Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

Last Saturday night I attended the College Musical.  What a show!  It was outstanding and certainly reflected the hard work of so many people over the last six months.  The show was a sell out for all four performances and all those who attended know why.  My congratulations to all involved, particularly to the students from both Terrace and All Hallows’.  You should all be very proud of your efforts.  I also want to thank and congratulate the staff and parents who also worked so hard throughout the year.  Well done to all involved.

On Tuesday evening the College, in conjunction with the Old Boys, hosted the Career Expo.  It was again an excellent event and it was pleasing to see so many students in attendance.  My thanks to Mr Paul Iannello and the GTOBA for their coordination of the event and the large numbers of Old Boys who gave of their time at the various presentations.

This week is Week 6 of a 10 week term.  Importantly, it must be noted that exams commence in Week 9.  Therefore, the students have just over two weeks before the start of their exams.  I know many also have a number of assignments due over the coming week.  This stage of the term is a ‘stressful’ time for students (and families). It is important that the students are carefully planning their time and ensuring assignment schedules are being met.  As parents, you can support your sons by being present, by ensuring they feel supported and by ensuring they remain focused, particularly when the due dates are approaching.  It is a ‘pressure’ time for everyone but support, encouragement and commitment will assist everyone.  Good luck over the coming weeks.

One of the encyclicals published by Pope Francis is ‘Laudato Si’.  This document addresses and challenges us to consider the Earth and our responsibility to sustainability.  As an EREA school we have accepted that challenge and have, over the last 18 months, developed and introduced a number of initiatives to address the issue of sustainability.  One initiative was to install solar panels on several buildings both at Spring Hill and Maroon. The solar PV installed at Maroon Camp, at Waterford and on the roof of Westcourt have now generated an amazing 66.5 megawatts of power since November last year.  Even these modest-sized systems have saved the College a considerable amount of money and will continue to do so for decades to come, paying for themselves many times over.  From an environmental perspective, we have already prevented the release of 52.53 tonnes of CO2 – so we are on track to reducing the school’s emission by over 100 tonnes per year. Whilst this is still only a small saving, it will continue to build.  The new building project also has many energy efficient initiatives incorporated into its design.  Over subsequent editions of the Terrace News I will outline some of the other ‘sustainability’ initiatives the College is currently undertaking.

Finally this week, as part of an EREA initiative seeking feedback on reasons why families choose an Edmund Rice Education, families will be sent a link in the coming days inviting you to complete an online survey regarding ‘School Choice’.  For your convenience, the link is also provided below.  This survey will provide valuable information to EREA and Terrace about a range of issues pertaining to school choice, etc.  I encourage you to take 10 minutes or so to complete the survey and I thank you in advance for your support.  Your feedback will assist Terrace and help EREA plan for the future.  Once the survey has been completed, I will, through the Terrace News, share the results with you.

Have a great week.
God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal

EREA School Choice Survey Link | Click Here

College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Career Expo

Thank you to Mr Paul Iannello, Mrs Karyn Jones and all staff, students and Old Boys who assisted with the organisation and facilitation of the annual Career Expo. This is a multi-faceted event that aims to provide students of all ages with some access to post-school life information, resources and insights. The generosity of our Old Boy community makes a great difference to the quality of this event and is appreciated. Congratulations to Mr Iannello, our Careers Counsellor on the coordination of this event. I would encourage students and parents, particularly of boys in Years 11 or 12 to be in contact with Mr Iannello if you need assistance in discerning future pathways.

Bottom and Top Car Park

A reminder of the need to please vacate the bottom car park of all parental traffic between the hours of 7am and 4pm each Monday to Friday and to please assist by not parking over the top driveway entrance on Victoria Street. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Staff News

As in any large and diverse community, we presently have a significant number of staff, both teaching and non-teaching who are experiencing challenges with health. As we seek to support these members of staff, I ask you to join with me in prayers of support for our staff community and all who are challenged at present in the Terrace Family. As our College Prayer asks: “O Jesus, make our hearts so human that others may feel at home with us, so like yours that others may feel at home with you.” May we seek to be people of compassion and kindness even when we don’t know the full story of what is going on -Terrace is a very human place!

Dean of Studies | Acting Dean, Mr Mason Hellyer

Time flies when you’re having fun!

It is hard to believe that we are two thirds of the way through the term. In three weeks’ time the majority of students will start their exam block. The next weeks are busy with assignment drafts to be produced and then the final product handed in. The middle part of the term can often be more stressful than the end due to assignment pressures and with exams on the horizon.

As a parent how can we help our son’s through this time?

Firstly, it is not too late to get organised and have a plan to attack assignments and study. The simple message here is START NOW! Sit down with your son and set out a timetable of when study will occur. Just like training time is set aside during the week to prepare for the weekend's game, study/assignment time also needs to be set aside to prepare for assessment.

Secondly and most importantly, you cannot do the work for them. Independent study and internal motivation are traits that develop over time through practise, trial and error. Refer back to the first point, START NOW! The sooner study organisation is trialled and practised the sooner good habits emerge and are consolidated.

Amanda Ripley in her book, The Smartest Kids in the World, and How They Got That Way, summarises that parents of ‘smart kids’ are active is their child’s education. However, being active is not by looking over the child’s shoulder, but by being engaged in what is happening at school from the child’s perspective (“tell me three words you learnt in Japanese today”). Parents of ‘smart kids’ also modelled good learning behaviours such as reading for pleasure or discussing current affairs.

At the end of the day, the most important message we can give the boys is that parents and teachers are there to work WITH them. The Terrace Old Boys' Career Expo was held on Tuesday evening and a large contingent of students from varying year levels attended. My thanks to the Terrace Old Boys' Association and Mr Paul Ianello for their organisation of the event. The standard of presentations and the exceptional quality of the advice from our Old Boy presenters was outstanding. Our current students have a wonderful resource of knowledge, experience and networks and I commend the GTOBA for their commitment to, and support of the College and future Old Boys.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

A human virtue that we greatly value is honesty, and every parent wants their children to tell the truth.  Likewise, parents of boys want to be able to trust their sons, but there is a harsh reality that is strongly backed by research: most boys will lie to their parents at least some of the time.  Occasionally, parents will tell me that their son never lies to them and while this sounds fabulous, it is in fact, highly unlikely to be the case.  As disappointing and hurtful as it is to be lied to, it’s actually a normal part of a child’s development.  While we don’t want it, all parents should expect to run into it on the journey.  Reasons boys will lie include:
• Avoiding a lecture
• Fear of punishment
• To ‘protect’ their parents
• To gain parental approval
• Not wanting to let parents down
• An unconscious cry for attention

As a boy grows, he is looking for independence and identity, meaning he can be inclined to detach from his parents.  If his actions don’t match your values, he may instinctively be dishonest to avoid disappointing you.  A tip for parents is to have regular, open, honest conversations in which you react in a calm and measured way, even if you hear things you don’t like.  Boys will avoid honest conversations if they are worried about their parents’ reaction.

Parents may be aware of the existence of the Netflix program 13 Reasons Why that aired last year in Australia, amid controversy about its content.  Series two has recently been released and it again contains some controversial material including the topics of youth suicide, bullying, sexual assault and substance abuse.  While the first series received some positive reviews, there was also plenty of negative feedback from those who were concerned about children viewing such confronting topics without the right support.  Ultimately, it is up to parents to decide whether or not their son should watch this series and it is best to make an informed decision.  This link contains information for parents and students who might be considering accessing the series.  The information is published by the youth mental health foundation known as Headspace and is a valuable resource for families.  While some students may be able to watch a series such as this without any impact, parents know the needs of their children best and I encourage you to consider what is best for your son at his particular age, developmental stage and level of resilience.

Next Wednesday 30 May, we will be sending most of our Year 9 students to support the GPS Cross Country team at the annual championships.  We wish our runners all the very best and we look forward to our Year 9 students giving their best in support.  Around 15 Year 9s have been chosen by House Deans to attend a leadership event on the same day known as Altitude Day.  This is in recognition of their consistent, positive performance both in and out of the classroom.  As we come to the end of Week 6, consistency is the key for all students.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

A Celebration of Friendship

On Sunday 20 May, Timor-Leste celebrated 16 years since the Restoration of Independence in 2002. It is a day of great festivity in the country; celebrating their liberation from Indonesian oppression after a quarter of a century. This year, it also falls on the same day as Pentecost, which is regarded as the birthday of the Christian Church; the start of the Church’s mission to the world. As a strongly Catholic country, the congruence of the two is a sweet irony and reminds us of the hope that the day brings in both independence and in the call to mission.

Like the journey of the young men here at Terrace, the story of Timor is filled with moments of Knowledge, Humility and Wisdom; the knowledge of a harrowing past still so raw to many who still live, the humility to forgive those who have done wrong amongst them and the wisdom to move forward from this tragic history to build a place filled with peace and hope.

And so, like the disciples of Jesus who spoke to others in many languages on Pentecost, our Timor Week celebrations provide us with the time and space to acknowledge the native language of East Timor – Tetum, as we pray for our friendship of the people of Railaco, Timor-Leste to flourish.

The Tetum word for 'knowledge' is Konhesementu. We pray for those who live with the pain of the past – those who have suffered from the terrible history of violence and hurt. As a community we hear the stories of the Timorese people and work towards a future that does not repeat the mistakes of the past. May we be voices for all who are marginalised and oppressed.

The Tetum word for 'humility' is Haraik-An – or literally translated meaning to lower oneself. We pray for humility in a world where those who are humble are rarely acknowledged. May we learn from our Timorese friends by showing forgiveness and love to those with whom we might not ordinarily do so and may our community be one that celebrates compassion and justice over power and strength.

The Tetum word for 'wisdom' is Matenek. We pray for the wisdom to always strive to bring peace and compassion to our world, in every interaction we have with our fellow staff, students and others in our community. May we strive to do God’s work and accept His call to mission at this time of Pentecost, responding to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor.

Live Jesus in our Hearts… Forever!
The Good News of Terrace: Our Year 9 Kolega Cafe and 2017 Timor-Leste Immersion students presenting our Terrace Timor Network with funds raised form this year’s Kolega Café and Lenten Fair and Walk contributions 

Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

A good final performance is ensured by a positive application to the task and constant revision. This message is key for students as Week 6 of the academic term reaches the busiest point. Each student should be responding to the following questions: Is my study plan up to date? With exam calendars coming out shortly, is my revision process in order? 

We are beginning our Years 5 and 6 Blanket Drive for this year. Once again, there has been an overwhelming response from families. Your support is always so generous. Our drive will take place from Week 6 through to Week 8.  The personnel conducting the Terrace Eddie's Van program have been so appreciative as once again, each morning, blankets are being distributed to our wider community as the mornings become cooler. Blankets can be brought to your son’s core teacher or to the Billet Street offices next to the tuckshop to Mr Ganley and Mr Antenucci.

Year 5 class masses begin next week with 5 White starting off on Tuesday 29 May in the Chapel of the Holy Family. Mass begins each Tuesday at 7.45am and parents, extended family and friends are invited to help celebrate.

5 White – May 29
5 Red – June 5
5 Green – June 12
5 Blue and Yellow – June 19

Tomorrow, our Year 6 students will take part in an Indoor Football competition at Waterford Place. Our Year 10 students have taken the lead with this event through organising the afternoon, coaching and catering. This is a great leadership opportunity for these young men.

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

Musical Wrap up

Thank you to the Terrace and All Hallows’ community who supported our students over the past few weeks.  This production certainly broke new ground as it was not only the first time we performed for four nights, we sold out within 48 hours and we were the first school to perform this musical in Australia.

There are many people who have been thanked and deservedly so.  We have been very lucky to have some wonderful professionals and parents who generously gave their time to make the magic onstage happen - teaching the students in all aspects from choreography to sound and everything in between. Thank you also to the many parents and friends who have taken the opportunity to give us feedback:

 …thanks to everyone involved for such a fantastic production!  It was amazing …. The energy of all the cast, crew and band members was testament for how much it all meant to them. You all deserve a well-earned rest for an incredible job done.

   …The energy was palpable, and all performances were beautifully and confidently delivered.  Each of the leads offered something different and if was heartwarming to see such an array of talent. My opinion is shared by many. 

...Thank you all for a terrific show!  Our family loved it.  Even bigger thanks for offering All Hallows’ girls an opportunity to participate in an event that they will remember fondly all their lives.  Huge effort, some enormous sacrifices of time and energy – wonderful job.

...Please congratulate all the staff and students on a superb production!  So professional and entertaining.

..Amazing show, energy, passion, polished and fun!!  Thanks for the experience.

...We saw it last night (Friday) and we immensely enjoyed the performance!  Congratulations on the successful production!

...Well done to all involved.  I was blown away by the talent and overall show experience.  The band were excellent too. 

 … Just wanted to say what an amazing performance. …. we were both blown away by everything - the singing acting costumes props were all so professional. Congratulations on such a wonderful production - a lot of time and effort has certainly gone into it.

...Congratulations to all of GT Culture for a perfectly professional production that brought the house down!

Public Speaking News

Much has been happening in the Public Speaking arena in recent weeks.
ROSTRUM Voice of Youth Competition has been going on for the past few weeks and we gained two firsts and two seconds in Round 1. Congratulations to Will Ames, Luke Ames, Max Beckmann and Hayden Greer. Will Ames has now won through to the SEQ Final on 26 May at 12.30pm.

Charlie Parer has won through to the Final of the English Speaking Union Competition which will be held on 28 May.
The 30th Year of the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Course is finishing on Tuesday 22 May, 28 young men and women have been honing their speaking skills over the past six weeks.

Support Group Meetings  

Part of the success of our Cultural activities can be traced to our Support Groups.  If you would like to be involved, meetings are outlined in the College calendar and on the App. 

Staying in Touch  

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture).

Director of Music | Acting Director, Mr Jan Hewerdine

Last Saturday, we held our final performance of We Will Rock You, which ran at the Gardens Theatre. An enthusiastic full house, coupled with stellar performances from the cast, orchestra and crew, made for a memorable night.

Congratulations to the Terrace Symphony Orchestra who performed on assembly under the direction of Mrs Domenica Kelly.

A reminder to all participants in next week’s Winter Concert, that you will need a white shirt.

As we approach the end of term, could I please ask that students keep an eye on their lesson timetables and notify their Music/Speech and Drama teachers in advance of any absences related to class assessment. Most of our teachers are employed on a casual basis with teaching portfolios spread across multiple schools. Early notification of such absences will assist them in making the most of their time and ensuring your son's lessons are keep up to date.

To discontinue lessons, please email at least two full weeks prior to the end of term (Friday 8 June). Notification after this time will incur a full term’s fee for the following term.

For those of you who participate in our Premier Ensembles, the Terrace Shop now has a selection of black microfibre shirts available for $50. These will be required, along with black trousers, for the Norman Clarke Concert later this term.

Please check the Terrace App and Parent Lounge regularly as this is where information regarding various events (see the list below) will now be published. As events are approved and posted to the Parent Lounge, you will be sent an email advising the name of the event, including the Event Memo, to check and you will be required to give a response regarding attendance. Event Memos will also be available through the Terrace App in Culture>Music.

Term 2 Events

• Red Peppers Pep Band GPS Football: Saturday 26 May
• Winter Concert: Wednesday 30 May, 6.30pm. 
• Norman Clarke Concert: Sunday 3 June, Villanova College
• Drumline and RCB Band Workshop: June 25
• First Percussion Ensemble BBB Band Workshop: June 26
• Percussion 2, Percussion 3, TJC Band Workshops: June 27

Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Round 5

Last Saturday, Terrace competed against their nearest neighbours, Brisbane Grammar School in the Round 5 fixture of Term 2 activities. Of recent times the round against BGS has taken on the mantle of “King of the Hill “– bragging rights of sporting or cultural activity supremacy for the two boys' schools in Spring Hill.

All fixtures were played in great spirit and rivalry, as boys from both schools tried hard to gain ascendency in their game. The BGS Tennis program is the yard stick in the GPS program and we must congratulate them for the exceptionally high standard of Tennis they displayed across the year levels and divisions. Whilst the program from BGS was superior on the day, the 1st IV fixture was a very closely contested event, with BGS eventually coming out on top 5-3 over Terrace. This loss for the Terrace 1st IV team is the first of the season, and whilst still sitting in first position on the ladder, the boys need to secure every round over the next few weeks to secure a tied premiership. Here is hoping they can maintain their focus and drive.

The Football program showed great encouragement in comparison to recent years against BGS. In previous seasons, the win-loss ratio was highly in favour of BGS, with Terrace win ratios generally not making it into double figures in comparison to their opposition. However, times are changing and it was almost an even split of wins and losses on the day with BGS winning 20 games, Terrace winning 17 games and four draws. An exceptional improvement across the board. Congratulations to all the boys.

The 1st XI had a game to remember with a 6-1 victory over their opponents. That is the highest goal scoring feat by a Terrace team in recent years and was again highlighted by a hat trick to Byron McLeod - his second hat trick in two weeks. It was a great team effort with everyone doing their part and be fully committed from the start of the game. Certainly, it was the highlight fixture of the round.

This Saturday 26 May is the home round against The Southport School. Whilst it is nice to return home after two weeks on the road, there is no room for complacency with the boys needing to be focused on their opponents who have recorded some great results themselves in both activities.

The 1st IV from TSS are in contention for the premiership, just like our boys and the 1st XI from TSS have shown some good improvement over recent weeks.

The 1st IV Tennis will be at Victoria Park from 8am and the 1st XI Football fixture will kick off at an earlier time of midday. Boys are encouraged to attend both events. With the earlier start at Tennyson, if you have played earlier in the day – stick around. If you are playing at a later time, come earlier to watch and support.

The final Cross Country lead up meet for the year happened last Friday at Limestone Park, Ipswich with a large number of boys running over the GPS championship course –  for the first time in these lead up meets for the season.  The course is very challenging and truly tests the boys' endurance and speed. Keep up the good work – the Championships will be held on Wednesday 30 May during the day with all Year 9 boys in attendance as supporters.

The Weekly Wrap

Football Wrap

1st XI

Off the back of a great display of character the previous week against Churchie, the 1st XI gave a great show of quality in last weekend’s defeat of Grammar. Midweek the team had played in the Uhlsport Cup and won comfortably against Brisbane Christian College 11-0 and they took this goal-scoring form into the game last Saturday, winning 6-1. It was a controlled performance displaying all the attributes of good team football. We dominated possession and dictated the tempo of the game, with smart and intelligent passing and movement.

Once again Byron McLeod netted a hat-trick, highlighted by a wonderful left foot volley for his second goal. He is relishing his move into the striker’s role and is proving a difficult opponent for opposition defenders. 

The team welcomed back Year 10 Solomon Weldemariam who is finally recovering from injury and he delivered a smart goal and some nice touches in his 20 minute cameo. Once again, the support from the students was outstanding and we look forward to a raucous occasion and more good football this week against TSS at Tennyson.  

Tennis Wrap

Round 5 of GPS Tennis saw Terrace come up against our rivals Brisbane Grammar School (BGS) in a highly anticipated contest. In recent times, the BGS’s Tennis program has been one of the strongest in the competition and Terrace were provided a stern challenge across all grades on Saturday. BGS managed to take the majority of wins for the round and credit must go to the disciplined manner in which they played their tennis, making Terrace fight hard for every game and in most cases they were too good on the day. However, sport is about more than the wins and the losses and despite the end results, Terrace played a positive brand of tennis and maintained an excellent level of competitive spirit throughout the day. This included efforts such as Nick Angus (10D) winning a seesawing match 6-4 after wrestling back momentum on 2 occasions during the match, Oscar Oxenham and Will Rehbein (6A) fighting back from a first up doubles defeat to win 6-5 in their second rubber and Sam Scuderi (10B) making his opponent earn every point, and despite going down 4-6, being able to walk off the court knowing he did the College proud. Despite the results not falling Terrace’s way on the weekend, the program remains in a strong position heading into the back half of the season due to the high standard of sportsmanship, mateship and fight shown by the majority of players each time they represent the College. 

We thank BGS for their excellent hospitality at their home courts on Saturday and the program looks forward to the next time the two schools meet in season 2019. This weekend Terrace take on another strong Tennis College in The Southport School (TSS). With some teams playing away down the coast it is important to ensure each players commit to the program and their team by attending these matches and allowing plenty of time for travel. Playing at Southport is a great experience for any student and we look forward to all matches this weekend, both at home and away. The 1st IV match will be a tightly contested fixture, with both teams having only lost one round this season the result this weekend will decided which school will be in premiership contention in the final rounds of the season. 

1st IV 

This week we started with the same approach as our last four weeks, to win on the day we have to win the matches we should win in the singles, and then use the scoreboard pressure that we have accumulated to maintain that pressure and go on to win at least three doubles. Unfortunately, it did not pan out that way. On Saturday our singles did not fire. This week, for the first time in the season, we lost three singles with Bryce Robinson losing in 3 sets while Xavier Lim and Yosua Lumbanradja lost in straight sets. Stephen Stoddart played a very tough and competitive match in his singles, winning in three sets. He was also outstanding in his doubles later in the day.

This put us down 3 rubbers to 1 and after the singles.  We knew on our best day we could win all 4 doubles, but it would be a tough task. The doubles started off well for us with Stephen and Xavier once again taking their first set while at the same time Bryce and Yosua held a set point in their first set. Unfortunately, neither team could convert, losing both matches, Steve and Xavier in three sets and Bryce and Yosua in straight sets. This put us down 5 rubbers to 1. With the reverse doubles to be played. Both doubles pairs got up for their last doubles winning them both for a final result of 5-3 to BGS.

This was a massive lesson for our boys. Tennis is generally such a closely contested sport and you can’t afford to lose intensity or concentration for one second, as it can cost you dearly later in the match. This was certainly the case for us on Saturday as at the end of the day there was very little in it. Had we won four more points at key times of the day, we could have walked away with a win. 

There is very little difference between winning and losing and with the lessons learned from this weekend, I’m confident we can move forward for a good result against TSS on Saturday.

Team of the Week – 7D

Jake Collins 
Finn O’Brien
Charlie Cooke
Will Kendall

An exceptional performance by the 7Ds, winning their fixture over BGS by a convincing 18 games. Jake Collins was particularly impressive winning all of his three matches highlighted by a dominant 6-1 victory in his singles. A special mention to the 4th XI, winning a tight encounter by two games to be the only side to defeat BGS in the senior grades. Logan Rush led from the front winning all his matches, including an impressive doubles display with partner Max Keogh.

Doubles Pairing of the Week – Oliver Nasser and Jack Alford (5C)

This pair displayed great teamwork, taking out both their rubbers 6-3. Their performance is typical of their consistent doubles play in the first half of the season. 

Play of the Day – Will Campbell (2nd IV) 

Will played two marathon matches and recorded two excellent victories, winning his singles 2 sets to 1 including 7-5 in the last set, before teaming up with Tom Brannigan to win their doubles in three sets, with the final set going to 10-8.

A special mention to Oliver White (8C) who despite being the last and only match on at the time, Oliver still fought hard in a long tough battle and never gave up, prevailing with a deserved 7-5 win. 

Round 5 results

Rugby Preseason Wrap

1st XV

Last weekend our 1st XV squad took part in Day 1 of the GPS selection trials. The day signified the first step in selecting the GPS 1 and 2 teams to compete at the upcoming Queensland Schoolboy trials held over the mid-year holiday break. We played BSHS and BBC in our pool games and played some solid rugby, demonstrating the skills and teamwork developed over the last seven weeks of training. I wish all boys the very best of luck during the selection process. 

Whole School Rugby Sign On 

Term 3 Rugby sign on is now open with all families receiving an email early this week inviting your son to play Rugby this season. Many thanks to all those families who have already signed up as the playing numbers assist with the organisation of coaches, referees, buses, field usage and ultimately how many teams we nominate in the GPS competition.  

Registrations closes Friday 25 May so please ensure you inform us of your intentions. Boys who participated in Term 2 Rugby are required to also register.

Please note that the boys born in 2008 (Under 10) will play and be graded with the Under 11 boys. This decision was made by the GPS as only a small number of GPS schools could field Under 10 teams. The upside is that all Year 5 boys will get to play with their classmates during their first year of Rugby here at Terrace.

Holiday Rugby Clinics at Tennyson will take place on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 July. The purpose of the clinic is to prepare the boys for the upcoming GPS Rugby season. The key emphasis will be core skills, unit and team focus leading into our trial game against Nudgee College on Saturday 14 July at Nudgee. 

Clinic Times 

Boys are to wear Terrace Rugby gear to the clinic and bring a water bottle.

• Under 11: 9am – 12pm
• Under 12: 9am – 12pm
• Under 13: 2 – 5pm
• Under 14: 9am – 12pm
• Under 15: 2 – 5pm
• Under 16: 2 – 5pm
• Opens: 2– 5pm

Representative Sport

Terrace students are eligible to trial for selection into District and Met Nth Regional representative teams in a number of sports. Our primary students nominate via City Dist. and our secondary students via Nth Independent or in some cases Met Nth direct, depending on the sport. Boys will only be nominated if they are of a high standard and meet qualifying times in respective sports.

City District Term 2 Sport

• Softball trial date 6 June – Open to all boys turning 12. Nominations close Friday 25 May

Direct nominations to Met. Nth Sport

• Golf trial date 29 May – Open to all 10–18 years. Nominations close Friday 18 May

For more information relating to upcoming trials please contact or or click on the below link https://metnorthschoolsport.eq... 

Captains’ Corner | School Captain, Jacob Montaner

I woke to the blaring sound of my alarm, hastily changed into my school clothes, prepared my lunch, wolfed down my breakfast, vigorously brushed my teeth and sprinted to the car for the early morning commute. That particular morning was the Mother’s Day Mass for Seniors in Barrett, Buckley, Mahoney, Magee and Kearney. Being a special occasion, it was preferred that mum and I arrive on time. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, the traffic prevented that. I sat impatiently, fingers tapping, knees jiggling, eyes flicking between the clock and the traffic, willing it to move on. We finally arrived 45 minutes later, just before communion. The day proceeded like any other day, until I talked to my great friend Harry Rackemann. Harry informed me that a lady had died in a bus accident that very morning in the city and as a result, there was terrible congestion. That night talking to mum, I connected the dots and realised while I was sweating over something as trivial as traffic, a lady had lost her life. To be truly happy, we must keep things in perspective, even when we feel life is at its most chaotic, like Week 6 at Terrace. 

This coming round against The Southport School is premiership deciding for our 1st IV. They have fought valiantly throughout this season, defeating Brisbane Boys' College, Nudgee, Brisbane State High School and Churchie, yet were recently outplayed by Brisbane Grammar School. I urge all Terracians across all year levels to attend the spectacle this Saturday from 8.30am at Victoria Park. The 1st XI also deserve our support as they fight for their position against TSS. 

Terrace Ladies Group

Year 12 Mothers’ Masses 

The last two Tuesday mornings we have seen the Year 12 mothers celebrate mass with their sons in the Chapel of the Holy Family. It was a pleasure to see them arrive in the Founders' Room and enjoy morning tea together. A few of the boys managed to get their mothers a cup of tea or coffee as well. Most impressive young Gentlemen of Terrace maturing to become fine young men.

Past Mothers' Mass

This Sunday 27 May we have the Past Mothers' Mass at 10am in the Chapel of the Holy Family. A beautiful morning tea is planned for afterwards in the Founders' Room. Please pass on the invitation to your mothers, mothers-in-law, aunts, grandmothers or friends who have been through Terrace with their boys over the past decades. It is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and to celebrate those who have gone before us. They have been the ones who were instrumental in creating the Terrace Family we appreciate so much. The invitation can be found on the College Events page, or via this link to purchase a $20 ticket to the morning tea (the $20 fee covers catering for the morning tea). 

Tennyson Canteen

This week we are hosting TSS at home and so will be requiring assistance behind the canteen and BBQ counters. Please keep an eye out for the volunteer lists included in the Football email and, if possible, offer an hour of your time. Often we are out at Tennyson prior to our sons’ games and could use this spare time to lend a hand to help in the smooth running of both the canteen and BBQ. This Saturday it would be good to see Year 9 and 10 parents fill those volunteering spots. Our boys love their food after playing so any home baking would also be greatly appreciated.  

TLG Correspondence

If you are not on our mailing list but would like to be, please email our Secretary, Rachel McGahon, on Please also ensure that you save this email address into your contacts as it may find its way to Junk Mail. 

TLG Date Claimers

Term 2

  • Week 6, Sunday 27 May: Past Mothers' Mass
  • Week 10, 18 June: TLG Meeting, 7.30am Founders' Room

Term 3

  • Week 8, Friday 7 September: TLG Fashion Parade, Brisbane City Hall

Contact | TLG President | Mel Josephson |

Terrace Timor Network

TTN Update

Many thanks to all the Terrace families who supported the TTN Mother’s Day stall held on Friday 11 May.  Mrs Annabelle Watt, Mrs Bec Tweedy and their team of helpers did a fantastic job and raised nearly $3000.  A portion of these funds will be donated to the family of one of our card ladies, Felizada.  Felizada died of complications from asthma a few weeks ago and leaves behind a young family of four children.  These funds will be gratefully received by her family. 

Timor Week at Terrace is also underway and Mr Charles Brauer and his team have created a range of activities for boys in all year levels.   Kolega Café continues to be a strong fundraiser for Timor and the café is ably run by the boys themselves with the assistance of Campus Ministry.  TTN appreciates the support of the students and staff involved in this wonderful initiative and were grateful for the recent donation of over $9000 from the proceeds of Kolega Café and the Years 5 and 6 Lenten Walk in Term 1.

Mark in your diary Saturday 11 August for Timor Friendship Day at Tennyson. It promises to be a celebration of the Terrace community and its commitment to Timor friendship.   

If you would like any information or would like to be involved please contact either Mrs Rebecca Tweedy or Mrs Amanda Wright (Keyser) at

TTN thanks the Terrace Family for its ongoing support.

Terrace Shop

OPENING HOURS | TERM TIME | Tuesday, Thursday and Friday | 7.30am - 3.45pm


  • School jumpers
  • Basketball training singlets and shorts
  • Hoodies

***  GTOBA 1st XV Heritage Jersey $70 (limited)

Parents and caregivers can order through Flexischools


Find all your Terrace Family event details here!

Where:  College Museum, Gregory Terrace
When:  Friday 1 June - Thursday 21 June
Time:  9am - 3pm daily
For further details or enquiries, please contact:
Bianca Anderson |

The cookbook every Terrace Family should own a copy of is available for sale at the Terrace Shop. This hard cover, full colour cookbook is full of beautiful historical photographs from Terrace's rich history, as well as great family favourite recipes. This is the cookbook you will use time and time again.
Details: For sale now at the Terrace Shop
Cost: $55 
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Leisa Low |

The Terrace Family are warmly invited to visit this exhibition in the Founders' Room, celebrating the Christian Brothers.

Date and Time: Sunday 10 June | 1.30pm for 2.30pm movie start
Where: New Farm Cinemas | 701 Brunswick St New Farm
Cost: $20 (+ booking fees)| Register via College Events
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by 8 June
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Steven Hohn |

Movie Fundraiser - Book Here

The Terrace Family and All Friends of Terrace are warmly invited to a day of golf at Victoria Park!
Date and Time: Friday 15 June 2018 | 11.30am -5pm
Where: Victoria Park Golf Course, Victoria Park
Cost: $138 per player (+ booking fees) | Includes golf, lunch and post match food
For further information or enquiries, please contact:
Steven George | | 0411 723 009

GT Golf Day - Book Here

Date and Time: Friday 13 July | 5pm - 9pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields, Tennyson
Cost: Family Ticket (2 adults + up to 2 children) $40 (+ booking fees) | Individual Adult $15 (+ booking fees) | Individual Student $10 (+ booking fees). Includes finger food for adults and pizza for children. Cash bar.
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Monday 9 July
For further information or enquires, please contact
Simone Hiley | | 0417 726 869 or Helen Kirk | 0402 163 000

Rugby Season Launch - Book Here

Date and Time: Thursday 26 July | 6pm arrival for 6.30pm start
Where: The Marquee, Victoria Park Golf Complex
Cost: Adults $70 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course dinner & drink on arrival
Years 7 - 12 Students $70 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course dinner & soft drinks
Year 5 & 6 Students $50 (+ booking fees) | Includes children's menu & soft drinks
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 20 July
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Anne Pickering |

Debating Dinner - Book Here

Date and Time: Friday 27 July | 12 noon - 3pm
Where: The Greek Club, South Brisbane
Cost: $1800 for a table of 10 | Includes 2 course lunch, sparkling wine, premium beers and quality bottled wines
RSVP: Tickets to the St Joseph's College Rugby Lunch are now sold out! To join the waitlist for tickets, please use the email link below

Lunch Waitlist - Email Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Please find your Term 2 parent function details here:..

Year 9 Parent Function

Date and Time: Saturday 2 June | 5pm - 8pm      
Where: Newstead Brewery Co Milton | 67 Castlemaine St Milton   
Cost: $26pp (+ booking fees) | Includes finger food    
RSVP: Please RSVP by Tuesday 29 May    
For further details or enquiries, please contact      
Erin McKenna | | 0438 335 719

Year 9 Parent Function - Book Here