hear was the water raging around me. I climbed out, I tried further up to cross the river. This time I made it halfway across, but knew I could go no further. So I did the only sensible, logical thing: I stood in the middle of the river, and swore at the top of my voice. It was one of the many moments I asked myself the question I still haven’t answered: why am I doing this? But after exhausting both my lungs and my extensive vocabulary of expletives, I was still in the river, with no way to cross. And it had begun to rain. 

I climbed out, picked up my pack, and trudged back up to the hut where I had started the day. Leaning against the hut was a French man called Kevin. He was also walking the Te Araroa. He and I had walked together about two months before, around 1000 km ago, but I hadn’t seen him since. He was smoking, and he looked at me—wet, cold, bedraggled, irritated—and smiling said, “You’ve had a good day, no?” No, I hadn’t. 

The next day was perfect. The sky was a gentle, brittle blue. Cloudless. Together, Kevin and I, not only climbed the tallest mountain of the range, but the one after that as well. He would hike up the mountain with a cigarette dangling from his lips, but he never once was out of breath. The day was so clear that from the top of the peak, we could see to the edge of the South Island on three sides around us. Three days later, we walked out of the ranges. 

Stories don’t necessarily have to have a point, but ones in speeches seem to require it. I suppose the only honest advice I can give, the point of the story as it were, is that life, and the life each one of you will lead, is unpredictable. That can be frightening, but it is also exciting. It is what makes each one of our lives our own, and lives worth living. Much of life is out of your hands, due to an ex-cyclone or other reasons; much of it comes down to luck, much of it is strewn with setbacks, and almost all of it is unplanned. I never planned on going to Oxford to study literature. After leaving Terrace, I studied law and economics. I found law to be soul-desiccating dull. I dropped out, and changed to English literature—a field I had never thought of studying during my time here. As for the Rhodes Scholarship, I may have worked hard, but there was luck there too. I had been rejected from another scholarship just before my Rhodes interview—turned back as it were. Had it not been for the support of my family, the support of Terrace—particularly Mr Covill—the support of my professors; plus several chance events going my way including being offered a second chance at the scholarship; one of the judges on the panel being ill; and one of the other applicants taking another scholarship instead therefore narrowing my odds, I would not have won the Rhodes and be standing here before you. None of this is to say that work, diligence, passion or talent, don’t matter—they do. But sometimes none of those can get you across a flooded stream, and sometimes being turned back leads to something far greater. 

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

It has been a busy week for the Seniors, with Monday and Tuesday devoted to a full dress-rehearsal for the fast approaching QCS test.  We were proud of their efforts and the boys were clearly drained by Tuesday afternoon, having given it their best.  In keeping with tradition, the Seniors had the opportunity for some fun on Tuesday night at the Senior Formal.  It was fantastic to see the Year 12 students and their partners representing the College so well, whilst genuinely enjoying the evening together.  The Seniors of 2018 continue to impress as they head into a particularly busy section of the term.  We wish them well as they juggle their academic demands.  No doubt, they will have enjoyed the day off on Wednesday.

The challenges of managing mobile phones, gaming and social media never go away for parents.  Any tool that might assist parents with this is well worth a look.  Two apps that have been brought to my attention in recent days are:

Kidslox https://kidslox.stageserver.or...   for parental control on phones and tablets
Qustodio  which does a similar job on all devices

Different families manage usage in different ways, so this won’t suit all parents, but some Terrace parents have spoken very positively about these tools.  Parents who are frustrated with attempting to monitor and limit technology usage by their children may find them useful.

I have recently been reading on the link between humans’ wellbeing, sense of identity and the need for a sense of purpose in their lives.  It makes sense that we feel more motivated and optimistic if we have a strong sense of purpose.  There is also evidence that purposeful individuals are better equipped to weather life’s storms.  It is unlikely that a genuine sense of purpose can begin to develop until the onset of adolescence, but schools can assist families in developing this in children.  Encouraging young people to help out at home, participate in leadership or service activities, faith-related activities or engagement in the arts can precipitate the development of purpose.  It is another reason why, at Terrace, we aim to offer a variety of opportunities for our students.  A holistic education can contribute to a strong sense of purpose and optimal wellbeing.  

For a number of reasons, we have made the decision to involve current Year 10 students in our Buddy program in 2019.  Therefore, in addition to Year 12 students, Year 11 students will also be part of this program next year.  A number of Year 11 2019 students have been allocated a Year 5 buddy, who they will assist with the transition to life at Terrace.  I have written to those boys involved and their parents about this and included details of the Orientation Evening the boys are required to attend.  Those Year 11 2019 students not allocated to a Year 5 student will be asked to assist with the Year 7 Buddy program.  I thank our Year 10 students in anticipation of your commitment to this important service next year.  Wishing all in our community the very best as we reach the halfway point of the term.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

Trash Mob

Lunchtime today saw a ‘mob’ of our Years 9 and 11 students keenly sorting through three days’ worth of schoolyard rubbish to kick off our recycling program, a key feature of our Sustainability at Terrace strategy. Hundreds gathered to observe the Trash Mob whose task was to make clear to our community the patterns of waste that have been established over time. More importantly, hundreds gathered to see how easily we can prevent large volumes of waste going to landfill if we commit to shifting our behaviour in the right direction. 

Beyond today, our grounds will have recycling bins into which students, staff and visitors can place recyclable waste. These bins have the same restrictions as the recycling bins of our households. Recycling is not a foreign concept to our students and families. Rather, we may be perplexed by the fact that we have yet to fully embrace the possibilities of recycling at the College. The willingness of students to lead our recycling program reaffirms the high degree of optimism that exists regarding the success of the new recycling bins. 

The frequently asked questions below provide an overview of how you can play your part in supporting recycling at the College. 

What can go in the yellow-lidded bins?

Essentially whatever you can put into your yellow-lidded bins at home:
• empty bottles and cans, hard plastics (e.g. milk bottles)
• Paper and cardboard free of food scraps attached (e.g. Melted cheese, sauce, pizza scraps).

What CAN’T go in the yellow-lidded bins?

• Wax coated cardboard and paper
• pizza boxes, disposable coffee cups
• soft plastic wrappings (chip packets, glad wrap)
• food scraps, garden waste, mixed material items.

What can go in the blue-lidded bins?

• Paper and cardboard

How can I help?

• Talk to your son at home. Continue the growing conversation around waste. 
• Have your son take the bins out at home.
• Try nude foods to embrace a waste-free lunch.

Next week, our Years 5, 6 and 7 students are invited to participate in the Wrap Free Lunch initiative to further a commitment to sustainable practices. A prize draw will be available to students who present their lunchboxes free of plastic wrapping or packaging to staff at morning tea from Monday to Friday.

I look forward to working with our community with enabling simple, practical and effect practices that affirm our Sustainability at Terrace strategy.

Years 7, 8 and 9 Program Leader | Mr Damien Coman

Year 9 2019 Subject Selection (current Year 8s)

This will be held on Thursday 23 August commencing at 6pm at the Campbell Centre for all Year 8s and their parents. After some background information is provided, staff will provide three information rotation sessions on their subject. A Subject Selection booklet is being distributed to all Year 8 boys today.  We would encourage you to discuss what your son is thinking of doing prior to the information evening next week.  The Subject Selection booklet contains information about the subjects and also how they should choose the subjects. It also outlines how to submit their choices online. I will also go around all classes to collect their printed receipts on Friday 31 August.

Please note

YEAR 7s DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND the subject information evening. It is in the hard copy calendar as we were waiting on more information from QCAA about the nature of the senior courses for ATAR and the flow on effect this could possibly have had on other year levels. We have determined that Year 8 2019 will continue as it has done previously with boys covering a wide variety of subjects rather than selecting subjects.
Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the International Boys’ School Coalition Wellbeing Seminar at Shore school in Sydney. Among many great speakers, Dr Greg Wells from Canada certainly gave a great presentation about the very topics that we cover at different stages of our Years 7-9 Formation program - sleeping, diet and exercise and their link to learning and performance/wellbeing. An example can be found from his Ted Talk at the University of Toronto and it is certainly worth parents and caregivers watching for themselves:

It was a pleasure to watch the enormous number of students compete in the Australian Mathematics Competition last Thursday. We have students also continuing their Maths Olympiad challenge at present too.  

Topics in Formation recently have been equipping our students with information on:  

  • Year 7 - Cyber safety, online reputation and cyber bullying.
  • Year 8 - Working effectively in teams and the effects of time online.
  • Year 9 - The benefits and obstacles to sleep, effects of drugs and alcohol on your body.

Director of Music | Acting Director, Mr Jan Hewerdine

This weekend, all our ensembles will be performing for the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival (QCMF), which will be taking place at Villanova College. This is our “grand final” event for music and, as such, it is expected that these performances take priority. A complete schedule for the event is currently on the Terrace App and, as is usual for all events, more detailed information has been sent out via Parent Lounge. Ensemble directors and your sons have been working very hard to deliver their best performances. It is always a busy but rewarding weekend for our musicians, providing them with a great performance experience. Please come out and support them and I would encourage them to stay and listen to other ensembles in their section. Please ensure that your son has his Terrace Music folder (with music) and the correct uniform (as outlined on the Event Memo) before the festival. Please remind him to bring his instrument(s) home for the weekend! The following links contain helpful information to assist you in navigating QCMF. Click here to view the Festival Map and parking information. Click here to view the Key Information Sheet for Festival Guests.

Please find below a table containing arrangements for Friday transport for ensembles performing during school hours.

Date of Performance: Friday 17 August, 2018

Last Saturday (11 August) the Red Thunder Drumline performed at the Rugby GT v ACGS at Tennyson.

Congratulations to all the premier ensembles (SWE, TJO, Waterford Soloists, Terrace Choir and First Percussion Ensemble) who were acknowledged on the Music Presentation Assembly today. This assembly provides an opportunity to highlight the best of Terrace Music, and to acknowledge the commitment of our Year 12 students in the lead up to QCMF. 

Applications for the 2019 Young Conservatorium programs have now opened. All applications must be submitted online through their website.  To browse through what is on offer, plus view enrolment information, please click here.  

Talkin’ Jazz will be holding a performance workshop, for interested students, at the Brisbane Jazz Club during the September school holidays. This is always an exciting opportunity for those who have a strong grasp of their instrument and are interested in learning more about jazz. More information can be found by clicking here.

Please check the Terrace App and Parent Lounge regularly as this is where information regarding various events (see the list below) will now be published. As events are approved and posted to the Parent Lounge, you will be sent an email advising the name of the event, including the Event Memo, to check and you will be required to give a response regarding attendance. Event Memos will also be available through the Terrace App in Culture| Music.

Term 3 Events

• Music Presentation Assembly: Thursday 16 August, Campbell Centre
• QCMF: Thursday 16 August – Sunday 19 August, Villanova College
• Year 5 Orientation: 30 August 3-7pm
• Year 7 Orientation: 6 September 3-7pm
• Red Thunder Drumline, Rugby GT v IGS: Saturday 8 September 1-3.05pm, Tennyson Playing Fields
• AMEB Brass Clinic: 24 September

Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Last weekend saw a full round of games and fixtures when Terrace played host to ACGS at Tennyson and Spring Hill. Congratulations to all boys that have worked so hard this year and performed so well. On Saturday our visitors got the better of Terrace in both programs and the respective 1st teams.


The day was shared at 17 wins a piece across the program with many Terrace teams suffering close defeats by only a handful of points. Head Coach Mr Tyron Mandrusiak has asked all boys to focus on finishing their games off strongly and being focused all game – “it is not over until the referee calls it over”

The 1st XV would identify their game as the one that got away – dominating possession and line breaks and having a better defensive record than their opposition, the Terrace boys again wasted numerous scoring opportunities allowing their opposition easy field position and eventually the game. It was a frustrating game for the boys, but they will put that behind them and focus on the next opportunity this weekend.


The ACGS program is particularly strong and had the majority of victories on the day. Regardless of being on the wrong side of the win loss ratio, the performances and skill sets on display by the Terrace boys has improved significantly. It was a record number of teams again last weekend turning out for Terrace and the growth in this activity is to be commended.

The 1st V battled strongly all game but ACGS pulled away in the end, displaying better defence and regularly holding the Terrace offence out. It was a close game but in the end the opposition took their chances when they were presented. 

This weekend, both programs and 1st teams have the opportunity to return to the positive side of the ledger with their home games against Brisbane Grammar School. A positive frame of mind and a commitment to playing fast and positive in both activities will allow the skill sets to shine through. Boys need to remain committed to training and game day and see through the season. This weekend is Round 5 – basically half way through.

There is always a lot on in the life of a Terrace student and this weekend is no different with the QCMC being held at Villanova College. If you are involved in this event please inform your age group coordinator for Rugby or Mr Sam Mackinnon for Basketball as soon as possible. With early notice, teams and players can be moved and covered.

Good luck to all this weekend - Round 5 of the season. Rounds 6 through to 9 will be challenging with TSS away in Round 6 followed by the scheduled “Bye” round in Week 7, IGS at home in Round 8 and finishing off the season with TGS away in Round 9.

Please see the attached document for the Rugby Photos Schedule Saturday 18 August

The Weekly Wrap

Rugby Wrap

As we head towards the midway part of the season I would like to congratulate all players who have been regularly attending training. Although the first four weeks have been interrupted by other school activities it's still pleasing to see the progression of all players. 

It is vital that boys attend both weekly training sessions as they consist of Core Skill development and Unit/Team focus.

What a typical training week looks like:

Training Structure

Day 1 | Core Skills Focus
• Attack = Catch / Pass / Support / Alignment
• Defence = Tackle Technique 
• Contact = Ball Carrier / Tackle Contest (Support / Opposition)
Day 2 | Unit and Team Focus
• Unit = Restarts / Lineouts / Scrums
• Unit = Back Row Plays / Back Plays / Defence
• Team = Defensive Options
• Team = Patterns of Play 

Our A/B teams continue to work under the guidance of head coaches Mr Michael Broad, Mr James Turner and Mr Tom Johnson. Sessions will continue to be based around the ongoing development of our core skills, team and unit focus ensuring we finish the second half of the season strongly.

As mentioned a few weeks back our program is built upon a sound philosophy of educating and developing our coaches creating a standard of knowledge and understanding.  Our C-F teams are primarily coached by Old Boys who generously give up their time to coach our boys. We have several support coaches who work across our C-F teams. The role of these gentlemen is to support these young coaches while ensuring consistency of skill execution, terminology and performance leading to a whole school approach across all our C-F teams.

• Under 11 -  Mr John Tabrett, Mr Luke D’Aterio, Mr Wanaka Broad and  Mr Dave Hollet (all Next Gen Rugby Coaches)
• Under 12 and Under 13 – Mr Ricardo Scala (Terrace 14A Coach)
• Under 14 – Mr Ze Labao (Terrace 12A Coach)
• Under 15 – Mr Tom Johnson (Terrace U13A/B Support Coach)
• Under 16 – Mr Mick Tunny (West Colts 1 Head Coach)

An attendance roll is taken at each session by our age group coordinators and I am still yet to see a small number of boys attend training. Please contact me if your son is no longer participating in the program.

Key Dates Looking Ahead

  • August 18 GT v BGS - Home
  • August 25 GT v TSS- Away
  • September 1 GT v Downlands College - Home
  • September 8 GT v IGS – Home (U15 & U16 team numbers will be affected by Year 10 Immersion)
  • September 15 GT v TGS – Away (U15 & U16 team numbers will be affected by Year 10 Immersion)

Please see the attached document for the Rugby Photos Schedule Saturday 18 August

Captains’ Corner | Vice Captain, Zach Boland

It is hard to hard to fathom that we are nearing the completion of Week 5 of Term 3. Many memorable moments have already been shared amongst the school so far regarding support and participation at sporting events, cultural activities and just in day to day Terrace life.

Tuesday night marked the 2018 Terrace formal, which was attended after two days of gruelling QCS preparation. It was a well celebrated and well deserved night that allowed everyone to relax and forget about all the busy commitments that have been so demanding for the Year 12 students. The QCS preparation was a testament to the cohort as everyone maintained their focus on the task at hand and didn’t get side tracked. Even though, it would have been perfectly understandable to have a day at home on the Ekka holiday following the two days of QCS trials, countless Seniors attended another QCS workshop on the Ekka public holiday (after their formal). I believe this is a true demonstration of the character of the Senior cohort and the Terrace Family. Many people had assignments to complete (Maths B, Maths C, English, Physics just to name a few), this commitment demonstrates that the Terrace Family is willing to put aside their own individual agendas to try and support the group.   

Another recent personal significant moment happened just a few days ago. My French exchange student, Antoine, returned to France. After his first day at Terrace I asked him if he liked school. He replied that he loved Terrace mainly because “everyone is smiling, and everyone knows each other”. This was a common theme whenever we discussed the differences between Terrace and his French school, La Perverie. One thing in particular that stood out for him was after attending a Maths peer tutoring session with the great Math Gods Hughston Parle, Dom Thompson, Jacob Montaner, Ben Panizza and Tom Waldie. Antoine was so impressed that the culture at Terrace was one that involved everyone helping each other and genuinely wanting each other to succeed. He said that in France that would never have happened. Everyone would be only looking out for themselves. He really loved this aspect of Terrace. This is exactly what makes us so strong and so privileged to be able to go to a school like Terrace. 

There are only a few weeks of school learning left so we need to ensure that we get on top of assignments quickly and try to get through to revision. Remember that Terrace students are always there if you need a hand, so don’t be afraid to ask. Lastly, remember to continue to involve yourself in the Terrace Family whether that is in Saturday sport or service programs to continue to make everlasting memories.

Terrace Ladies Group

Terralicious ‘18

There are still a few places available for this wonderful function so it’s not too late to plan a wonderful day out if you haven’t already. We will take great care in placing you on a table with ladies from your year group if you are buying an individual ticket and haven’t organised a table yet. New friends are waiting to be met in a setting where we are all brought together to enjoy ourselves. Please be reassured we would love you to join us if you are in two minds about attending.

This year by buying a Terralicious ticket you have automatically been entered into the inaugural Black Raffle draw for a Hyundai hatchback, valued at more than $17 000, with all on-road costs being covered – making it a value of around $19 000. We are also offering a Red Raffle with the premier prize being a $7500 South Sea Island Pearl Necklace, courtesy of the very generous McKinney’s Jewellers. We are most grateful to both our major sponsors for their ongoing support of Terrace functions and fundraising efforts.  There are a host of other gorgeous prizes to also win. 

All tickets for the raffles can be bought online for $26 ($1 booking fee) or on the day of the function for $25. If you can’t attend the function but would still like to have a chance in the draw, or simply want to purchase additional tickets to increase your winning chances, you can buy tickets separately online via the College Events page.

For more information please contact Jo Evans on or myself on .

The Terralicious ’18 Committee and the TLG are excited to be hosting Terralicious again this year and we look forward to seeing you on the day.

Tennyson canteen

This Saturday we are hosting BGS at Tennyson for Rugby and we are asking Years 7 and 8 parents to please fill the majority of the canteen volunteer places.  The games start at 10am, and the volunteer sign on times start at 9am to prepare for warm up arrivals. Please sign on for the barbeque here  BBQ Volunteer link, and for the canteen here  Canteen volunteer Link . 

We would also be most grateful for a good supply of home bake which can be delivered to the canteen at any time during the day, but preferably before lunch. We have been receiving a wonderful array of home baked goods to date. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who has helped so far behind the counters this term. The new setup means we need lots of helpers throughout the day to avoid long queues and provide our customers with a great experience. Everyone has been terrific in adapting to the new system and our customers are benefiting from the enhanced service. We have had some great positive feedback, both from Terrace families and from visitors. It is through the hard work and dedication of our volunteers that makes this possible. Thank You.

Care and concern

We continue to keep Conor and the Tweedy family in our thoughts and all look for some way we can help. With the meal roster being full until October, we can still contribute towards the fund that has been set up to assist in his rehabilitation and care

TLG correspondence

If you are not on our mailing list but would like to be, please email our Secretary, Mrs Rachel McGahon, on Please also ensure that you save this email address into your contacts as it may find its way to Junk Mail. 

TLG date claimers 

Term 3

Week 7 – Thursday 30 August - Year 5 Orientation Evening, assistance from Year 6 parents/caregivers
Week 8 – Tuesday and Wednesday 5 and 6 September - QCS Test Day lunch, Year 12 Coordinators to arrange
Week 8 – Thursday 6 September - Year 7 Orientation Evening, assistance from Year 8 parents/caregivers
Week 8 – Friday 7 September - Terralicious Fashion Parade, City Hall.
Week 10 – Monday 17 September- TLG Meeting, 7.30am Founders’ Room

Contact | TLG President | Mel Josephson 

The Terrace Family

We pray for Conor Tweedy and his family who are going through this challenging time.

We pray for the families of the following members of our Terrace Family who have gone to their eternal rest:

Mr William Joseph FALVEY – GT, 1944-48

Br Fergus GAGEN

May they be consoled by their many memories of those they have loved and lost.

Terrace Shop

Opening Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7.30am to 3.45pm during term time (closed for lunch from noon to 12.35pm). Online orders via Flexischools can be collected during these times by students or parents. See current specials below.

GTOBA tie | $55

GTOBA heritage Rugby jerseys (2XL, 3XL & 4XL) | $70

Terrace/Nudgee Rugby caps | $25 (cash only)


Find all your Term 3 Terrace Family event details here...

Date: Week 6 | 20 - 24 August
Details: Years 5 - 7 students are encouraged to bring a lunchbox free from disposable packaging. Students who present a waste-free lunchbox will be given a ticket for entry to win a Go Green Lunch box kit or vouchers for the Terrace Canteen. Prizes will be drawn Monday 27 August.
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Chris Zammit |

Date and Time: Friday 7 September | 11.30am - 3.30pm
Where: Brisbane City Hall | 64 Adelaide St Brisbane
Cost: $150 (+ booking fees) | Includes drink on arrival, two course lunch and a glass of wine, automatic entry into our super raffle for a Hyundai hatchback, raffle prizes, James Street fashion parade and bus transport to after party at Cloudland.
RSVP: Please RSVP by Wednesday 29 August or before tickets sell out!
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Jo Evans | | 0418 287 395

Terralicious '18 | Book Here

Date and Time: Tuesday 21 August | 5.30pm
Where: Callan Centre Staff Room (off Victoria Street) | Gregory Terrace
All parents and caregivers are invited to attend the next Terrow Support Group meeting.  If you are interested in being involved in the upcoming Rowing season, please attend this meeting if possible.  

The Terrace Family are invited to attend the annual dinner in support of the Edmund Rice Foundation.
Date and Time: Friday 24 August | 6.30pm Welcome Drinks
Where: The Royal International Convention Centre | RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane 
Cost: $175 per person, $1650 for a table of 10, $5000 for a corporate sponsor table
MCs: Jillian Whiting and Bill McDonald
Entertainment: The Manilows...wear your dancing shoes!

ERFA Gala Dinner | Book Here

Only 250 tickets will be sold!
Prize: Hyundai i30 Go RRP $20,990
Cost: $100 a ticket | Purchase from the Finance Office or at Tennyson in Term 3
Drawn: 8 September at Tennyson | GT v IGS Game

Save the date - booking details to follow!
Date and Time: Sunday 16 September | 12pm - 3pm
Where: Terrace Staff Car park & The Campbell Centre
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Angela Papacostas | | 0411 749 044

Date and Time: Thursday 20 September | 6.30pm
Where: Wests Rugby Club, 65 Sylvan Road Toowong
Cost: Adults $67 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course meal & drink on arrival
Students $31 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course meal & soft drinks
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 14 September
For further details or enquiries, please contact:
Helen Kirk | | 0402 163 000

Opens' Rugby Celebration | Book Here

All North American based Terrace Old Boys are warmly invited to attend this special network in the USA!
Details: Sunday 30 September | 12pm - 3pm | The Waterbar Restaurant, San Francisco
Saturday 6 October | 5pm - 9pm | The Australian Hotel, New York
RSVP: Please RSVP your interest to attend to Lea Walker-Franks |


The cookbook every Terrace Family should own a copy of is available for sale at the Terrace Shop. 
This hard cover, full colour cookbook is full of beautiful historical photographs from Terrace's rich history, as well as great family favourite recipes. This is the cookbook you will use time and time again.
Details: For sale now at the Terrace Shop
Cost: $55 
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Leisa Low |

The Terrace Family are warmly invited to visit this exhibition in the Founders' Room celebrating the life of the Christian Brothers.

Exhibition closes 21 September

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your Term 3 year level details here...

Year 12 QCS Lunch Donations

We are seeking cash donations and assistance to provide and serve lunch to the boys on QCS days.  
Details: Tuesday 4 & Wednesday 5 September 
Where: Campbell Centre, Gregory Terrace
Cost: $30 (+ booking fees) to donate towards providing lunch for the Seniors
RSVP: Please use the links below to donate money towards providing lunch, or sign on to volunteer on the day.
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Nicole Hoffmann | | 0417 793 583

Cash Donation | Link HereVolunteer | Link Here