Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

I trust that you and your families have settled back into the school routine.  As mentioned previously, Term 3 is a very busy term both in and out of the classroom.  The College Leadership Team has met with all year levels over the past week. Our message focused on reflecting on Semester 1 and importantly, identifying some specific areas for attention to ensure that Term 3 will be successful for all students.  The key to success is starting early and being organised.  All students have received their assessment calendars and the students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have received their Checklist books.

Last Saturday you would all be aware that Conor Tweedy suffered a serious neck and spinal cord injury while playing in the 2nd XV against BBC. Conor has undergone surgery, and at this stage, his medical team are continuing to assess the injury.  Please continue to keep Conor and the Tweedy family in your thoughts and prayers.  I wish to acknowledge and thank the many people who have responded to communications from the College regarding Conor.  While not forwarding them onto the family, I have reminded them of the great support being offered to them as they journey through this difficult time.  I would also like to acknowledge and thank the medical staff (Terrace and BBC parents) who managed and cared for Conor on Saturday.  

This week at Tennyson, donations will be collected for the para START program.  This request to raise awareness for spinal injuries via this program comes via the Tweedy family.  Conor's father Sean runs a research program through the University of Queensland investigating the benefits of sports training for people who have high support needs. Conor knows how hard these participants work and, like the rest of the Tweedy family, has always thought this research was important.  Please support by donation on Saturday or through the link below.  

The Terrace Family is very special, and I know that this support will continue.  I will provide updates on Conor’s condition as they become available.

The Term 3 co-curricular program has begun in earnest.  My thanks to the various Support Groups for the work you do in enhancing these programs.  This weekend Terrace will play fixtures in Chess, Basketball and Rugby against Nudgee.  This is traditionally a ‘big’ round of fixtures with large crowds and many teams in action.  If you are travelling to Tennyson on Saturday, please follow the directions of the parking officials as we are expecting a large crowd.  Through their hosting, the Rugby Support Group will ensure a successful day for all.

The Parent/Teacher interviews will be held in the coming weeks and will reflect the strong partnership between home and school.  I thank the staff in advance for their dedication and support of their students.  As well as providing quality teaching, many staff provide additional tutorial sessions throughout each week.  This schedule is available on the Parent Lounge and the College App, and I encourage students to make use of this special service that the staff voluntarily provide.

The annual Terrace House Choir is scheduled for Friday 3 August.  As previously detailed, this year House Choir will be held at the Pat Rafter Arena at Tennyson.  This is a very exciting opportunity and I am sure that it will be an extraordinary night.  In previous years we have had up to 3000 people attend House Choir and this year will be no different.  The Tennis Centre is managing the traffic flow and parking for the evening, so I ask you to follow their directions.  With limited parking, I would encourage car pooling and public transport.  There will be additional car parking at Brisbane Golf Club, where a shuttle will operate, and further parking will be available at our Tennyson playing fields.  There is also on-street parking available in the neighbouring streets.  There will be traffic congestion before and after the event, so I do ask people to be patient.  We will continue to publish information about parking, food outlets and details for the students in preparing for the event.  I look forward to seeing many of you at House Choir 2018 - it will be a wonderful night. 

Finally this week, please keep the Tweedy family in your thoughts and prayers. 

God Bless.

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal 

Donate to Para START Here

College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Staff news

Congratulations to HPE and Japanese teacher, Mr Rob Sweeper and his wife Steph on the safe arrival of their beautiful twins, Elizabeth and Harrison this week.

Last Saturday and this Saturday, the College has advertised for three positions to commence in 2019:

• Head of Faculty: Science

Mr Andrew Ball has discerned not to continue in the role of Head of Science Faculty beyond this year. I take this opportunity to formally thank Andrew for the excellent contribution he has made in this position. In particular, I acknowledge Andrew’s support of his team and commitment to rigour and quality practice in Science education for our students. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I look forward to his continuing contribution as an experienced teacher on our staff.

• Program Leader: Years 11 and 12

With the introduction of the new Senior schooling system in 2019, the College has developed a new role that will work under the direction of the Dean of Studies and the Dean of Students in collaborating with the Heads of Faculty and House Deans to support academic and pastoral progress and performance. This position completes the ‘horizontal’ structure which enhances the scope and sequence of Terrace with the Program Leader: Years 5 and 6 (Mr Brendan Ganley), Program Leader: Years 7 to 9 (Mr Damien Coman) and Dean of Waterford (Mr Damien Cuddihy) working to support students, parents and teachers of particular year levels.

• Teacher of Years 5 or 6

A fifth Year 5 class was added in 2018 and this group will progress to a fifth group of Year 6 in 2019. We are therefore, seeking an experienced primary school teacher to join our Year 5 and 6 team for next year.

Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Year level assemblies

Year level assemblies have been held for all students within their respective year levels. At these assemblies students have been shown data that outlines their comparative results between Term 1 and Term 2 and also with past year levels. This data has allowed students to review and track their year level’s outcomes. Students have also been given strategies to follow for the term ahead. At these assemblies we have also acknowledged students who have made significant improvement across the terms.

Term 2 results

We are again most encouraged with the Term 2 results as a school. Collectively around 24% of students across all year levels will be presented with an academic medal in the coming weeks. Well done to our boys, staff and parents who continue to support. The triad of student, teacher and parent makes for optimal learning. 

OP estimated scores

This week and into the following week, both Years 11 and 12 students will receive estimated OP scores. Year 11 students will receive these from their House Dean and Year 12 students will receive their scores from their academic mentors. These scores are based upon an average QCS result and give students an indication, within two bands, of their estimated score based upon their current academic results.  These interviews also discuss individual mentoring strategies for boys to maximise their outcomes. I encourage parents to have a conversation with their sons around these interviews.

Staff tutoring

Staff tutoring is a wonderful resource for students offered by our teachers. I would encourage boys to make use of these opportunities where knowledge and concepts can be consolidated. Times and venues are listed in the attached document: Staff Tutoring 

Study plans

Moving into Week 2, all boys should have constructed a study plan for the term. The plan needs to list dates for assignments and the time allocated to revision. Revision needs to be specific and list the tasks to be completed during this time. For example, rather than just listing “Maths” as allocated revision, list “Maths Ex 8 A”. Time and task are the key elements in the plan.

Study group

Study group continues to operate after school in rooms 423 and 422 from 3.15 to 5.15 pm for students in Years 11 and 12. These sessions are facilitated by past pupils who are available to answer questions. I encourage boys to use this time for both homework and revision time.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

I genuinely enjoy the dynamic nature of a boys’ school and all that it entails, but every now and then, there is a moment that truly fills me with pride and admiration for the young men we are privileged to work with.  Tuesday morning this week provided one of these moments, when the College Chapel was overflowing with students.  Without prompting, hundreds of our young men decided to attend Chapel to pray for Conor Tweedy, who all in our community will know was badly injured at the rugby on Saturday.  The show of community support was truly inspirational and typical of the Terrace Family in action.  To give it a modern twist, it was later revealed that some friends had their phone on facetime for the duration of Mass – Conor was on the other end ‘attending’ Mass from his bed in Intensive Care.

Bad news about a friend can have a strong impact on adolescents and different boys will react in different ways.  It is clear that many of our young men have been impacted by the news about Conor and it is important that we look after them as they process this.  We have an excellent network of pastoral support provided by teachers, House Tutors, House Deans, counsellors and the College Leadership Team.  I encourage parents to keep monitoring your son and feel free to be in contact if you feel support is needed for this matter or any of the other issues that might arise in the sometimes complex life of your adolescent son.

There is a growing body of research about the importance of sleep for teenagers and the negative impacts of insufficient sleep.  In the past week, we have asked students from Years 7 and 10 to complete a sleep diary before attending a presentation by Lisa Maltman from ‘The Sleep Connection’, a consultancy that specialises in this field.  The diary and presentation allow students to reflect on their own sleep habits and follow-up lessons in Formation allow further conversation about this important topic.

I was impressed with the start of the Term 3 co-curricular program last weekend, both from our competitors and spectators.  We have an enormous day ahead this Saturday when we host Nudgee and we are looking for exemplary standards.  A reminder of our expectations from spectators:

• We ask that all students supporting at Chess, Basketball or Rugby at Firsts level, are attired in their full College uniform, with a white shirt, regardless of their year level.  The Akubra is not required and the red Terrace cap may be worn instead.
• Students who have played previously are asked to change into their academic uniform, including white shirt, before the commencement of the Firsts match.
• Our support needs to be enthusiastic but sensible.  We ask that students direct all support towards Terrace players and not direct any comment towards referees, opposition players or supporters.

It is fine to be fiercely competitive, both as player and spectator, but enthusiasm must never spill over into behaviour that is inappropriate or at odds with our values.  I look forward to another safe, positive and successful day when we can all once again be proud to be part of this community.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

Why we gather

Last week I wrote a small piece regarding how gathering together as people to discern, celebrate, mourn or reflect is deeply human. This was affirmed on Tuesday morning whereby our community gathered in our hundreds for the Eucharist in our Chapel. There was no elaborate planning or extensive invitation drive. Rather, the overwhelming presence of our students, staff and parents was an organic response from within our Terrace Family as a sign of support and a display of our hopes for healing.  Such a strong gathering affirms the ritual of the mass and how it can be a much wanted experience for a community. 

What is at the heart of the Eucharistic gathering that draws our community together?

Our humanity compels each and every one of us to draw meaning from our existence here on earth. In our search for meaning we construct rituals. From grabbing a coffee at the start of a work day, to organising graduations and post school celebrations, to gathering for birthdays and marriages, we are compelled to ritualise the everday. We experience this when we are truly struggling. Through our struggles we are drawn deeper within ourselves, and closer towards others.  Through gathering with others and centering ourselves on a common understanding, we are infused with strength and hope.  Our ritual on Tuesday morning affirmed this.

What struck me most with Tuesday morning’s Eucharistic gathering was the power of the unspoken. The simple act of physically standing alongside others or offering a gentle embrace is immensely powerful and life-giving to others. We tend to lose sight of the power that our presence can be for others, filling our gatherings with words in pursuit of creating meaning – I am definitely guilty of this! Franciscan contemplative (expert of the Keep-It-Simple-Stupid method) Richard Rohr highlights how our faith rituals can lose sight of their real intention, including our traditional gatherings for mass. Richard highlights what I experienced on Tuesday morning as we stood ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ with one another -  

We spent much of our history arguing about the “how” and the “if” and who could do what Catholics called the “transubstantiation” of the bread and wine instead of simply learning how to be present. We made the Eucharist into a magic act to be believed instead of a personal transformation to be experienced. We changed bread more than people.We emphasized the priest as the “transformer” instead of the people as the transformed. We made “Real Presence” into a doctrine, but we seldom taught people how to be really present. When you are really present, you will experience the Real Presence for yourself.
The Eucharist is an encounter of the heart, knowing Presence through our available presence. In the Eucharist, we move beyond mere words or rational thought and go to that place where we don’t talk about the Mystery; we begin to chew on it.

May we continue to grow in awareness of the profound impact our presence can be on others. May we continue to be a source of strength and hope for the struggles, both the spoken and unspoken, that we share as a community. 

Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

Term 3 is well underway and is busy once again. Students are being reminded to prepare and plan their time. Assessment Calendars are now in circulation and it is important to be clear about which subjects require ongoing revision for exam time or those which require students to begin researching now for assignments due mid-term.

Over the next two weeks, Parent/Teacher/Student interviews will take place. This is an important time for parents and students to reflect on efforts and achievements and to talk over plans to optimise learning opportunities for Semester Two, taking note of study spaces and time allocation for assignments and recreational activities. Keep in mind that work planned early and practised often will always assist the final result whether it be in our classroom or in co-curricular activities. 

Next week our community will commemorate and reflect on all the amazing values, beliefs and actions that make our school what it is. Terrace will join with all Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Brisbane to celebrate Catholic Education Week. The theme for Catholic Education Week is: ‘Discovering new horizons’. The idea of journey as a central theme has been drawn from several quotes from Pope Francis. The theme has been aligned with the official Year of Youth theme for 2018 and is derived from a speech given by Pope Francis at World Youth Day 2016 where he called young people and the Church to ‘open new horizons for spreading joy. 

Director of Culture | Mr Matt Cocking

House Choir

Information has been sent home to all families regarding the 2018 House Choir event to be held in the Pat Rafter Arena at the Queensland Tennis Centre.  Please ensure you read through the parking plan so that you are prepared prior to entering the stadium precinct.

We will have a variety of food trucks on site as well as drinks for sale: 

  • Mr America Hot Dogs 
  • Don Quijote Paella and Tapas
  • Coffee Van 
  • Potato Swirls
  • TPA Drinks 
  • Roam’In Pizza

For those new to Terrace, there are two awards that are presented at the end of the evening: House Choir Cup and People’s Choice Trophy. The House Choir Cup results are decided by adjudication.  The People’s Choice Trophy is decided by audience vote.  Each House provides ‘bucket boys’ to run through the audience to collect votes: $1 = 1 vote.


The old saying “Many hands make light work” certainly rings true for this event.  We expect well over 3000 people in attendance and so would ask for volunteers to assist with minor activities on the evening.  
To assist you in choosing when you will be able to help, please check the time your son/s will be performing.  For example – if he is in Buckley House, you will be able to choose a volunteer time anywhere between 6 and 7.30pm.  This will leave you plenty of time to move to your seat and watch your son.  

Volunteering can be as simple as selling drinks or raffle tickets!  
Please click on the following link to add your name to the list: https://www.volunteersignup.or... 

GPS Chess 

Our Chess men opened their account with some pleasing results against BBC.  
  • Premier Board won 4-0
  • Junior A Board won 3-1

Overall, we had four team wins, three draws and three losses.


Congratulations to our Senior 1 and 2 Theatresports team who will be competing in the quarter finals of the Youth Theatresports competition.  They will be competing on Tuesday 31 July in the Edmund Rice Theatre at Waterford, starting at 7pm and Monday 6 August at Padua College, also starting at 7pm.  This is a great competition and your support will greatly lift the boys.

Future Music tours

To help our families plan for the future our Music tours until 2023 have been placed on the College App under ‘Tours’. This tour plan takes into account all College tours to ensure every student has access to a tour and to help elevate clashes between activities.

Tour fundraising

One of the only fund raising opportunities we have each year is the British Car Rally. On this day students and parents of the premier ensembles come together to man the canteen at Tennyson for the visitors of this event. This is an annual event which helps offset the cost of the tour and creates more opportunity for a greater number of students to participate.
To help on this day please sign on here. 

Support Group meetings  

Part of the success of our Cultural activities can be traced to our Support Groups.  If you would like to be involved, meetings are outlined in the College calendar and on the App.  
Terrace Performing Arts – Tuesday 16 October, 5.30pm in the Callan Centre 
Debating Support Group – Tuesday 16 October, 5.30pm in the Founders’ Room

Staying in touch  

To keep in touch with all things Cultural, we would suggest you download the Terrace App and follow us on Twitter (@GTCulture) and Instagram (terrace_gtculture) to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Director of Music | Acting Director, Mr Jan Hewerdine

With the second week of term almost over, I trust everyone is settling back into their regular routines with lessons and rehearsals. I would like to remind all parents and students that we have arrangements with Sport to ensure that our boys are able to participate in all activities; if you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact me. 

All our ensembles will be focusing on preparations for the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival (QCMF) which will take place at Villanova College from Thursday 16 August through Sunday 19 August. This is our “grand final” event for music and as such, it is expected that these performances take priority. Please ensure that music is being practised at home and that rehearsals are regularly attended. Parent Lounge notifications and Event Memos have been posted this week and we would appreciate prompt responses to assist us in the logistical preparations for such a large event. A Music Presentation Assembly will take place at the College on Thursday 16 August, just prior to QCMF, and will involve performances from our premier ensembles.

On Tuesday 7 August, 22 of our younger musicians will be representing Terrace at the GPS Music Day of Excellence (Years 5-7) which will take place at Nudgee College. Music has been distributed to teachers, and students are encouraged to begin working on their music to ensure that they get the most out of this day. It is always an exciting and inspiring experience for our younger players. Notifications for this event have been sent out via Parent Lounge and a more detailed letter outlining the program for the day will be added to the Event Memo once this information becomes available.

Next week, the Terrace Youth Choir, under the direction of Mrs Bernadette Debattista, will perform for assembly.

Please check the Terrace App and Parent Lounge regularly as this is where information regarding various events (see the list below) will now be published. As events are approved and posted to the Parent Lounge, you will be sent an email advising the name of the event, including the Event Memo, to check and you will be required to give a response regarding attendance. Event Memos will also be available through the Terrace App in Culture | Music.

Term 3 events

• Rugby, Red Thunder Drumline and WWRY Band and cast: Rugby GT v NC, Saturday 28 July 1-3.05pm, Tennyson Playing Fields
• House Choir Night, 3 August, QLD Tennis Centre
• Australian Drumline Eisteddfod, Friday 3 and Sunday 5 August, Coomera
• GPS Music Day of Excellence, Tuesday 7 August, Nudgee College
• Strings Showcase, Wednesday 8 August, Edmund Rice Theatre Waterford Place
• Red Thunder Drumline: Rugby GT v ACGS, Saturday 11 August 1-3.05pm, Tennyson Playing Fields
• Music Presentation Assembly, Thursday 16 August, Campbell Centre
• QCMF, Thursday 16 August – Sunday 19 August, Villanova College
• Year 5 Orientation 30 August 3-7pm
• Year 7 Orientation 6 September 3-7pm
• Red Thunder Drumline, Rugby GT v IGS, Saturday 8 September 1-3.05pm, Tennyson Playing Fields
• AMEB Brass Clinic 24 September

Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to the Tweedy family following Conor’s injury at the rugby last Saturday.  

This Saturday, Terrace will host their brother school St Joseph’s Nudgee Collee at Tennyson and Spring Hill in Rugby and Basketball. It will be a full complement of fixtures between the two schools in what will be an exceptionally busy day with the programs of each school being recognised as one of the largest in the GPS.

Results from last weekend against BBC were very encouraging with both programs having strong results across the age levels and team divisions. The results highlight and reflect all of the work by the boys and the coaching staff in preparation for this season.

I wish all teams good luck this weekend in their fixtures.

The Weekly Wrap

Basketball Wrap

As a traditionally strong basketball school, BBC posed a good test early on for Terrace. With a similarly sized program, 35 GPS games were contested on Saturday over six different courts. The weekend for the program was a successful one, with an overall GPS win percentage of 57%, an A-B win record of 63% and an even 50% win percentage in the A team games. This was a great effort from the program.

The 1st V showed great determination and grit in their game against the GPS title favourite. Shots were dropping early and often for both teams. Terrace went into the first quarter exchange up 28-24. After a hard fought second quarter, and a quick 6-0 run to end it, Terrace were down six at the half. Several fight backs brought Terrace within one point, but the BBC boys proved too strong, closing out winners 75-85. Congratulations to BBC on a hard-fought win.

The weekend was capped off by the season launch at the Norman Hotel. It was a great night and we hope all enjoyed it as a positive way to kick off the GPS season. Thank you to the Basketball Support Group who were pivotal in getting this organised and special mention to Anne McMahon and Ange Papacostas for organising the event.

Good luck to all the Terracians in Basketball, Rugby and Chess this week, in their fixtures against Nudgee College.

To stay up to date with all things Basketball this GPS season, please download the College App!
Here you will find weekly schedules for:
• GPS games and results
• Training schedules – including any changes!
• Venue information and maps
• Functions and events
• Team lists – linked to google docs

We will no longer email information – everything you need will be found on the APP – we encourage students and parents to download!

Rugby Wrap


Many thanks to all our referees who officiated games last weekend. We are very fortunate to have a dedicated group of students, Old Boys and parents who ensure that the boys play in a safe and well structured environment. Once again your support of all referees, both ours and our opposition schools are greatly appreciated.
If you are interested in refereeing please contact me via email as each weekend we are required to cover up to 20 + games Your support will be greatly appreciated. NO REFS = NO GAMES.

Medical room

Thanks to Dr Ben Forster and his team of parent doctors along with the staff from twelve9teen sports physiotherapy who will once again oversee our game day coverage. The medical room plays an important role on game day, ensuring our boys, along with our opposition, are in safe hands. The coverage starts from game one and finishes at fulltime of the 1st XV. We have sports aids, physios and doctors on hand to assist with all injuries. 

BBQ helpers

It has been agreed by the Rugby Support Group that certain age groups will be asked to provide the resources for at least one home game each year. In some years when we have bigger crowds (e.g. Nudgee) extra help will be needed. Many of you will have experienced a similar system in junior club Rugby. Depending on the number of volunteers, we are asking you to provide a minimum of one hour per season to contribute back to your son’s involvement in the Terrace Rugby program. This weekend the Opens and Under 16 parents are asked to assist.

Supplementary draw

From week to week our lower graded teams are drawn to play other higher graded teams from other schools and it is always very rewarding for these teams to outplay their opposition. On many occasions these teams are asked to travel away from where the rest of the school is playing.  I would like to thank all boys and their families for their understanding. 

Team Man of the week

A weekly Terrace Team Man is selected by the coaching staff during the GPS season. This is in recognition of any player who makes an outstanding contribution to their team both at training and in a game. Congratulations to all boys on their selection for Round 1.

Representative Sport

Terrace students are eligible to trial for selection into District and Met Nth Regional representative teams in a number of sports. Our primary students nominate via City Dist. and our secondary students via Nth Independent or in some cases Met Nth directly depending on the sport. Boys will only be nominated if they are of a high standard and meet qualifying times in respective sports.

 City District Sport

  • Cricket date 24 August – Open to all boys turning 12. Nominations close Friday 17 August

 Direct nominations to Met Nth Sport

  • Cricket date 4 September – Open to 13-14 yrs. Nominations close Friday 31 August
  • Track & Field date 30 and 31 August – Open to all 13-19 yrs. Nomination close Friday 10 August

For more information relating to upcoming trials please contact:

or click on the below link

Thanks for your support.

Captains’ Corner | Vice Captain, Tom Dearlove

In 2016, I sat down in the Old Boys’ grandstand, drenched to the bone. I struggled to move, surrounded by a sea of red and black. The rain pelted down, bouncing off my brand new red Terrace cap.  As the whistle sounded, a shiver went down my spine. I had no clue what the outcome of the game would be, but to me that did not matter. To sit in the grandstand and join hundreds of my brothers in a ‘TERRACE’ war cry meant much more to me there than winning.  After 70 minutes, as the rain stopped and the game ended, I stood and gazed upon the field. I watched as pure joy and happiness engulfed every inch of it, as 800 odd boys stormed the field. The bright, new red Terrace cap that accompanied me at the start of the game, was now a dark maroon colour, stained by pride, triumph and honour. I will always cherish this moment, and I believe that in 2018, a similar outcome is possible.  

Terrace vs Nudgee is much more than just a rugby match. For us as Year 12s, the last five or eight years have come down to this very weekend. It is the last time that we will ever face the blue and the white. On Saturday, we don't play for 2018, instead we play for the 18 000 men who have gone before. The 18 000 men who still bleed the red and black, and still covet a victory against Nudgee. 

In 2018, the Gregory Terrace 1st XV will have their say. When they are given their jerseys, they are given an opportunity to make history, to defy the odds and to do the extraordinary. But they cannot do this alone. This week we have launched an audacious project; project 1000. This aims to get a total of 1000 boys, from all different grades, out in support on Saturday. 1000 boys who are dedicated to their mates and their school. 

Regardless of the outcome, what is in our hearts will never change. The desire to support our mates, our school and our brothers will forever be within the red and black that pumps through our veins. This Saturday, let's stand Shoulder to Shoulder with the 1st XV, let's stand Shoulder to Shoulder with the 18 000 men who have gone before, and most importantly, let’s stand Shoulder to Shoulder with our GT brother Conor Tweedy. 

See you there. 

Terrace Nudgee video 2018

Terrace Library

Terrace Ladies Group

Care and concern

Conor Tweedy: This week the Tweedy family are close in the thoughts and prayers of the Terrace Family while Conor recovers in hospital after his injury at Rugby last Saturday. An email went out earlier this week advising where help can be provided as we are all keen to lend a hand during this very hard time for the family. 

A meals roster via the Food Tidings website has been set up for anyone wishing to assist and all spots were filled within 12 hours of the link being set up. Amazing and thank you to everyone. I know many more people missed out on having a chance to get their name down. If so, perhaps check in on the roster from time to time to see if anything has been updated, added to, or changes/cancellations. By all means, please get in touch with either myself or Norelle McHugh if you have any questions. The Food Tidings organiser/contact is Carolyn Pincus (Conor’s Aunt and past Terrace parent) and she can be contacted directly through the link if you have questions specifically related to the on-line roster – you will find her contact details there.

The Thomas Family:  Our thoughts continue to be with the Thomas family during this very sad time. Mrs Kristyn Thomas, mother of Harrison in Year 5, passed away unexpectedly at the start of the school holidays. We have offered assistance through our Care and Concern program and will be ready to send a call out to the College community indicating where that assistance can be provided when the family reaches out to us. In the meantime, I believe they are being well cared for by close family and friends and through the younger children’s primary school and kindy. We are checking in on them from time to time reminding them of the many people at Terrace who would like to assist in some way.

Mothers’ Retreat

Please join us for a morning of #friendraising at our annual TLG Mothers’ Retreat.  Learn how to make your very own Kokedama – Japanese for ‘moss ball’. This stylish house plant is popping up in all the home décor magazines. Keep it for yourself or give it to someone special. Kokedama by Mirella will take us through all the steps to create your own decorative piece. Kiss the Berry will again provide our amazing brunch; a delicious selection of fruits, cheese, bliss balls, juices and other delicious fresh produce.  Just bring along your green thumb, we’ll do the rest.  Bookings can be made via the College Events Page

TLG Mothers’ Retreat
Monday 6 August
9am – 12pm
The Pavillion
Tennyson Playing Fields
$51.50 incl take home Kokedama and morning tea.

Tennyson canteen

This Saturday is the much anticipated Rugby match against Nudgee at Tennyson. You will notice at the canteen on Saturday that we are trialling a new system. Service will be via the canteen counters only with all food being handed over to our customers in that one place. Lines should be manageable as we will have four window bays open for service, with access to EFTPOS at each counter being available for your convenience. A ticket will be issued for hot chips as these are not easily transported to the canteen from the BBQ pit. An express line will be provided for hot chip collection at the pit. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we implement what we believe to be an improved system.

There is a slight change to the menu too. The Rugby Support Group are excited to have confirmed sponsorship from gourmet butcher  Peter Augustus of New Farm. This generous sponsor is donating 1000 beef hamburgers and ingredients in the form of gourmet cheese burgers for this weekend and look to provide us with great deals for future games. You will also be able to get a feed at the Hyundai “Chuck Wagon” which will be set up down near the Eddie Dore field. Bacon and egg rolls, sausage on bread and cold drinks will be available from here.

We are asking Years 11 and 12 Parents to please rally and fill our volunteer spots for service at the canteen (this link for canteen) and BBQ pit this weekend(this link for BBQ). Managers, please send out an email to your team to remind them to offer some of their time. 

Of course, home bake is crucial, and we ask the wider rugby community, not just 11’s and 12’s, to please provide this if they can. Home bake is a much valued item we offer at the canteen and our customers are always disappointed when there is not much on offer or we run out early. It doesn’t matter what time you get it to us if your games are a little later. All items are well received, no matter what time of the day. We really do ask that you try to bring something along to contribute please.

For your reference, I have included the table below to show you what grades are asked to man the canteen and BBQ pit for the season’s coming home games. 

Year 12 etiquette classes

On Tuesday 7 August, we will be seeking assistance from Year 11 mothers with the formal etiquette classes for our seniors. These sessions will be in House groups during the boys’ RE classes and are always a lot of fun. The important messages of how to behave for their formal are made clear through role playing, anecdotal stories and practical advice. We will send an email to Year 11 mothers over the next week looking for assistance from about 2 ladies per class. 

TLG correspondence

If you are not on our mailing list but would like to be, please email our Secretary, Rachel McGahon, on Please also ensure that you save this email address into your contacts as it may find its way to Junk Mail. 

TLG date claimers

Term 3
Week 4 – Monday 6 August - Mothers' Retreat, Workshop and Morning Tea
Week 4 – Tuesday 7 August - Year 12 Etiquette Classes, assistance from Year 11 mothers
Week 7 – Thursday 30 August - Year 5 Orientation Evening, assistance from Year 6 mothers
Week 8 – Tuesday and Wednesday 5 and 6 September - QCS Test Day lunch, Year 12 Coordinators to arrange
Week 8 – Thursday 6 September - Year 7 Orientation Evening, assistance from Year 8 mothers
Week 8 – Friday 7 September - Terralicious Fashion Parade, Town Hall.
Week 10 – Monday 17 September- TLG Meeting, 7.30am Founders' Room


TLG President
Mel Josephson 

The Terrace Family

We pray for Conor Tweedy and his family who are going through this challenging time.

We pray for the families of the following members of our Terrace Family who have gone to their eternal rest:

Mr Francis Vincent PALMER, GT 1936-40

May they be consoled by their many memories of those they have loved and lost.

Terrace Shop

Opening Hours Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7.30am to 3.45pm during term time (closed for lunch noon to 12.35pm). Online orders via Flexischools can be collected during these times by students or parents.


Find all your Term 3 Terrace Family event details here...

The Terrace Family is warmly invited to attend this movie fundraiser for Reidy House friendship group, Brisbane Youth Service.
Date and Time: Sunday 29 July | 1.30pm for 2.30pm movie screening
Where: New Farm Cinemas | 701 Brunswick St New Farm
Cost: $22.50 (+ booking fees) | Includes movie ticket and drink on arrival
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events prior to Sunday 29 July
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Samantha Mills | | 0409 290 906

Mamma Mia 2 | Book Here

All boys (& parents!) are invited to attend this special screening of Skyscraper
Date and Time: Sunday 29 July | 3pm - 6.30pm
Where: New Farm Cinemas | 701 Brunswick St New Farm
Cost: $30 (+ booking fees)| Includes movie ticket, drink & popcorn or choc top
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 27 July
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Natalie Kruysmulder | | 0402 092 386 
Angela Papacostas | | 0411 749 044

Skyscraper Movie | Book Here

The Terrace Family is warmly invited to attend the 2018 House Choir. Due to construction works around the College, House Choir will take place at an exciting new venue this year!
Date and Time: Friday 3 August | 6.30pm show starts. Precinct opens at 5pm
Where: Pat Rafter Stadium, Queensland Tennis Centre | 190 King Arthur Tce Tennyson
Details: Come and support our Terrace Gentlemen as they battle it out for the 2018 House Choir Trophy! Please check the College App for details regarding transport and parking arrangements.

Date and Time: Monday 6 August | 9am - Midday
Where: The Pavilion, Tennyson Playing Fields, Vivian St Tennyson 
Cost: $51.50 (+ booking fees)| Includes kokedama workshop & morning tea by Kiss the Berry
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Wednesday 1 August
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Leisa Low || 0433 230 341

TLG Retreat | Book Here

All Terrace Old Boys are warmly invited to join our annual dinner celebration, following the Back to Tennyson Day - Terrace vs Churchie match at Tennyson.
Date and Time: Saturday 11 August | 6pm - 9pm
Where: Norman Bar | Norman Hotel, 102 Ipswich Rd Wooloongabba 
Cost: $97.50pp (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course dinner and 3 hour drinks package
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 3 August 
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Erin Bowpitt |

GTOBA Dinner | Book Here

Year 12 Parents and Caregivers are invited to attend the Year 12 Formal Parents' Function
Date and Time: Tuesday 14 August | 7.15pm - 11pm
Where: The Charming Squire – River Room and Zinc Bar | 3/133 Grey St, South Brisbane 
Cost: $41.50 (+ booking fees) | Includes canapés.  Cash bar available.
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Sunday 5 August
For further details or enquiries, please contact:
Nicole Hoffmann | | 0417 793 583

Year 12 Formal Parents' Function | Book Here

The Terrace Family are invited to attend the annual dinner in support of the Edmund Rice Foundation.
Date and Time: Friday 24 August | 6.30pm Welcome Drinks
Where: The Royal International Convention Centre | RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane 
Cost: $175 per person, $1650 for a table of 10, $5000 for a corporate sponsor table
MCs: Jillian Whiting and Bill McDonald
Entertainment: The Manilows...wear your dancing shoes!

ERFA Gala Dinner | Book Here

Only 250 tickets will be sold!
Prize: Hyundai i30 Go RRP $20,990
Cost: $100 a ticket | Purchase from the Finance Office or at Tennyson in Term 3
Drawn: 8 September at Tennyson | GT v IGS Game

All North American based Terrace Old Boys are warmly invited to attend this special network in the USA!
Event details: Sunday 30 September | 12pm - 3pm | The Waterbar Restaurant, San Francisco
Saturday 6 October | 5pm - 9pm | The Australian Hotel, New York
RSVP: Please RSVP your interest to attend to Lea Walker-Franks |


The cookbook every Terrace Family should own a copy of is available for sale at the Terrace Shop. This hard cover, full colour cookbook is full of beautiful historical photographs from Terrace's rich history, as well as great family favourite recipes. This is the cookbook you will use time and time again.
Details: For sale now at the Terrace Shop
Cost: $55 
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Leisa Low |

The Terrace Family are warmly invited to visit this exhibition in the Founders' Room from Tuesday 8 May celebrating the Christian Brothers.

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Find all your Term 3 function details here...

Year 12 Parents' and Caregivers' Formal Function

Date and Time: Tuesday 14 August | 7.15pm - 11pm
Where: The Charming Squire – River Room and Zinc Bar | 3/133 Grey St, South Brisbane 
Cost: $41.50 (+ booking fees) | Includes canapés.  Cash bar available.
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Sunday 5 August
For further details or enquiries, please contact:
Nicole Hoffmann | | 0417 793 583

Year 12 Parents' Formal Function | Book Here

Year 8 Parent Function

Date and Time: Saturday 18 August | 7pm - 11pm 
Where: Foxy Bean | 896 Stanley St East, East Brisbane
Cost: $41.50 (+ booking fees) | Includes canapés & drink on arrival. 
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 3 August
For further details or enquiries, please contact: 
Carol Millington | |0401 595 791

Year 8 Parent Function | Book Here

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