Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

Welcome back to Term 2.  I trust the Easter holiday break provided you with an opportunity to have a change of pace and recharge the batteries for the term ahead.

During the holidays there were a number of tours, clinics, camps and rehearsals.  My thanks to the staff, parents, coaches and students who were involved in those activities.  I personally went on the Football Tour to the United Kingdom and was very impressed with the 36 players involved, both on and off the field.  They represented themselves with distinction.

Term 1 reports were made available over the holidays and Parent/Teacher/Student bookings also came online during this period.  I trust the reports provided an opportunity to have a discussion between parents and students.  The Parent/Teacher/Student meetings will provide an extension to these discussions.  Together, strategies and goals can be set for Term 2.  I look forward to seeing many of you at these meetings.

The Term 2 co-curricular program commences this weekend with Football and Tennis against BBC.  We have large numbers of students involved in both of the activities.  I am sure that all players will compete and display the high level of sportsmanship that we expect of Terrace Gentlemen.  The Captains of both Football and Tennis have been appointed and it is my pleasure to announce these appointments.

  • Captain – George Campbell  
  • Vice Captain - Pat Synott                                                                                            
  • Captain – Noah Hitchcock                                                                      
  • Vice Captains – Byron McLeod and Pat Millard

I congratulate these young men and am confident that they will represent their respective sports with distinction.

This Saturday sees the Terrow Race Day being held at Doomben.  This should be a great day and I thank those parents who have been involved in its organisation. Similarly, I thank the Football Support Group who will host their season launch on Saturday at Tennyson. It too should be an excellent event.

The building program has been progressing over the holidays and we can now start to see some progress out of the ground.  During this term, building activity will increase and the site will have more people present.  For the next two weeks, work will be occurring at the front of the Rogers Street entrance.  This will necessitate a lane closure in Rogers Street during this time.  Traffic movement will be regulated by Traffic Controllers and I ask that parents avoid any drop off in this area before or after school.  I also ask that parents and students continue to have an awareness of this activity when they move around the school grounds and the surrounding areas.  Drop off and pickup should continue from the Centenary Pool carpark.  I do ask parents to be aware and considerate of our neighbours, particularly at ‘pick up’ time in the afternoon.

I look forward to the Term 2 journey together and wish you all the best.

God Bless,

Dr Michael Carroll 
College Principal

College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Staff News 

Welcome to Term 2.
Congratulations to Mr Clinton Mills and his partner, Shan on the occasion of their wedding over the break. 

Welcome back to Property Manager Mr Glenn Brown from his leave in South Africa, almost getting a call up to stay on and open in the Fourth Test. Congratulations and thank you to Mr Terry Cullen and the property team for their work while Glenn was away.
Welcome back also to Mrs Jo Tarlington and thank you to Mrs Colleen Watson and Ms Mary-Jude Hannagan for looking after Student Services and Waterford so capably while Jo was on leave.

Welcome back to Mr Josh Kersevani from his paternity leave.
Welcome back to Mr Pat Collins and Mr Luke Gribble who both had operations just prior to the break. 
Towards the end of the term, Mr Brad Esbensen had a fall at work and did some damage that required surgery. At this stage, Brad will return after 30 April but this timing is still being monitored. Thank you to the Music faculty for putting things in place to cover for Brad, this is greatly appreciated.
Mrs Nicolette Cleary has had to take some leave until Week 6 of this term. Mrs Susie Cooper will be taking Nicolette’s classes and Tutor Group and we look forward to welcoming her back into the fold again.
We also welcome Mr Tony Nicita and Mr Cameron McConnell while Mr Peter Whitehouse and Mr Jamie Burgess are on leave. Peter is away for the first four weeks of Term 2 and Jamie will be on secondment at Hemmant Flexi School for the remainder of the year. We look forward to welcoming Tony and Cameron and their contributions to the College.
A reminder that Mr Anthony Hayward is on paternity leave for Week 1 and that Mr Andrew Stormonth will act as Dean of Windsor House for this time.

Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Welcome back to Term 2 after what I hope has been a time for some relaxation and family activities.

With the Term 1 assessment and reports completed, an academic summary that tracks both individual and class results has been compiled. The follow up of the data in this academic summary will take place over the next few weeks with Parent/Teacher/Student interviews and conversations between Heads of Faculties, House Deans and students. I do encourage students to reflect on “what worked” and “what didn’t work" in Term 1. As outlined in the information emailed home with reports, bookings for the Parent/Teacher/Student interviews are to be done via the Parent Lounge. I would encourage boys to also attend these interviews as this is a time where strategies to move forward or to sustain strong outcomes can be offered by the classroom teacher.

All students have been issued with assessment calendars that outline the date of issue and due dates of assessment. This is a most important document in planning for the term ahead. Also on Moodle, there is the “checklist” which outlines all concepts, knowledge and skills required for comprehension and learning for this term. I encourage all students to have their study plan completed by the end of this week in preparation for the term ahead. 

Last evening, we had our Immersion and Senior schooling information evening for Year 10 students and families. My thanks to the Waterford staff who so generously give their time and expertise to allow such a program to run. These programs offer learning experiences beyond the classroom setting and hopefully provide our boys with life skills, opportunities for leadership and the ability to work in teams. 

At the end of Term 1 we had the privilege of hearing Cam Adair speak to us about the addiction of video gaming and technology. His presentation was well attended and indicates that this is certainly an issue that we all need to address as parents and teachers.  Cam has also presented on Ted Talks. The link is below.

Below is an extract from an article from the New York Times. It serves as a timely reminder as we commence Term 2 that whilst technology is a wonderful aid to learning, our focus is to continue to use hand written notes for our understanding and memory.

Students may object that a laptop ban prevents them from storing notes on their computers. But smartphones can snap pictures of handwritten pages and convert them to an electronic format. Even better, outside class, students can read their own handwritten notes and type them, if they like, a process that enhances learning. The best evidence available now suggests that students should avoid laptops during lectures and just pick up their pens. It’s not a leap to think that the same holds for middle and high school classrooms, as well as for workplace meetings.”
Another very interesting link on this topic is the below Ted Talk, which also looks at the amount of screen time and its effect. The link is below.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

Welcome to the new term.  I hope that the holidays were a time for families to rest and refresh; simply removing the routines of uniforms, lunches and the morning rush can be a nice break for parents and caregivers.  Over the holidays, I had the privilege of joining the Terrace Japan tour with 21 of our students and I was struck by the values of the people of Japan – respect, manners, honesty and care for others are clearly part of their culture.  Often, watching the way that others behave can help us to learn how we can be our best.  A great positive of a Terrace education is that boys are surrounded by high quality young men and can benefit from their influence.  When the majority are aligned to a common set of values, our culture grows.  In the first week of term, each year level has attended an assembly at which the College Leadership Team has discussed the importance of starting the term well and consistently doing the little things that lead to success.  We will continue to push these important messages as the term progresses.

This Friday, Mr Paul Dillon from DARTA will speak with students from Years 10, 11 and 12 about the important topic of drugs and alcohol, specifically with respect to their usage by young men.  Paul’s sequential, year-level specific presentations are backed by recent research and statistics and they give our young men sound advice about decisions they may need to make at some stage.  The link to Paul’s website is below:
Paul is known nationally as the premier source of wisdom about this topic and we view his presentations as an important part of our Formation program.

This Saturday sees the commencement of our Term 2 co-curricular program.  We are expecting a strong show of support for the 1st XI Football team, kicking off at Tennyson at 2pm.  Any student wishing to spectate at this match is required to be dressed in his regular academic uniform (white shirts not required, except for Year 12 students) and seated in the grandstand.  This includes those who have already played – they are required to change back into school uniform at the conclusion of their match.  We are promoting this week’s match as a ‘Buddy Round’, specifically targeting students from Years 5, 7 and 12 to come along and support together.  As always, students have heard about the importance of providing positive support for our players and not directing any negativity towards the opposition.  Best of luck to everyone who is representing Terrace in any way during Term 2.

Next Monday 23 April, we hold our annual Inter-House Cross Country carnival.  Students are asked to wear their House shirt and PE uniform to school on this occasion.  We look forward to all students being present, participating enthusiastically and in the true spirit of the day.  

Finally, with the weather beginning to get a little cooler, we are getting closer to commencing the compulsory winter uniform; this will start on Tuesday, 8 May, following the Labour Day long weekend.  From this day, students will be required to wear their blazer to and from school every day and keep the blazer on in the morning until the 8.25am bell.  Long trousers will be compulsory for students in Years 11 and 12 and optional for all other year levels.  I ask that, over the next two weeks, parents/caregivers take the opportunity to prepare their sons’ winter uniform in readiness for 8 May.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

Three Stories Worth Celebrating

150 Years of Edmund Rice Education in Australia

January 12, 1868. The day Australia was connected to the mission of Edmund Rice. Br Ambrose Treacy, Br Fursey Bodkin, Br Barnibas Lynch and Br James Nolan stepped off the Donald Mackay and onto the docks of Melbourne determined to invite others into the mission of Edmund Rice. 20 years and 27 schools later, Edmund Rice education spanned Australia and crossed the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. Fast forward another 130 years and today 1632 Terracians proudly wear the ‘Red and Black’, proud men of faith and learning.

Our Terrace Family is deeply connected to the stories of Edmund Rice and Ambrose Treacy. We were the first Edmund Rice school to open in Queensland and the site of Ambrose Treacy’s passing. This is worthy of celebrating each and every day. With 150 years of Edmund Rice education residing firmly in Australia, our Edmund Rice Feast Day Mass on 8 May will see our College community make an extra special point of celebrating this wonderful story that continues to unfold.

National Reconciliation Week - 27 May – 3 June

National Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. The dates of National Reconciliation Week commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey— the successful 1967 referendum, and the High Court Mabo decision respectively.

Don’t Keep History a Mystery - This year, all Australians are invited to Learn, Share, and Grow – by exploring our country’s Indigenous past, learning more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, and developing a deeper understanding of our national story. 

Reconciliation must live in the hearts, minds and actions of all Australians as we move forward, creating a nation strengthened by respectful relationships between the wider Australian community, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Timor Week at Terrace – 21 – 26 May

This term we will celebrate the ongoing commitment of the Christian Brothers' Oceania Province, the Terrace Timor Network and the work that began with Gregory Terrace Old Boy, Br Dan Courtney, 18 years ago, continuing to evolve and prosper. 

We continue to stand in solidarity with the Timorese, joining with them in liberating their country beyond the struggle and sacrifice towards hope and happiness. Never underestimate the role each of us play in this collective friendship. Whether it be through a cup of Kolega (‘friend’ in Tetum) coffee, a conversation about Timor-Leste with your son, a Bro Band around your wrist or the giving of a Timor gift card, you are part of a wonderful friendship. A friendship we cherish. 

Years 7, 8 and 9 Program Leader | Mr Damien Coman

As usual we hit the ground running in Week 1 at Terrace, but I would like to go back to the end of Term 1 momentarily. Mr Cam Adair spoke to parents and all students in Years 8 and 9 about gaming and social media addiction in adolescents. His facts were quite alarming, but made a lot of sense. It is one of the biggest challenges that both schools and parents face as we have moved into a ‘different world’ online - one that the adults never experienced in exactly the same way, so therefore do not have the same understanding that we have in other areas. For those who missed him, Cam’s Ted Talks are online to view. We continue to work with students in Years 7-9 about responsibilities online in our Formation program.
It is also the time of term to review and plan. Reviews will take place with House Tutors and of course Parent/Teacher/Student interviews. Taking the time at this early stage to think about how students prepared for assessment and gaining feedback from their teachers will be part of the process. In Formation, students will also be guided to review and develop their weekly routine, homework times, revision times and create a plan for assessment for the term. These should then be written on their wall planner on a copy that is placed in their room so it is right in front of the student each night.
On Tuesday 14 May we have Mr Bill Jennings from ‘Time and Space’ running a Mother and Son night for Year 7 students and their mothers (or the significant female in their life). Bill travels with his program all over the country and we are lucky to have him at this special time of year to coincide with Mother's Day. It creates opportunities to communicate and also hear from some other students in the year about the types of thoughts and feelings they have at present.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

We Will Rock You 

On the couch with Galileo - Liam Keates-Riley as Galileo

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I am currently in Year 10 at Gregory Terrace and I have absolutely loved the Terrace Music and Culture program since day one. I started singing when I was around six years old and that’s when I joined my first school choir at Windsor State School. I have been lucky enough to be a part of many different school and professional musical productions such as Aladdin, Hairspray the Arena Spectacular, Seussical Jr ™, Pippin and currently We Will Rock You. It has been a privilege to be in these productions as I was lucky enough to be the main lead in Aladdin, Seussical Jr ™ and our school’s current musical. I’m a part of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music State Honours Ensemble Program and was a member of Fame Theatre Company for three years.  I have also performed with the Queensland Theatre Company. At school, I am a member of the Terrace Choir, Terrace Rock Band and the Terrace Vocal Ensemble. In 2017 I was the Year 9 Dux of Drama. In 2016 I was a member of the Gallipoli Symphony who performed at QPAC with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and in 2015 I won the Southbank busking competition. I attend private singing and piano lessons at school, which have really helped me advance and develop my skills as a performer. 

What do you want us to know about your character?

In this production I play Galileo Figaro. He has a very self-confident, slightly arrogant persona. In a way Galileo and Scaramouche’s relationship is like the cartoon Tom and Jerry. Galileo is like Tom the cat, constantly following Scaramouche (Jerry the mouse) who always has a trick up her sleeve. 

What has been the biggest challenge for you?

The biggest challenge for me personally within the production is probably learning the script. The script is around 85 pages long but I find it really gripping and witty. It’s definitely been one of the best scripts I have performed so far.

What is the thing you are most excited about as we get close to Opening Night?

I am really looking forward to running the show at the performance venue as the whole set will be complete, we will have access to the final lighting and I think it will really boost the energy for me and the rest of the cast.

What’s next for you?

Since I am in Year 10, I still have one more Terrace production left in 2020 so I would be very keen to participate in that. When I leave school my musical related career dreams would include me attending the Queensland Conservatorium of Music for either Contemporary Voice or Musical Theatre.

Tickets go on sale for We Will Rock You on Thursday 26 April at 10am.

Motivational Speaker Tuesday 24 April

Next Tuesday 24 April the Cultural Department will hold a session for the elite teams of our program facilitated by motivational speaker Mr Justin Nickerson. Justin is formally recognised as the leading auctioneer across Australasia and is the only Australian to win the Australasian Auctioneer of the Year twice in the history of the award. He is also a four time winner of the REIQ Auctioneer of Year award, again being the only auctioneer in the state to achieve this distinction. With a distinctive ability to quickly connect with people, combined with a clear and uncomplicated communication style, Justin’s expertise in motivational management regularly achieves results above expectations. The theme of this motivational session will be those ‘Those who chase excellence will achieve”. Select students have been invited to this session and we ask that you accept this via Parent Lounge ASAP.

Support Group Meetings  

Part of the success of our Cultural activities can be traced to our Support Groups.  If you would like to be involved, meetings are outlined in the College calendar and on the App.  

Debating Support Group – Tuesday 17 July, 5.30pm in the Founders’ Room

Terrace Performing Arts – Tuesday 17 July, 5.30pm in the Callan Centre

Staying in touch  

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) to ensure you don’t miss anything.  

Director of Music | Acting Director, Mr Jan Hewerdine

Welcome back to Term 2 - I hope you all had a great Easter break. During the holiday period, we held workshops in preparation for some of our Term 2 events. The ANZAC Band spent some time preparing for our march in next Tuesday’s ANZAC Day Parade in the CBD. For those watching on the day, we will be following the Royal Australian Army Chaplains.

The Red Peppers Pep Band worked on their program, which they will be performing to provide some extra spirit at some Football games during the term. Event Memos with detailed information regarding these performances can be found on the Terrace App.

Musical rehearsals and workshops also featured over the holiday break. We would like to say a heartfelt thankyou to all our staff and parent/outside support for being available during this time.

The Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Southbank is a world class tertiary music institution. Apart from providing degree courses, they also have a year-long calendar of public performances. I encourage you to follow this link http://queenslandconservatoriu...  to see the breadth of what they have on offer.

For those students who perform with our beginner and intermediate level ensembles, it is a requirement that they wear grey trousers for performances. This provides a more formal and unified look as opposed to a mix of trousers and shorts. The first big concert event for these groups will be the Winter Concert on Thursday 30 May. Trousers are available from the Uniform Shop in sizes 8 to 18. Students who perform only as part of the Years 5 and 6 Band and Strings classes do not need to purchase trousers.

Please check the Terrace App and Parent Lounge regularly as this is where information regarding various events (see the list below) will now be published. As events are approved and posted to the Parent Lounge, you will be sent an email advising the name of the event, including the Event Memo, to check and you will be required to give a response regarding attendance. Event Memos will also be available through the Terrace App in Culture>Music.

Term 2 Events

• Football Launch Terrace Jazz Combo: Saturday 21 April, 3.30-8.30pm, Tennyson
• ANZAC Day Marching Band: Wednesday 25 April, 8am–12.30pm, meet at Terrace, march in Brisbane CBD.
• Senior Music Production: Wednesday 16-19 May, selected performers only. 
• Winter Concert: Wednesday 30 May, 6.30pm. 
• Norman Clarke Concert: Sunday 3 June, Villanova College. Sound checks from 10.45am, concert at 3pm.
• Drumline and RBB band Workshop: Monday 25 June 
• First Percussion Ensemble BBB Band Workshop: Tuesday 26 June 
• Percussion 2, Percussion 3, TJC band Workshops: Wednesday 27 June 

Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Welcome back to the Terrace Family for the start of the Term 2 activities, following a very busy Term 1 and Easter holiday period. Like New York,Terrace Sport never sleeps and there are always plenty of things happening in the College Sport program.

Term 2 is the term for Football, Tennis and Cross Country – two fixture activities over nine weeks and one championship event (where performances on the day are all that count). Running parallel to these three activities are the lead in phases of “A/B” Rugby and “A” Basketball.

The Easter holiday period was exceptionally busy with Cross Country camp, Football tour, Football clinic, Tennis tour and Rugby clinics added in with the wide variety of general training and preparation. Thank you to all boys and families that made themselves available for training over this period in preparation for the Round 1 fixture v BBC this coming Saturday.

There are great numbers involved in all the activities, especially Football, where the numbers are close to 800 boys again.  Team selection is always an emotive issue and unlike those activities were timings can self-select, Football teams are selected by a coach in good faith as to who they see fit as the best person for the team. I abide by the simple saying that if a boy is incorrectly graded, then his natural talent will see him rise to the top and be reselected in the correct team.  Selections will be ongoing through the season, but they will also be kept to a minimum so as to create team harmony and not disrupt team cohesion. 

I would ask that all boys attend training rigorously twice a week and present ready for their game 30 minutes prior (as a minimum). Representing the College is a privilege, not a right, and all boys need to be respectful of that – regardless of the division.

Due to the large number of teams representing the College this year – it is not always possible to have Terrace teams all playing against the same opposition – therefore the supplementary draw comes into play. All efforts will be made to identify possible matches; however, it can be difficult when fellow GPS schools will limit their teams to a “D” division.

As a rule of thumb, team selections and draws will be forthcoming at Thursday lunch  following weekly training and any final adjustments that need to be made to the draw. The best way to stay in touch is through the College Twitter feed for the most recent and up-to-date information. 

The Weekly Wrap


1st XV,  2nd  XV and 16A/B Preseason Holiday Training

The preseason is well underway with 61 enthusiastic boys who have ambitions of playing 1st XV and 16A Rugby, training at Tennyson to take part in a four-day training clinic. The training signified the official start to preseason. The purpose of the clinic was to revisit the basics of rugby with the boys, performing numerous catch/pass, ball carry and tackle tech. activities. On the final day, the squad played an internal trial under the watchful eyes of the coaching staff. I would like to thank the coaches who kindly gave up their time, Mr Tom Barker, Mr Mark Stevenson, Mr Glenn Brown, Mr Nathan Sanson, Mr Paul Twomey, Mr Glenn Cameron, Mr Jono Roussetos and Mr John Fitzgerald.

Term 2 On-Field Program

This week sees the commencement of our A/B Term 2 training program.  This well-planned program is designed for those boys wishing to focus on developing their rugby skills. The program is open to all boys from U12 through to our Open 1st XV and 2nd XV players. It is not too late to sign up - please see Mr Mandrusiak in the Sport Office if you would like to be part of the program. 

To assist with your busy Term 2 planning please see the below training calendar.

Pre-Season Strength Sessions - Rugby

Strength sessions will take place at the College Gym throughout Term 2. The start times are listed below. The strength program will place emphasis on the development of the basic characteristics of efficiency and control of their body weight prior to the progressive build-up of advanced sport specific qualities. These sessions are compulsory and are a vital element of the Rugby program. Please note that the school based strength sessions take priority over any strength sessions occurring in outside gyms. Play with the College – train with the College.

Representative Sport 

Terrace students are eligible to trial for selection into District and Met Nth Regional representative teams in a number of sports. Our primary students nominate via City Dist. and our secondary students via Nth Independent or in some cases Met Nth direct, depending on the sport. Boys will only be nominated if they are of a high standard and meet qualifying times in respective sports.

City District Term 2 Sports

• Touch trial date 27 April – Open to all boys turning 12. Nominations close Friday 20 April
• Cross Country trial date 1 May – Open to all boys turning 12. Nominations close Friday 20 April
• Rugby Union trial date 11 May – Open to all boys turning 12. Nominations close Friday 4 May
• Tennis trial date 14 May – Open to all boys turning 12. Nominations close Friday 4 May
• Softball trial date 6 June – Open to all boys turning 12. Nominations close Friday 25 May

Direct Nominations to Met. Nth Sports

• Cross Country date 5 June – Open to 13-19 years. Nominations close Friday 18 May
• Rugby Union trial date 29 May – Open to all boys turning 15. Nominations close Friday 18 May
• Golf trial date 29 May – Open to all 10 -18 years. Nominations close Friday 18 May

For more information relating to upcoming trials please contact
or click on the below link https://metnorthschoolsport.eq... 

Captains’ Corner | College Captain, Jacob Montaner

Week número uno. A fresh start, an opportunity to correct mistakes and improve on past performance, not just in academics, but also in the way we treat others, the way we conduct ourselves, the way we lead and much more. 

For me, time management is on the agenda and this ranges from completing assignments earlier to avoiding Netflix. Apart from school work and exercise, I have tried to find alternative, useful ways of spending my time. This is when I remembered the Redesign My Brain series by Todd Sampson on the ABC (episodes are free and easily accessible online). Through using the latest brain-training techniques, Sampson endeavoured to “prove that anyone can make their brain better". I soon learnt that juggling is one of these techniques. According to the experts interviewed, juggling is actually one of the best activities for increasing thinking speed. On top of this, it enhances your ability to concentrate. In short, it’s a “good thing for the brain". I did my own research and in addition to confirming the claims made, I found even more benefits for juggling! For the parents out there, if your son is sick of homework, study and assignments and needs a well-earned break, get him to juggle. I know what I will be doing. No need to buy expensive juggling balls, old socks and rice suffice. 

This Saturday our valiant Football and Tennis players go head-to-head with Brisbane Boys' College (BBC). They have worked tremendously hard and deserve strong support. After watching the 1st Tennis match against BBC last year, I can almost guarantee that it will be a nail-biting fight to the death. The Tennis 1st team commence at 8.30am in Victoria Park and Football at 2pm at Tennyson. See you there! 

Terrace Ladies Group

Years 5 – 9 Mothers' High Tea

We are all looking forward to the Years 5-9 Mothers' High Tea to be held next Friday 27 April from 10am in the Marquee at Victoria Park. With 325 ladies attending we are sure to have a great morning together. Thank you to the committee of ladies, led by Mrs Renee Pfaender (Years 8 and 10), for bringing this event together on behalf of the TLG.  As a reminder, included in the price of your ticket are bubbles on arrival, compliments of our hosts, Victoria Park, a traditional High Tea plus free entry into the pool of wonderful prizes. Victoria Park is also offering a cash bar with terrific prices on favourite beverages during the event for those wishing to remain a while longer to enjoy a little more time together.

Tennyson Canteen

This coming Saturday, 21 April, we have our first home games at Tennyson when Terrace host BBC with the start of the Football season. Please remember to register on the volunteer sign on link when the notice comes out later in the week from the Sport Office regarding game times and team lists. All help is very much appreciated throughout the day and very much needed, especially during those rush times between games. Home bake is always well received by our hungry players and their families so please drop something off at the canteen if possible. 

Year 12 Mothers’ Masses 

On the Tuesday mornings of Weeks 4 and 5 the College will host masses mothers of our Seniors. The Houses are broken into two groups: Reidy, Treacy, Windsor, Xavier – Week 5;Barrett, Buckley, Kearney, Magee, Mahoney - Week 6 (please note that this is a date change from the original calendar). More information will be emailed to families from the College in the next couple of weeks.

Past Mothers' Mass

On Sunday 27 May we have the Past Mothers' Mass at 10am in the Chapel of the Holy Family. A beautiful morning tea is planned for afterwards in the Founders' Room. Please pass on the invitation to your mothers, mothers-in-law, aunts, grandmothers or friends who have been through Terrace with their boys over the past decades. It is a wonderful opportunity for reconnection and to celebrate those who have gone before us. They have been the ones who were instrumental in creating the Terrace Family we appreciate so much. More details are to come in the next week or so. An invitation will be available via the College Events page along with a link for purchasing a ticket to the morning tea afterwards.  The $20 fee covers the catering costs of the morning tea. 

TLG Correspondence

If you are not on our mailing list but would like to be, please email our Secretary, Mrs Rachel McGahon, on Please also ensure that you save this email address into your contacts as it may find its way to Junk Mail. 

TLG Date Claimers

Term 2
  • Week 2, 27 April, Years 5-9 Mothers’ High Tea, Victoria Park
  • Weeks 5 and 6, Tuesday mornings - Year 12 Mothers Masses (by House)
  • Week 6, Sunday 27 May – Past Mothers' Mass
  • Week 10, 18 June – TLG Meeting, 7.30am Founders' Room
Term 3 
  • Week 8, Friday 7 September – TLG Fashion Parade, Brisbane City Hall

Contact | TLG President | Mel Josephson:

The Terrace Family

The Terrace Family is asked to pray for the repose of the soul of:

Mr Kevan John TOWNSLEY, GT, 1939-47

Please also pray for the souls of those in the Terrace Family whose deaths are unknown to the College.

Terrace Shop

OPENING HOURS | TERM TIME | Tuesday, Thursday and Friday | 7.30am - 3.45pm


  • Blazers
  • School jumpers
  • Basketball training singlets and shorts
  • Football shirts, shorts and socks
  • Chinooks and hoodies
Parents can order through Flexischools


Find all your Terrace Family event details here!

Orders are now open for commemorative Seniors of 2018 Terrace Canterbury jerseys!
Cost: $75 (+ booking fees) | Includes personalised name on back of jersey
Please refer to sizing chart below (long sleeve raglan details)
Orders close Thursday 26 April for delivery Term 3 so don't delay!

Sizing Chart - View Here2018 Senior Jersey - Purchase Here

Grab a feel good bargain at the Terrun pre-loved uniform and sports gear stall! 
Donations of laundered items can be made at the College Sport Office ASAP
Date and Time: Thursday 26 April & Wednesday 2 May | 1.30pm - 8.30pm  
Where: Outside the sport office during parent/teacher interviews | Cash or eftpos available

Date and Time: Friday 27 April | 10am
Where: The Marquee | Victoria Park | 309 Herston Rd Herston 
Cost: Adults $55 (+ booking fees) | Includes champagne on arrival, traditional high tea and lucky prize draw
RSVP: Event now sold out!
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Anna Stiles |

Date and Time: Friday 18 May | 11am - 5pm
Where: St Lucia Golf Links
Cost: $600 per team of 4 | Includes 18 holes of golf, golf cart, lunch, drink vouchers, use of golf simulator prior to play and canapes at the post game presentation.
Registration: Please register by Friday 11 May
For further information on registering or sponsorship opportunities, please contact:
Jarrod Turner | Donor Relations Manager | 0481 905 290 |

Golf Day - Bookings & Details Here

Date and Time: 16 - 19 May | 6.30pm - 10pm
Where: Garden Points Theatre, QUT
RSVP: Tickets on sale 26 April via College Events
For further information or enquiries, please contact: 
Matt Cocking |

All welcome to attend!
Date and Time: Tuesday 1 May | 6pm
Where: The Callan Centre | Gregory Terrace Staffroom

Date and Time: Sunday 10 June | 1.30pm for 2.30pm movie start
Where: New Farm Cinemas | 701 Brunswick St New Farm
Cost: $20 (+ booking fees)| Register via College Events
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by 8 June
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Steven Hohn |

Movie Fundraiser - Book Here

Save the Date! 
Date and Time: Thursday 26 July | 6.30pm
Where: Victoria Park Golf Complex | 309 Herston Road Herston
For further details or enquiries, please contact
Andrew Stormonth |

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Please find your Term 2 parent function details here:

Year 6 Parent Function

Date and Time: Friday 25 May | 7pm - 11pm    
Where: Bar Spritz | 29 River Terrace Kangaroo Point   
Cost: $40pp (+booking fees) | Includes champagne & antipasto platters on arrival, followed by canapes platters  
RSVP: Please RSVP by Monday 14 May  
For further details or enquiries, please contact    
Alison Hedditch | 0417 790 902 | 

Year 6 Function - Book Here

Year 11 Mother & Son Breakfast

Date and Time: Friday 11 May | 7am - 8am      
Where: Novotel Hotel | 200 Creek Street Brisbane 
Cost: $33pp (+booking fees) | Includes hot buffet breakfast
RSVP: Please RSVP by Friday 4 May
For further details or enquiries, please contact     
Kate Pearson | | 0411 555 227

Mother & Son Breakfast - Book Here