Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear members of the Terrace Family,

As we approach the end of Week 6, it is timely to reflect that we are now past the midway mark of the term.  Many students are in heavy assignment mode and our Year 10 students commence their exams tomorrow, prior to their Immersion experience.  It is very important that all students are devoting time to their assignments, homework and revision at this stage of the term.  We can provide support to them by monitoring their work times, asking them about their assignment progress and importantly, trying to assist them with their time management and balancing of activities.  As a parent, this time of the term can be challenging.  The strong partnership between home and school is an important way in which we can all help each other.

Congratulations to the many musicians and staff who competed in the QCMF last week.  Terrace had 28 ensembles represented in the Festival and they were awarded 11 Gold, 15 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. This is an outstanding effort and congratulations go to all the staff, students and parents involved in the program.  Well done.

At Tuesday’s College Assembly, we had the opportunity to congratulate Wen Zhang on his outstanding achievement at the International Mathematics Olympiad, which was held in Romania earlier this year.  This is the second year Wen has been selected for this Australian Team.  This year, the Australian team was placed eleventh overall.  Wen received a gold medal and was the highest placed Australian in the competition, finishing twelfth overall.  This is an extraordinary achievement and on behalf of the entire Terrace Family, I congratulate Wen.  It is worth noting that Wen is also a member of the Waterford Soloists and the Waterford String Quartet, a member of the College’s Premier Chess team, of which he is Vice Captain and last week was the recipient of the Professor Peter Doherty STEM Award.  Congratulations Wen.

Yesterday I wrote to all parents indicating that Mrs Julie Quinn will be finishing her time at Terrace at the end of this year.  Julie has dedicated 24 years of incredible service to Terrace and has helped and supported thousands of Terrace Gentlemen during this time.  We will have other opportunities to thank and farewell Julie as the year draws to an end, but on behalf of all the Terrace Family, past and present, thank you, Julie, for your unwavering dedication, humility and expertise.  

Finally, I am pleased to report that Conor Tweedy continues to show progressive advancements each day.  As I reported earlier this week, Conor is slowly regaining additional and important movements in his arms.  This is great news.  Please keep Conor and the Tweedy family in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a great week.

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal                                                                                                                                                                                      

College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Staff News

May I take this opportunity to extend my own congratulations and thank you to my friend and colleague Mrs Julie Quinn who has decided to finish her time at Terrace at the end of this year. Julie is peerless in terms of commitment, dedication and determination and she will be greatly missed by the community, on our College Leadership Team and by myself both professionally and personally. It is a privilege to work with her. She is of tremendous support to me in my role as College Dean and I look forward to the months ahead as we continue to work together to plan a bright future for Terrace.

Mrs Mirella Kelly, our Terrace Clothing Shop Manager has tended her resignation from the College. Mirella has been successful in gaining a new full time position with the Queensland Catholic Education Commission and we wish her every success in this new role. Mirella has been a hard -working, positive and generous member of staff and we thank her for her contribution at Terrace. The College is now recruiting for this position and expressions of interest can be forwarded to the College Business Manager, Mr Adam Read at

Congratulations to Ms Sian Graham and her husband, Shaun on the safe arrival of their baby girl, Anthea recently. Sian and Anthea are both healthy and doing well.

Mrs Jan Cameron commences her leave for the remainder of this term next week and we look forward to welcoming Mrs Judy Ariotti full time during this period. We wish Mrs Cameron the very best for this time.

Mr Anthony Baruksopulo commences his paternity leave next week for two weeks. At the time of writing, we still await the arrival of the Baruksopulo bub and we wish all well. We look forward to welcoming Mr Gary Stickley and Mrs Madonna Effeney for this time.

Forward notice that Mr Darren Collins and Mr Rob Sweeper will both take two weeks paternity leave early in Term 4. We are presently planning for this coverage and I will advise as soon as possible.

Finally, Mr John Hawthorne and Mr John McKinlay will both take the first four weeks of Term 4 on long service leave. Mr Chris Zammit, our Assistant Dean of Identity will facilitate Mr Hawthorne’s classes and we look forward to welcoming Mrs Janey Robson to teach Mr McKinlay’s classes for this month. Mrs Robson is a former member of staff at Brisbane Girls Grammar and St Rita’s and is looking forward to spending some time here at Terrace.

Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Subject selection evenings

This week has been a busy week with subject selections taking place leading into next year.
This evening, commencing at 6pm, is the subject selection presentation for the current Year 8 students leading into Year 9 next year. Students have been issued with booklets outlining details about each elective subject. A selection of two subjects is required. This selection will occur electronically.

Presentations for students in Year 11 have been held outlining details of the subjects for English Extension and Music extension.

Exam timetables

All Year 12 students have been issued with their Term 3 exam timetable. These schedules are significant documents in setting up effective revision plans.

Year 10

Next week is the start of exams for our Year 10 students. I am most encouraged by the commitment that our Year 10 students have made to date. They have used the resources at Waterford well and it is most encouraging to witness their Friday roll call sessions where they review their week’s work within a group. The cohort made a significant improvement across Terms 1 and 2 and I encourage the boys to continue with their commitment to produce their very best results for this term. With the current process of selecting Senior subjects, obtaining a solid foundation in current subjects is critical in success in further years.

“Happy” students

I often meet with students and their parents to discuss academic outcomes and to seek further strategies to maximise students’ individual performances. One of the questions that I pose to students is to rate themselves on a fictitious “happy metre” scaled one to ten and then on a fictitious “motivational metre” from a scale of one to ten. I request that they do this exercise across the years that they have been at Terrace. Without doubt, the two scales align and when the two metres align with a strong score, the tracker indicates a rise in academic performance. The underlying message is that the “happiest”/ most content students at Terrace are those boys who are keeping up with their work and who feel in control of their learning and assessment demands. The happiest boys are the boys who feel that they have given their best effort and received their best results – this is not necessarily a grade of an 'A' but rather a score that they feel proud to receive. 

With the term being over the halfway mark and with many assignments due and exams occurring within the next three weeks, I do encourage all our boys to make that commitment to their studies. Our common strategies are Friday roll call, logging our hours and using the checklist to ensure that our revision is both methodical and relevant. 

I have encouraged many boys to download the requirements for each subject from the checklist on Moodle and to place this in a folder for each subject. Add to the folder a separate exercise book for each subject and methodically do your revision into this exercise book. It is a very exact way of being accountable to your revision and keeping track of the knowledge required for each of the subjects.

Thank you

Many thanks to both parents and students for all the well wishes on my finishing at Terrace at the end of this year. I have been blessed to be part of this wonderful community for twenty-four years.  It has been a privilege to have journeyed with all the young men of Terrace across so many years.  I look forward to sharing the remainder of this term and the final term of the year with everyone.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

We often hear that sport is a lot like life and I can’t help but think this to be quite a wise statement.  When the game is going well, sports like rugby and basketball can be a pleasure to play and watch.  However, it is at times when things are going against us that our character is truly tested.  In recent weeks, some teams and individuals have had things go their way, but others have had their character seriously tested.  Our students know that it is not a sign of manliness to throw punches or lose their cool, and I am very pleased that our conduct, both on and off the field, has reflected our values.  The ability to use restraint and maintain a cool head are great indicators of a wise gentleman.  Similarly, the way we support as spectators says something about our character and it is important that we do this in a way that does not belittle our opposition; rather, it should be aimed to encourage our own players and to recognise good play.  Regardless of results, we are proud of the way our boys have represented us in recent weeks and we look forward to more of the same in the coming weeks.

Week 6 sees us moving into the second half of the term and it is timely to revisit the topic of haircuts.  House Deans are currently speaking with students who need a haircut.  I ask that parents assist us by ensuring that their son's hair is in keeping with our expectations.  While the weather remains cool, students will continue to wear the winter uniform, with students required to wear their hat and blazer to and from school every day.  The partnership between home and school is important in ensuring these matters are in order.

Next Thursday, we welcome Terrace’s newest and youngest students, when we hold an orientation evening for our 2019 Year 5 students and their parents.  With such a large number of students in Years 5 and 7 next year, we will be asking students from both Years 11 and 12 in 2019 to take up the role of buddy.  A large number of Year 11 students next year will act as buddies for the Year 5 students and next Thursday, they will have their first opportunity to spend some time together.  It is a great opportunity for the boys who will be the Year 11 buddies to embrace their role as leaders; I am always impressed by how well they do this and I look forward to seeing them make us proud.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

A Critical Approach to Education

What is your view on the purpose of education? Choose one of the options below:

Education functions as an instrument that is used to facilitate the integration of the young generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity;


Education is the practice of freedom, the means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world.
(Paulo Freire – Pedagogy of the Oppressed)

I chose the second option. It is this option that motivates me as a teacher and parent. It is this option that resonates through the classrooms and playground here at Terrace. It is this philosophy in which a Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition is grounded. Catholic education is centred on nurturing young people to their fullness, enabling them to support others to their fullness. The journey to fullness, both individually and communally, demands the transformation of personal and group norms. Within this setting there is very little room for logic and conformity. Rather, creativity and innovation is embraced to enable young people to make a difference in our world. The manner by which our Waterford Place community rallied around last Friday’s “Fiver-for-a-farmer” is testament to the possibilities of education being centered on transformation.

Without any great fanfare or strategic planning our Year 10s enthusiastically set out to make a difference for those within our wider community who are suffering through drought. In a short time, dozens gathered at Waterford Place, threw a “fiver” in the hat, and grabbed a bacon and egg burger cooked by their mates who volunteered as chefs for the morning. Before the end of the day, word had spread through our parent community, engaging the interest of a local business who have been inspired to join the efforts of our Waterford Place community.  By Saturday morning discussions were taking place with respect to how our College community may be able to broaden the “Fiver-for-a-farmer” to enable a trailer load of cattle feed to be purchased and delivered to a regional community in need. If our Year 10s were encouraged down the educational path of logic and conformity, I doubt such a wonderful imitative would ever have been considered, let alone enacted and encouraged.

As is the case in our personal, work and family settings, opting to enable an educational setting that embraces the unpredictability of creativity is not easy or simple. There will always be a need to conform with systemic educational policies and practices. However, a Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition is committed to ensuring a continual tension exists between systemic norms and a liberating education that draws our students towards their full and whole development, inspiring them to make a difference with transforming our world.

The Good News of Terrace: Our Waterford Place Community getting behind “Fiver-for-a-farmer”

Tuesday Morning Mass for 28 August will commence at 7.30am. All members of the Terrace Family are warmly welcome to join our Treacy House community at this occasion.

Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

Term 3 is one of the best school terms as so much consistent work can be completed with fewer days interrupted by external events. Students have been working extremely hard at the assignment stage of the term with exam preparation ready to take centre stage. Exam calendars will be out shortly, and preparation now will take away the stress of study in the days leading up to each exam. The key question that each student should ask himself about his study plan after five weeks is, do the goals for what I want to achieve, match the time and effort I am currently putting in? 

There has been an incredible response to the Food Bank collection during the first week from our Years 5 and 6 students. We have two more weeks of collection to go and this has been an amazing example of the generosity and initiative from the youngest members of the community and their families. It is a credit to them and hopefully these young students can keep this spirit of giving for years to come. A big thank you to families who have donated so far; we are very appreciative of your support.

Next week, we welcome our newest members to the Terrace Family with our Year 5 Orientation night. It is a nervous time at first until they meet their buddies. We offer a big welcome also to our new families to Terrace. Not only is it a big first year for your son, but also hopefully the beginning of a rewarding association with the Terrace Family.

We continue to wish 6 Blue all the best as they are out at Maroon for their camp. In Week 7, 6 Green will be on camp, 6 Red and 6 White will be on camp next term.

Next Wednesday, our Year 5 students will embark on their retreat at Tennyson. This is a chance for the year level to stop and reflect on the journey that has taken place so far. It has been a whirlwind experience for them to begin life at Terrace and it is great to have this opportunity to stop and connect with what has happened. This reflective time gives each student a chance to tap into the spiritual dimension of their lives and to prepare for what lies ahead this year and beyond. The focus of the retreat is friendships - ones that have been made and ones that will be made as their Terrace experience continues.

Exam calendars will be in circulation in the coming weeks, so revision and time planning become important.

Questions to be asked: 

  • Are my notes in together for each subject? 
  • Have I visited the term outline and checklist so that I am aware of the topics that will be covered? 

Plan, check, revise and check again - these are the keys to success. 

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

GPS Chess 

The annual “Kings of the Hill” match resulted in draws for both our Premier and Juniors teams last Friday.  This result for our Premiers has our team looking to place second in the GPS competition.  Thank you to the spectators who came to support our players.  

GPS Chess Ladder

1st ACGS 8
2nd GT 7
=3rd BBC 6
=3rd BSHS 6
5th BGS 5
6th TGS 4
=7th IGS 2
=7th NC 2
9th TSS 0

This Friday is an Away round for us against TSS.  

As noted in our social media pages, our Chess Captain Hughston Parle played an exhibition round of blindfold chess against Dr Carroll and two other players.  Attached is the article from the Brisbane Times.

Debating – QDU 

Terrace is fortunate to have so many teams competing in the QDU competition.  Unfortunately, that means that at some stage, they will debate against each other.   This happened again in the quarter finals round last Friday for the Year 9 teams. Commiserations to 9.2, 9.3 and the Senior A team (who lost by one point in a very close debate with Stuartholme). Last night, the 11.2 team debated against SCGS and the 9.1 team debated against BGGS, with both teams winning and therefore advancing to next Wednesday evening's Grand Final.  Both Grand Final debates will be held at 6.30pm next Wednesday 29 August in the VPAC Building at Somerville House – all are welcome to come along and support our two teams! 


Next week both Senior teams will be competing in the semifinals of the Youth Theatresports Competition – at Terrace (Tuesday 28) and St Patrick’s College (Thursday 30). A red and black audience always lifts our players so come along and join the audience.  Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

QCMF – wrap up

From Thursday until Sunday, over 765 Terracians participated in the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival (QCMF) held at Villanova College.  There are many statistics that can be highlighted:

• This competition is the largest in the Asia Pacific region 
• In 2018, 15000 students competed with over 500 ensembles
• Terrace had 765 students and 28 ensembles
• Our results: 11 Gold; 15 Silver; 2 Bronze – every ensemble achieved a place
Thank you to over 20 Terrace staff who conducted and tutored these young men on the weekend and during the term.
As well as the great results, some of our young men were singled out to receive Excellence Awards.  They are:
• Charlie Newman - Drum Kit 1st Percussion Ensemble
• Yang Zhang - Saxophone solo Symphonic Wind Ensemble
• Charlie Newman - Drum Kit Symphonic Wind Ensemble
• Liam Keates-Riley - Singing in Terrace Rock Band
We often talk about our history and proudly sing of “the men who went before us”.  As this years’ QCMF closes and the bunting is rolled away until 2019, it is interesting to add to our history that one of the members who initially started and organised this festival is a Grandmother to one of our Senior students, Hugh Sinclair (12X).  Some 29 years ago, there were about 40 ensembles – this year, as mentioned, over 500, including many of Mrs Cole’s own grandchildren.  The foresight from Mrs Cole and her fellow musicians has certainly given many the opportunity to exhibit their musical talents outside of their school arena.

Support Group Meetings  

Part of the success of our Cultural activities can be traced to our support groups.  If you would like to be involved, meetings are outlined in the College calendar and on the App.  

Terrace Performing Arts – Tuesday 4 September, 5.30pm in the Callan Centre   
Debating Support Group – Tuesday 4 September, 5.30pm in the Founders’ Room  

Staying in touch  

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Director of Music | Acting Director, Mr Jan Hewerdine

This weekend, we had 28 ensembles perform at the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival (QCMF) which took place at Villanova College. While this is regarded as our “grand final” event for music and we indeed did very well in placings, the greatest reward has been the growth in the capability of our ensembles, as well as the development of individual musicians. What is particularly gratifying, has been the rising standard of the classroom music bands and orchestras, which were borne out by the QCMF results this year.


Thank you to the First Percussion Ensemble, who performed on Assembly on Tuesday. Next week’s Assembly will feature the Terrace Symphony Orchestra.

Applications for the 2019 Young Conservatorium programs have now opened. All applications must be submitted online through their website, to browse through on what is on offer, plus enrolment information, please click here

Talkin’ Jazz will be holding a performance workshop, for interested students at the Brisbane Jazz Club during the September school holidays. This is always an exciting opportunity for those who have a strong grasp of their instrument and are interested in learning more about jazz. More information can be found by clicking here

To discontinue lessons, please email at least two full weeks prior to the end of term (by Thursday 6 September). Notification after this time will incur a full term’s fee for the following term. 

Please check the Terrace App and Parent Lounge regularly as this is where information regarding various events (see the list below) will now be published. As events are approved and posted to the Parent Lounge, you will be sent an email advising the name of the event, including the Event Memo, to check and you will be required to give a response regarding attendance. Event Memos will also be available through the Terrace App in Culture|Music.

Term 3 Events

 • Year 5 Orientation: 30 August 3-7pm
• Year 7 Orientation: 6 September 3-7pm
• Red Thunder Drumline, Rugby GT v IGS: Saturday 8 September 1-3.05pm, Tennyson Playing Fields
• AMEB Brass Clinic: 24 September


Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Last Saturday, Terrace took on our nearest rivals at Brisbane Grammar School and were very successful across both programs and the 1st teams.


Terrace recorded 21 wins across all grades and had 16 defeats. The 1st V team had a significantly strong victory defeating BGS 104 to 44. A welcome return to the winners' circle for our best Basketball boys who have tried hard all season to maintain consistency in their performances. This weekend they will travel to TSS and face an opposition that they defeated in preseason. It is a naturally important game regarding their final position on the table, but it is also important for the boys regarding their ability to show that that they can continually turn up and produce a performance that reflects their very high standards. We wish all players the best of luck for their away games at TSS


It was an another very strong performance across the board with Terrace winning 19 games and only seeing three losses to Brisbane Grammar School. The dominance was reflected through all age levels. The 1st XV showed great passages of play, to again be let down by costly errors at the last minute to eventually go down 29-32. It was a second week of frustration for the boys and their supporters. Statistics from both games are all in the favour of the Terrace boys, except the statistic that counts the most – the final score. The boys need to keep their heads up for what will be a great challenge this weekend against the premiership favourites TSS.

At college Assembly this week the two Vice Captains of the respective activities, Luke Read – Basketball and Ben Clifford – Rugby, spoke to the boys and gave great feedback on the programs and the 1st teams. So often we get focused on the flagship teams and don’t always fully recognise the true picture of the entire programs that run across the College.

For Basketball there were numerous highlights mentioned by Luke, including the recognition that the Year 9A team are now into their third year undefeated and that there are nine teams that are either undefeated or have lost only one game 

For Rugby, Ben Clifford mentioned that the Under 11 age level is “killing it” with over 760 points scored this year and only 200 against and the fact that there are 19 teams that are at the top of their respective ladders either undefeated in GPS games or having only recorded one loss. 

Well done to both boys for sharing the focus across all the boys and all the teams that represent every weekend – some 1140 boys in total every Saturday 

This weekend the vast majority of the sporting program will head to TSS for their fixtures and games, please allow enough time for transport – at least an hour to the coast and time to find a park and prepare for your game. Be at your warm up some 45 minutes before start time.

The Weekly Wrap

Rugby Wrap

Round 5 results below.

Captains’ Corner | College Captain, Jacob Montaner

A family friend of Conor Tweedy penned a poem after visiting him last week. 

Visiting Conor

Yesterday I visited Conor –
His body is resting for now but
His eyes are dancing with a spirit
That soars above the chaos around him
Yesterday I visited Conor –
His smile will melt your heart and
His calmness will so astound you
That you will feel the anchor that keeps him safe
Yesterday I visited Conor – 
And I really saw him
Conor is still Conor
And today
I know he will be OK

I also had the privilege of visiting Conor and was similarly struck by his good-natured humour and positive attitude. Conor’s composure in the face of adversity is to be commended and serves as an inspiration to the Terrace Family. 

For those who are unaware, Term 3 is notoriously difficult, particularly in the later stages when assignments are due. I would compare Term 3 to Masterchef pressure tests, in which contestants cook under extreme conditions for their position in the competition. Consequently, we may become easily overwhelmed and panicked. That is completely understandable. In these situations, we must take a leaf from Conor’s book and soldier on, because then we will never fail. Failure is a lack of effort, not results. 

My great friend Thomas Papparlado spoke about Wen Zhang in a recent Captains' Corner, and I will speak about him again. On Tuesday’s College Assembly, Wen was recognised for his extraordinary achievements in the domestic and international Mathematics arena. Wen continues to impress, and like Conor, serve as an inspiration for the Terrace Family, not solely because of his unique Mathematical ability, but the diligent and humble manner in which he conducts himself on a daily basis. Congratulations and thank you Wen. 

This weekend we come head-to-head with The Southport School. Unfortunately, it is away, but fortunately, it offers a rare opportunity where our 1st V and 1st XV play at the same venue. While we have not had the most successful season, the teams train exceptionally hard and deserve our whole-hearted support. See you there!

Terrace Ladies Group

Terralicious ‘18

There are still a few places available for this wonderful function so it’s not too late to plan a wonderful day out if you haven’t already. We will take great care in placing you on a table with ladies from your year group if you are buying an individual ticket and haven’t organised a table yet. New friends are waiting to be met in a setting where we are all brought together to enjoy ourselves. If you are in two minds about attending, please be reassured we would love you to join us.

This year by buying a Terralicious ticket you have automatically been entered into the inaugural Black Raffle draw for a Hyundai Accent Sport 1.6L Petrol 5 door hatch, valued at more than $17 000, with all on-road costs being covered – making it a value of around $19 000. 

We are also offering a Red Raffle with the premier prize being a $7500 South Sea Island Pearl Necklace, courtesy of the very generous McKinney's Jewellers. We are most grateful to both our major sponsors for their ongoing support of Terrace functions and fundraising efforts. 

There are a host of other gorgeous prizes to win also.

All tickets for the raffles can be bought online for $26 ($1 booking fee) or on the day of the function for $25. If you can’t attend the function but would still like to have a chance in the draw, or simply want to purchase additional tickets to increase your winning chances, you can still buy tickets using this link on the College website. Funds raised from the Terralicious event will go towards the care and rehabilitation of Conor Tweedy and also to create a more comfortable sick bay for our boys in the new Wellbeing Centre.

Those of us at the last Terralicious afterparty at Cloudland would agree that it was integral to the enjoyment of the overall day. We are set for another fun afterparty at Cloudland again this year as per the below:

  • free bus travel (what a hoot this is) from City Hall to Cloudland;
  • an exclusive VIP area for Terralicious guests until 8pm;
  • DJ from 3.30pm until 8pm playing tunes that will make it hard to resist dancing;
  • two delicious cocktails especially for our event (aptly named Dr Carroll’s Cure and OP1);
  • French champagne offered at a special price of $65; and
  • scrumptious bar snacks available for purchase.

For more information please contact Jo Evans on or myself on

The Terralicious ’18 Committee and the TLG are excited to be hosting Terralicious again this year and we look forward to seeing you on the day.

Tennyson canteen 

Many thanks to the large numbers of volunteers who assisted behind the counters on Saturday at Tennyson and to our wonderful bakers for your sweet delights. We are really very grateful to you for stepping up and helping us make the day the success it was. I spent a patch of time on the tools at the BBQ and have gained a whole new appreciation for the people who have dedicated their time there recently and in the past. It isn’t the most glamorous of tasks, but the music and sense of fun everyone has there creates a terrific atmosphere. So don’t hold back in giving some of your time to the BBQ pit, it is a highly valuable task and one to enjoy. 

Orientation evenings 

We have the orientation evenings coming up for the incoming students of Years 5 and 7 for 2019. On Thursday evening 30 August starting at 5pm we welcome our Year 5 families and the TLG offer refreshments for the families as they arrive. To assist us with this, we are asking for assistance from the current Year 5 parents. An email will be sent to your cohort seeking volunteers, so please help out if you are able. It is a lovely way to help make our new arrivals feel relaxed while they embark on a new and exciting phase of their son’s education. The following Thursday evening we welcome the Year 7 families for 2019 and we will be seeking assistance from our current Year 7 parents. 

Care and concern 

We continue to keep Conor and the Tweedy family in our thoughts and look for some way we can help. With the meal roster being full until October, we can still contribute towards the fund that has been set up to assist in his rehabilitation and care.

History of the Terrace Ladies Group 

The TLG are compiling a list of past TLG Executive members with a view to keeping a record of this in the College Archives. We would like to acknowledge the contributions these women have made over the years. There is no official record, but we would like to get this going. If you can assist in providing names of friends or family members who have been part of the TLG in the past, please email Leisa Low on We have the past 10 years sorted back to 2008, but before then there are many gaps in our timeline. 

TLG correspondence 

If you are not on our mailing list but would like to be, please email our Secretary, Rachel McGahon, on Please also ensure that you save this email address into your contacts as it may find its way to Junk Mail.

TLG date claimers

Term 3

Week 7 – Thursday 30 August - Year 5 Orientation Evening, current Year 7 parents to assist.

Week 8 – Tuesday and Wednesday 4 and 5 September - QCS Test Day lunch, Year 12 Coordinators to arrange.

Week 8 – Thursday 6 September - Year 7 Orientation Evening, current Year 7 parents to assist.

Week 8 – Friday 7 September - Terralicious Fashion Parade, City Hall.

Week 10 – Monday 17 September- TLG Meeting, 7.30am Founders’ Room.

Contact |TLG President |Mel Josephson


The Terrace Family

We pray for Conor Tweedy and his family who are going through this challenging time.

Terrace Shop

Opening Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7.30am to 3.45pm during term time (closed for lunch from noon to 12.35pm). Online orders via Flexischools can be collected during these times by students or parents. See current specials below.

GTOBA tie | $55

GTOBA heritage Rugby jerseys (2XL, 3XL) | $70

Terrace/Nudgee Rugby caps | $25 (cash only)


Find all your Term 3 Terrace Family event details here...

The Terrace Family are invited to attend the annual dinner in support of the Edmund Rice Foundation.
Date and Time: Friday 24 August | 6.30pm Welcome Drinks
Where: The Royal International Convention Centre | RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane 
Cost: $175 per person, $1650 for a table of 10, $5000 for a corporate sponsor table
MCs: Jillian Whiting and Bill McDonald
Entertainment: The Manilows...wear your dancing shoes!

ERFA Gala Dinner | Book Here

Date and Time: Friday 7 September | 11.30am - 3.30pm
Where: Brisbane City Hall | 64 Adelaide St Brisbane
Cost: $150 (+ booking fees) | Includes drink on arrival, two course lunch and a glass of wine, automatic entry into our super raffle for a Hyundai hatchback, raffle prizes, James Street fashion parade and bus transport to after party at Cloudland.
RSVP: Please RSVP by Wednesday 29 August or before tickets sell out!
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Jo Evans | | 0418 287 395

Terralicious '18 | Book Here

Save the date - booking details to follow!
Date and Time: Sunday 16 September | 12pm - 3pm
Where: Terrace Staff Car park & The Campbell Centre
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Angela Papacostas | | 0411 749 044

Date and Time: Thursday 20 September | 6.30pm
Where: Wests Rugby Club, 65 Sylvan Road Toowong
Cost: Adults $67 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course meal & drink on arrival
Students $31 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course meal & soft drinks
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 14 September
For further details or enquiries, please contact:
Helen Kirk | | 0402 163 000

Opens' Rugby Celebration | Book Here

All North American based Terrace Old Boys are warmly invited to attend this special network in the USA!
Details: Sunday 30 September | 12pm - 3pm | The Waterbar Restaurant, San Francisco
Saturday 6 October | 5pm - 9pm | The Australian Hotel, New York
RSVP: Please RSVP your interest to attend to Lea Walker-Franks |


Save the Date!
Date and Time: Friday 9 November | 10am - 11.30am
Where: College Hall, Gregory Terrace
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Erin Bowpitt | | 3214 5422

Only 250 tickets will be sold!
Prize: Hyundai i30 Go RRP $20,990
Cost: $100 a ticket | Purchase from the Finance Office in person or by phoning 3214 5455
Drawn: Friday 16 November | Last day of school for Year 12s

The cookbook every Terrace Family should own a copy of is available for sale at the Terrace Shop. This hard cover, full colour cookbook is full of beautiful historical photographs from Terrace's rich history, as well as great family favourite recipes. This is the cookbook you will use time and time again.
Details: For sale now at the Terrace Shop
Cost: $55 
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Leisa Low |

The Terrace Family are warmly invited to visit this exhibition in the Founders' Room from Tuesday 8 May celebrating the Christian Brothers.

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your Term 3 year level details here...

Year 12 QCS Lunch Donations

We are seeking cash donations and assistance to provide and serve lunch to the boys on QCS days.   
Details: Tuesday 4 & Wednesday 5 September  
Where: Campbell Centre, Gregory Terrace 
Cost: $30 (+ booking fees) to donate towards providing lunch for the Seniors 
RSVP: Please use the links below to donate money towards providing lunch, or sign on to volunteer on the day.  
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Nicole Hoffmann | | 0417 793 583

Cash Donation | Link HereVolunteer | Link Here