Principal’s Message | Dr Michael Carroll

Dear Members of the Terrace Family,

It is hard to believe that June begins tomorrow and that the students have only three weeks until the finish of the term. The exam timetables for all year levels have been finalised and published this week.  This will allow the students to plan both their revision program and their exam preparation program.  For the students in Years 11 and 12, they have only eight school days before their exams commence so it is very important that a preparation plan is in place.

Members of the Terrace Family may be aware of the recent accident involving a Marist Ashgrove student.  Whilst the young man is recovering, I ask that you continue to keep the Marist Ashgrove community in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

Yesterday I travelled to Limestone Park in Ipswich to support the Terrace Cross Country athletes.  I was very proud of our young men and their performance and commitment both on Wednesday as well as throughout the season.  Congratulations to all the runners and coaches.  I particularly acknowledge and thank Ms Cerene Hughes and Mr Andrew Ebrington for their efforts in preparing the team and to the Terrun Committee for their ongoing support throughout the season.  Terrace finished seventh at the Carnival. This was a very creditable performance and the runners should be proud of their efforts.

In last week’s newsletter I shared some information regarding the solar initiatives currently occurring at Terrace.  This program is part of our whole school approach to sustainability.  Another initiative the College has adopted involves reducing the number of disposable coffee cups.  We have entered into a relationship with the Union Street Café whereby Terrace staff will use reusable coffee cups when purchasing a coffee.  This should reduce the number of disposable cups by approximately 300 cups per week.  This initiative is part of a trial for the Union Street Café and ‘The Cup Economy’ and, if successful, the program will be broadened across a number of cafes throughout Brisbane.

Finally this week, I wish to congratulate the GTOBA and Mrs Lea Walker-Franks on the “Never Terrace Apart” campaign.  In a 24-hour period, this initiative raised $209 000 which will be directed to the Terrace Foundation for the provision of Edmund Rice Bursaries.  Thank you and congratulations to all involved.

Have a great week.
God Bless

Dr Michael Carroll
College Principal

College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Brother Vic Larkin

Brother Vic Larkin is a Terrace Old Boy, former Principal of several Christian Brothers schools and has been a member of the Nudgee community for the past 16 years. He is a well known and loved character throughout our family of schools. At the grand age of 89, Brother is preparing to meet his God and the wider Edmund Rice community are praying with him and for him. I am aware that many throughout the extended Terrace Family will know Brother Vic and hold him in high regard and with great affection - indeed, a wiser, kinder and more amusing person you would struggle to find. Brother Larkin is the embodiment of what it is to be a Christian Brother and made it clear in both word and action that each word, ‘Christian’ and ‘Brother’ are verbs not nouns and he is an example to all to invite Jesus to truly Live in Our Hearts as Blessed Edmund and his Brothers taught us to pray. Please say a prayer for our great Brother, teacher, mentor and friend Brother Vic Larkin - they don’t make them like him anymore!

Staff News

Mrs Jan Cameron commenced her leave this week and will be away for the remainder of the term. We wish Mrs Cameron well for this time. A reminder that Mrs Judy Ariotti is facilitating Mrs Cameron’s classes for the remainder of the term.

Forward notice that Mr Damien Hanley will be travelling home to Ireland over the June/July break and has been granted leave for the first week and half of Term 3. Mr Peter Murdoch, a member of our regular relief staff will facilitate Mr Hanley’s classes during this time.

Dean of Studies | Acting Dean, Mr Mason Hellyer

Over the term and during the Easter break I have had the opportunity to work with and watch the 1st XI Football team. As someone who has experience with Football, I was very impressed with the standard of skill and teamwork displayed by the Terrace team. 
However, I am not surprised by this level of skill and teamwork. I am not surprised because when I arrive early to work in the morning this team is already training with their coaches at Tennyson, working hard and preparing for their next game on Saturday. They have done this all year, working during the week to get ready for their test next Saturday.

Each new game is a test for the 1st XI, for any team. A game is an examination of your skill under pressure, an examination of your team structures and support of each other, and an examination of the coaches’ tactics. 

The 1st XI do not just turn up and expect to perform well – they have prepared, they have practised, they have revised, they are equipped for the next examination, and in fact welcome it, because they know they are ready to do well.

In less than two weeks, exams begin for our students. Many students have been working hard through the term and now the exams are an opportunity to demonstrate what they know.

This next week is crucial. You need to ensure that you are prepared by:

• Working through your revision sheets and booklets
• Working through extra questions from your text books
• Reading back over your written notes
• Rewriting your notes
• Asking your teacher if there are areas you do not understand
• Attend staff tutoring (check the App or Parent Lounge for times)

Like the 1st XI, will you be ready for the next exam? Will you be prepared and enter the exam with confidence? There is still time to make a difference, don’t waste it.

All the best over the next few weeks.

Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

There is a great deal written and spoken about the value of working hard and the world is full of clichés about effort and persistence being a far greater measures of success than pure talent.  This week, the GPS Cross Country championships were held.  I love the sport of Cross Country and one reason for this is the ability to improve through working hard.  If a student commits to a training program and gives his best, he is guaranteed to improve.  Life is a lot like sport, and success in any aspect of life is usually a product of a carefully executed plan that involves considerable effort.  Unfortunately, adolescent boys can’t always count planning and effort as their strongest suits, so parents and the school need to help them with these skills.  In interviews with students, I often point out that much of our life is often repetitive and not especially enjoyable.  However, a great sense of enjoyment comes in the form of satisfaction from knowing we have given our best, even when things become a grind.  This is the time of the term when boys are deep into the grind and I hope that this is reflected in their efforts at home.  It is often the boys who work the hardest who reap the greatest rewards.

I congratulate the Year 9 students on the way they embraced their role as supporters at the Cross Country. I know that our competitors were most appreciative of the encouragement in what is a gruelling event.  I also know some students will have pressured their parents to allow them to opt out and stay home for the day; I thank our parents for supporting the College in declining such a request and ensuring that their sons were in attendance.  A Terrace education is about so much more than just what happens in the classroom and we firmly believe that days such as Wednesday contribute to building the all-rounders that parents often tell us they want their sons to become.  You can be assured that, at a school like ours, we will only remove students from a day of school if we are confident that it will have no impact on their academic progress.

Students regularly learn lessons in resilience as a result of interactions with other students.  If a young man feels that he is being mistreated by another student, it is important that he first tries to handle it himself by being assertive and asking the other student to stop.  This is an obvious first step in attempting to solve the problem.  If issues are ongoing, he may need to speak with an adult for advice.  Traditionally, students are reluctant to speak out about others because they worry about how they will be viewed by their peers.  Sadly, some boys will attempt to handle a situation on their own and respond by using physical force.  It is important that students never take matters into their own hands and use physical force to resolve a relationship issue.  While they will sometimes make mistakes, our young men need to learn that there are better ways to respond and that it is a sign of courage to walk away.  We must maintain an environment where students keep their hands to themselves; this is an issue that will never go away when we deal with young men, but we regularly share this message with students.

Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

Boundary St and York’s Hollow

As we gathered at College assembly to recognise the achievements of our Cross Country team, we also gathered to pray for National Reconciliation, recognising that 27 May and 3 June are important dates in Australia’s history. The anniversary of the 1967 referendum occurred on 27 May, which marked the anniversary of when Australians voted to remove clauses in the Australian Constitution that discriminated against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The historic 1992 Mabo decision in which the High Court of Australia recognised Native Title - the recognition that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights over their lands did survive British colonisation occurs on 3 June. 

Each day we gather and interact on the land of the Turrbal and Jaggera people. You may have noticed the many “Boundary Streets” that surround the CBD of Brisbane - West End, South Brisbane and Spring Hill. These streets were set up by the first European settlers of our city, forming literal boundaries for Turrbul and Jagera people who have lived on the land of our city for tens of thousands of years. In these times, Aboriginal people were restricted from moving about the land of our local area. They were excluded from the area surrounding the river area from 4pm each afternoon until sunrise the next day. The Boundary St of Spring Hill, just up the road from the College, was the barrier of exclusion closest to us. Our College and our brother school, St James, was established purposefully on the ‘just’ side of Boundary St so that aboriginal students could be fully included in school life.

For countless mornings this term, members of our Cross Country team, who we celebrated at Tuesday’s assembly, have spent hours running on sacred ground – the ground of ‘Barrambin’, home of the Turrbul people. Most of us know the area as Victoria Park or York’s Hollow. Although there remains some open land and a waterhole, ‘Barrambin’ is vastly different to what it was for thousands of years. ‘Barrambin’ is the most important Aboriginal cultural heritage site known within inner-Brisbane. It was a gathering place for Aboriginal people. Clans from all around south east Queensland would meet on this sacred ground to trade, to compete in athletic competitions and to resolve conflicts.  Furthermore, ‘Barrambin’ was the site of ‘bora grounds’ – sacred circles used for boyhood to manhood initiations. 

This week we join as a nation with recognising the significance of National Reconciliation Week with demystifying and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history. With ‘Barrambin’ and Boundary Street right on our doorstep, we are strongly connected to Aboriginal culture and history. For many generations, the Turrbal people have raised family, shared story and song and passed on their language and culture to their children around the hills, gullies and creeks of the area we call Spring Hill. This land will always be aboriginal land. We acknowledge the pain and struggle of the past and commit to a hopeful future where we proudly share in the stewardship and care of the ancient land on which we stand.

Years 7, 8 and 9 Program Leader | Mr Damien Coman

I would like to acknowledge the hard work of the Years 7 and 8s who sat for their Maths Olympiad last week and the 14 Years 7-9 students who contested the Metropolitan North Maths Teams Challenge yesterday. These are wonderful events to challenge our students who relish in solving mathematical problems, well done gentlemen!

As I say to students, heading into Week 8 you can feel the disbelief as many are sure they were ‘just’ on holidays. Such is the nature of every term at Terrace. The constant juggling act of our students lives - needing to pay attention to assignments that are due, homework that is building towards their exams, and rolling revision. Of course, the extra-curricula program is also always in full swing.
In Years 7-9 it is certainly about trying to be consistent throughout the term to stay on top of work so that when this part of the term arises, it is a little less difficult to navigate. 

The one element that I have not mentioned yet is a very important one-work in class! Many boys overlook this one, but top students use their time in class very effectively to learn, practise and check their understanding. There are nearly 30 hours of classes every week where students need to be actively learning as an integral part of their success for the term.
In the Year 9 Formation program I have included an article from Harvard University advising students on how to study effectively. The pleasing part here is that it is so consistent with the messages that students continually receive at Terrace. Some that were highlighted in the article were:
• Retrieving information strengthens neural pathways
• Take note of feedback (from staff or from marking answers)
• Use flashcards for concepts
• Explain concepts using your own words (as if you were explaining it to someone who missed the lesson)
• Regular revision throughout the term beats cramming at the end
• Review content that you have not studied in a while
• Have a study group where you review work regularly (Year 9 Roll Call)
• Being an active learner in all classes by monitoring your thinking and understanding
• Be specific to the testing environment (practise questions against the clock)
Students need to carefully plan their next weekends as well, setting goals for which subjects they would like to work on and which elements/chapters of the subject. Ensure that you have all of the resources that you need and also reflect on the Checklist booklet that can provide some guidance on what to study.

Director of Music | Acting Director, Mr Jan Hewerdine

Last Saturday the Pep Band played their final GPS sport engagement for this year. Many thanks to all participants who have made these engagements a success. They add a carnival atmosphere to the games, adding immeasurably to Team Terrace! A special shout-out to Mr Dabelstein and Mr Brankovich, who trained up and led the boys so admirably.

Congratulations to all participants in the Winter Concert, which was held in the Campbell Centre last night. For many, particularly Year 5 and 6 musicians, this was their first public performance. In addition to being a performance in its own right, the Winter Concert provides valuable experience in preparation for the QCMF performances coming up in August.

As we approach the end of term, could I please ask that students keep an eye on their lesson timetables and notify their Music/Speech and Drama teachers in advance of any absences related to class assessment. Most of our teachers are employed on a casual basis with teaching portfolios spread across multiple schools. Early notification of such absences will assist them in making the most of their time and ensuring your son's lessons are keep up to date.

A reminder that we have the Norman Clarke Concert this Sunday 3 June at 3pm. 

For those of you who participate in our Premier Ensembles, the Terrace Shop now has a selection of black microfibre shirts available for $50. These will be required, along with black trousers, for the Norman Clarke Concert.

To discontinue lessons, please email at least two full weeks prior to the end of term (Friday 8 June). Notification after this time will incur a full term’s fee for the following term.

Please check the Terrace App and Parent Lounge regularly as this is where information regarding various events (see the list below) will now be published. As events are approved and posted to the Parent Lounge, you will be sent an email advising the name of the event, including the Event Memo, to check and you will be required to give a response regarding attendance. Event Memos will also be available through the Terrace App in Culture>Music.

Term 2 Events

• Norman Clarke Concert: Sunday 3 June, Villanova College
• Drumline and RCB band Workshop: June 25
• First Percussion Ensemble BBB Band Workshop: June 26
• Percussion 2, Percussion 3, TJC Band Workshops: June 27

Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Cross Country 

At College assembly on Tuesday, the school community had the opportunity to recognise and congratulate the Cross Country team on their commitment and dedication to their chosen activity. Well done to Captain Tom Dwyer and Vice Captains Oscar Gallagher and Oliver Gallagher for their leadership of the program in the lead up meets and training. Congratulations to all the boys who represented the College on Wednesday at the GPS Cross Country Championships in both the Junior and Senior divisions in challenging conditions at Limestone Park, Ipswich. The boys ran to the best of their abilities and were well supported by a vocal cheer squad of Year 9 boys.

The Junior team recorded third place overall and were very impressive in their performances across the board. The Senior team recorded seventh place overall and found the step up in distances a little bit more challenging. Thank you to the Support Group for their tireless efforts over recent months in supporting the boys in all facets of this program.


The Tennis program had a mixed day against their opponents TSS in Round 6 fixtures, with the 1st team going down in close circumstances 2-4 before rain intervened and stopped short the reverse doubles matches. This ends the premiership challenge for the boys in 2018, but as a team they should be congratulated for their performances so far this year. The overall program had a good day with solid wins across the board.


The Football program had a very successful day against TSS, dominating the majority of games and scooping the pool with another outstanding performance in the 1st XI match. The 1st XI allowed an early goal to go behind 0-1 before a scintillating 20 minutes where they fought back to score five goals.

Good luck to all the boys over the next three weeks as both the Tennis and Football programs start to wind down.


Congratulations to Lachlan Steains (Year 11) and the Queensland boys who won a silver medal in Perth at the Australian Schoolboys Waterpolo Championships. 

The Weekly Wrap

Football Wrap

Another fine performance from the Seniors saw the boys record a 5 – 1 win over TSS at Tennyson last weekend. Despite going a goal down in the first half, we again played our way back into contention with another Keogh Lewis equaliser to go into half time at one goal apiece.

After the break we took control of the game and Byron McLeod again scored a good header from a clever Angus Broderick delivery. Solly Weldermariam, Ethan Wildermuth and Jack McInally rounded off the scoring. The TSS goalkeeper and Captain was miraculous between the sticks and saved his team from what could have been a 10 goal extravaganza.

This weekend we have the bye and it’s a good chance for the entire A/B groups across the year levels to refresh and prepare for two difficult matches to finish the season.  

Tennis Wrap

Round 6 of GPS Tennis saw Terrace come up against The Southport School. The two programs are very evenly matched and the results from the day support this. The Year 5s saw plenty of success on court, with both the A and B teams winning comfortably. Our boys demonstrated great attitudes and played with energy and intensity. This enthusiasm was also seen during the rain delays, where the boys and Terrace supporters were very cooperative in drying the courts and resuming play. The Year 6s showed similar eagerness.The boys exhibited an aggressive brand of tennis in both singles and doubles, winning plenty of points close to the net, which they have been working hard on in training. Both the As and Bs went away with well-earned wins. Our Year 7 boys continue to shine across all teams.  Unfortunately, our Year 8 boys were washed out. Year 9 teams were outclassed by a very good opposition and the rest of the age groups were split in terms of results. We thank TSS for their excellent hospitality at their home courts on Saturday and the program looks forward to the next time the two schools meet in season 2019. 

This weekend the Terrace Tennis Program has a number of different opposition and competitions running. We will be running our annual Terrace Tennis Doubles Championships this Saturday, along with matches against BBC and BGS. Our aim in the program is to provide the most competitive matches we can and both of these schools share the same desire for match play. We are playing Brisbane Grammar School in Years 5A, B, C, D and Years 6A, B, C, D and Brisbane Boys' College in the 10A, 10B, 10C, 11D, 4th IV and 5th IV. The primary teams are able to back up and be involved in the Terrace Doubles Championships as well, which provides a great day of extended match play for these boys.

1st IV  

After our loss to BGS last week, this week became the most important match in recent times for our 1st IV boys. The equation was simple. To share the premiership, we had to win v TSS. If we lost we were out of contention.

Last week we worked on being better and sharper with our net play, using more angle in our general play, higher percentage of first serves in and better placed return of serves. For the week our boys got in and wore away at those keys points and I felt we were in as good a position as we could be in.

On Saturday we began with our singles. Yosua Lumbanradja was first finished, in what was his best performance for the year and in a match that was far closer than the score indicated. Yosua went down to a much older and far more experienced player 6-1, 6-1. He was closely followed by Steven Stoddart who won his singles convincingly 6-3, 6-3 in a very solid performance. 

Xavier won his first set 6-3 playing very well, while Bryce lost his first set in 7-2 in a tiebreak. This left the match in a very precarious situation. If we won both singles we had a very good chance of winning the day. If we lost both matches we were in a lot of trouble. If we split the matches the chances of us winning on the day were slim.

Bryce dropped his first service game in the second set and was down a break all the way until 4-5. He then played a great game to break back and go to 5 all. He then went up 40-15 at 5 all. Unfortunately, 3 f/h errors came at the wrong time, losing the game before he eventually went down 7-5 in the second set. 

Meanwhile, Xavier had dropped his second set 6-3 and was in a battle in the third. He ended up fighting on to win that set 6-4. 

We were now 2 -rubbers all, TSS 5 sets to 2 and TSS were well up in games. We were now faced with the tough task of winning 3 doubles matches to win. Bryce and Yosua went down 6-1 very quickly in their first set while Steve and Xavier won their first set 6-3. The match was slipping away and we desperately needed to win both these doubles. Bryce and Yosua turned it on to go 5-4 up in their second set, before faltering when serving for the set, only to go down 7-5. Steve and Xavier lost their second set and were down in the third set. We were down to a mathematical equation to win. 

Our Premiership hopes ended when Bryce and Yosua lost their first set in the second doubles just before the rain began and finished play for the day.

Team of the Week 

Hard to go past the 5A (48-11) and 6A (48-3) teams who dominated on Saturday. There is some outstanding talent in these two teams, but more importantly, it is their willingness to work hard at training and learn. 

5A – Harry De Sousa, Conor Reilly, Lucas O’Kane, Cooper Kennedy
6A – Max Van Balen, Xavier Ryan, Will Rehbein, Oscar Oxenham

Doubles Pairing of the Week 

Congratulations to Jake McElwaine and Toby Kennedy from the 9A team who pulled through with the day’s first doubles win. A big effort from Toby who stepped up from the B team to fill in and perform strongly and compete well.

Play of the Day 

Isaac Rogers from Year 10 smashed out his first win of the season against TSS, finishing at 6-2 up and really enjoying his tennis. Isaac is a great example of the program - where it is not about the best players, it is about all our players. Isaac has been training well and working hard and is a great representative of the program.

Rugby Wrap

Whole School Rugby Sign On 

Rugby sign on is now open with all families receiving an email this week inviting your son to play rugby this season. Many thanks to all those families who have already signed up as the playing numbers assist with the organisation of coaches, referees, buses, field usage and ultimately how many teams we nominate in the GPS competition.  Registrations close soon so please ensure you inform us of your intentions. Boys who participated in Term 2 Rugby are required to also register.

Please note that the boys born in 2008 (Under 10) will play and be graded with the Under 11 boys. This decision was made by the GPS as only a small number of GPS schools could field Under 10 teams. The upside is that all Year 5 boys will get to play with their classmates during their first year of Rugby here at Terrace.

1st XV Rugby Program

Day 2 of the GPS selection trials takes place this Friday night at GPS Rugby Club, Ashgrove. Boys fortunate enough to be selected in either of the GPS 1 or 2 teams will go onto the Qld Schoolboys' trials during the mid-year break.

Term 2 Preseason Program

It’s pleasing to see the continual improvement of boys who have committed to our Term 2 preseason program. The time and effort on the training field will be put to the test this Saturday as we play a number of practice games against ACGS. Please visit the College App for game times.

Refereeing at Terrace

I am keen to hear from any parents who are interested in refereeing at Terrace. Most weekends we are required to cover up to 20 games so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please email me if interested.

Representative Rugby

Congratulations to Joe Balkin, Tim Bliss, Charlie Cross, Nick Dunstan, Jack Hogan, Will Ilott, Hunter Knight, George Lum, Tom Robinson, Xavier Ryan, Marcus Saunders and George Tracey who have been selected to represent City Districts at the Under 12 Regional Carnival. The carnival will take place late Term 2.

Mid-Year Holiday Rugby Clinics

Clinics will take place at Tennyson Thursday 12 and Friday 13 July. The purpose of the clinic is to prepare the boys for the upcoming GPS Rugby season. The key emphasis will be core skills, unit and team focus leading into our trial game against Nudgee College on Saturday 14 July at Nudgee. 

Captains’ Corner | Vice Captain, Tom Dearlove

Recently my father urged me to read a new book. I have only skimmed the pages but my attention has been caught. Legacy by Jim Kerr examines the unique culture of the famous All Blacks rugby side and what their culture can teach us about life. I flipped to the chapter titled ‘Sacrifice’. The All Blacks' mindset is to ‘stand fearless because champions do extra’. I drew immediate parallels with the extra effort of our red and black army.

On Wednesday this week, a number of Terracians competed in one of the most gruelling and arduous events in GPS, Cross Country. The boys have worked tirelessly throughout the preseason to ensure that the ‘long red line’ continues in 2018. One story epitomises the very essence of Terrace Cross Country. Max Crowe, a Senior in the squad, passed out as sheer exhaustion enveloped his body. The medics came to assist, and upon waking Max up, it was clear that he simply couldn't continue the race. Confused as to where he was, he threw up. The medics gave him the news. “You can’t continue the race unfortunately mate” they said. “It’s not right for your health”. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was the very red and black that pulsates through his veins. Maybe it was the sheer courage and true grit that he had, but Max got up, fighting off the medics and continued his race. He ran across the finish line representing the red and black, and grabbing as many extra points for Terrace that he could. Well done mate, you’re a hero. Champions do extra. Despite not receiving the result that the team wanted, they gave it their all and that's all we can ask. We know how hard you boys worked for your school, and we are extremely proud. 

Approaching the Victoria Park tennis courts at 8.30 on Saturday morning, the red and black stood out in its surrounds. The sound of Bryce Robinson’s killer serve and Stephen Stoddard’s shattering forehand pierced the silent air. As I got closer, I was greeted by strong numbers in support, which included Finley Prentis, who despite being on crutches, stood all day and screamed his heart out, and James Hurst, a Year 11 student who hasn't missed a game all season. It was great to see strong numbers in support for what was the premiership round. Even though victory escaped them, the 1st IV put their heart on the line and gave it their all. Be proud of yourselves boys. You have had a great season so far and I know success will continue to follow you. 

The 1st XI Football team had another great victory on the weekend, beating TSS 5-1. It is great to have seen consistent strong support for the Football boys throughout their season so far. It is a true testament to 2018 and the Seniors who have demonstrated that we will always stand Shoulder to Shoulder with our mates through both triumph and defeat. To cast my eyes upon the crowd and see a strong number of boys from the lower grades, like Tom Sheehan, a Year 9 lad who hasn't missed a game all season, is an inspiring feeling. To see the future Seniors and leaders of Terrace immersing themselves in the culture allows me to rest assured that our spirit will continue to thrive and prosper in future years. Best of luck to the 1st XI and all other players with the rest of your season. 

As we finish a busy Week 7 and move into Week 8, it is essential that our study is well under way. As the All Blacks say - ‘Train to win; practise under pressure’. It is important to stay ahead of the study game with our school work to set up a strong base for the exams that lay ahead. It's never too late to start working, and I know after 8 years at Terrace, that these upcoming weeks can make or break a term. 

I wish all my Terrace brothers the best with their upcoming exams and sporting fixtures. Let’s stand Shoulder to Shoulder in these next weeks, or, as the All Blacks say in their native tongue ‘Ka tu te ibiibi’, stand fearless.

Terrace Ladies Group

Past Mothers' Mass

On Sunday 27 May, we enjoyed a beautiful morning with almost 70 ladies at the Past Mothers' Mass and morning tea. It was truly a wonderful time, much like a family reunion: once a member of the Terrace Family, always a member of the Terrace Family. Like all reunions, there was a lot of affection between the ladies from across the years that either knew each other already or knew family members of others. Many connections and recollections were shared. We had some ladies come that we see regularly at these masses from year to year, those who haven’t been in some time or not at all, and, of course, our most recent Past Mothers. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were talking about coming next year, which was lovely to hear.

As is tradition at the Past Mothers' Masses, we invite a past mother to reflect on their time while at Terrace. On Sunday, we were blessed to hear from a remarkable woman, Mrs Helen Mahoney.  There are many amazing families associated with the College, and the Mahoneys are indeed one of them. We see this acknowledged in the name of one of our College Houses – Mahoney. The Mahoney family’s association with Terrace began in 1924 when the eldest Mahoney son, James, started. James was awarded a Rhodes scholarship in 1929, becoming Terrace’s first of 18 Rhodes Scholars to date. James’s three brothers who followed him were all Duces of the College and each awarded University Open Scholarships. There was another Rhodes Scholar in 1962 – Jim Mahoney – a unique combination of father and son, James and Jim, in the history of Rhodes Scholars for Australia.

During the years that her boys John and James (they are both in their 30s now) were at the College, Helen was very involved in College life. She was the President of TLG in 1999-2001, having been Vice President before that. Once the boys finished, Helen joined the College Board and later became the Chair.

Beyond Terrace’s walls, Helen has made significant contributions to the welfare of others. One area is her work in supporting a rehabilitation centre called Mithra in Chennai, India, for children and young adults with mental and physical disabilities. Her incredible Aunt, Sister Mary Theordore, started this centre over 40 years ago and Helen has been involved in running it from Brisbane since its inception. It is wonderful to see the College connecting with this centre as Mithra is a stopover destination for Terrace boys on tours or immersion. I highly recommend you visit the Friends of Mithra website – and perhaps make a financial donation while you’re there.

I am also delighted to tell you that Helen received an Order of Australia Medal recently for her Services to Children. Well-deserved indeed and congratulations Helen. Helen’s humbleness is admirable, as despite these many incredible stories of achievement and compassionate work, Helen spoke mainly of her time on the tuckshop, Tennyson Canteen, TLG commitments and the odd confusion resulting from not reading the newsletters to completion. We can certainly all relate to that. A very big thank you to Helen for talking to us all on Sunday. 

Reaching Out to More Past Mothers

While we make every effort to get word out to our past mothers directly by email or newsletters (e.g. Terrace News, Parish newsletters), we still have ladies missing out on being personally invited. With the move to email correspondence, holes in our data base are inevitable, especially for our older past mothers. Please forward any details for ladies you know who would like to be notified about these events, but are currently missing out, to our secretary Mrs Rachel McGahon at We also very much rely on current family members to get word to their relatives . Thank you to those who did this for our Past Mothers' Mass on Sunday.

Tennyson Canteen 

The volunteer turnout over the past couple of game days has been absolutely wonderful. Thank you everybody for pitching in. This makes a huge difference to the way the day is run and the hospitality offered to our families and guests.

While this week is a bye week for our Football teams, there are still games organised for most of the teams. There will be around 20 games at Tennyson, the others at different grounds. So, once again, we will be seeking your assistance behind the BBQ and canteen counters. This week we are asking that Years 7 and 8 parents fill any gaps in the sign on sheet to be certain of a fair distribution of assistance. Check the email from the sport office with the links to volunteer.

TLG Correspondence

If you are not on our mailing list but would like to be, please email our Secretary, Mrs Rachel McGahon, on Please also ensure that you save this email address into your contacts as it may find its way to Junk Mail. 

TLG Date Claimers

Term 2
Week 10, 18 June – TLG Meeting, 7.30am Founders Room

Term 3
Week 8, Friday 7 September – TLG Fashion Parade, Brisbane City Hall

Contact | TLG President | Mel Josephson |

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OPENING HOURS | TERM TIME | Tuesday, Thursday and Friday | 7.30am - 3.45pm


  • School jumpers
  • Basketball training singlets and shorts
  • Hoodies

***  GTOBA 1st XV Heritage Jersey $70 (limited)

Parents and caregivers can order through Flexischools

The Terrace Family

The Terrace Family is asked to pray for the repose of the soul of:

Mr Vincent James LONG -  GT, 1942-45

Please also pray for the souls of those in the Terrace Family whose deaths are unknown to the College.


Find all your Terrace Family event details here!

Where:  College Museum, Gregory Terrace
When:  Friday 1 June - Thursday 21 June
Time:  9am - 3pm daily
For further details or enquiries, please contact:
Bianca Anderson |

The cookbook every Terrace Family should own a copy of is available for sale at the Terrace Shop. This hard cover, full colour cookbook is full of beautiful historical photographs from Terrace's rich history, as well as great family favourite recipes. This is the cookbook you will use time and time again.
Details: For sale now at the Terrace Shop
Cost: $55 
For further information or enquiries, please contact
Leisa Low |

The Terrace Family are warmly invited to visit this exhibition in the Founders' Room, celebrating the Christian Brothers.

Date and Time: Sunday 10 June | 1.30pm for 2.30pm movie start
Where: New Farm Cinemas | 701 Brunswick St New Farm
Cost: $20 (+ booking fees)| Register via College Events
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by 8 June
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Steven Hohn |

Movie Fundraiser - Book Here

The Terrace Family and All Friends of Terrace are warmly invited to a day of golf at Victoria Park!
Date and Time: Friday 15 June 2018 | 11.30am -5pm
Where: Victoria Park Golf Course, Victoria Park
Cost: $138 per player (+ booking fees) | Includes golf, lunch and post match food
For further information or enquiries, please contact:
Steven George | | 0411 723 009

GT Golf Day - Book Here

Date and Time: Friday 13 July | 5pm - 9pm
Where: Tennyson Playing Fields, Tennyson
Cost: Family Ticket (2 adults + up to 2 children) $40 (+ booking fees) | Individual Adult $15 (+ booking fees) | Individual Student $10 (+ booking fees). Includes finger food for adults and pizza for children. Cash bar.
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Monday 9 July
For further information or enquires, please contact
Simone Hiley | | 0417 726 869 or Helen Kirk | 0402 163 000

Rugby Season Launch - Book Here

Date and Time: Thursday 26 July | 6pm arrival for 6.30pm start
Where: The Marquee, Victoria Park Golf Complex
Cost: Adults $70 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course dinner & drink on arrival
Years 7 - 12 Students $70 (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course dinner & soft drinks
Year 5 & 6 Students $50 (+ booking fees) | Includes children's menu & soft drinks
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 20 July
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Anne Pickering |

Debating Dinner - Book Here

Date and Time: Friday 27 July | 12 noon - 3pm
Where: The Greek Club, South Brisbane
Cost: $1800 for a table of 10 | Includes 2 course lunch, sparkling wine, premium beers and quality bottled wines
RSVP: Tickets to the St Joseph's College Rugby Lunch are now sold out! To join the waitlist for tickets, please use the email link below

Lunch Waitlist - Email Here

The Terrace Family is warmly invited to attend this movie fundraiser for Reidy House friendship group, Brisbane Youth Service.
Date and Time: 
Sunday 29 July | 1.30pm for 2.30pm movie screening
Where: New Farm Cinemas | 701 Brunswick St New Farm
Cost: $22.50 (+ booking fees) | Includes movie ticket and drink on arrival
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Sunday 15 July
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Samantha Mills | | 0409 290 906

Mamma Mia 2 - Book Here

All boys (& parents!) are invited to attend this special screening of Skyscraper
Date and Time: 
Sunday 29 July | 3pm - 6.30pm
Where: New Farm Cinemas | 701 Brunswick St New Farm
Cost: $30 (+ booking fees)| Includes movie ticket, drink & popcorn or choc top
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 27 July
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Natalie Kruysmulder | | 0402 092 386
Angela Papacostas | | 0411 749 044

Skyscraper Movie - Book Here

All Terrace Old Boys are warmly invited to join our annual dinner celebration, following the Back to Tennyson Day - Terrace vs Churchie match at Tennyson.
Date and Time: 
Saturday 11 August | 6pm - 9pm
Where: Norman Bar | Norman Hotel, 102 Ipswich Rd Wooloongabba 
Cost: $97.50pp (+ booking fees) | Includes 2 course dinner and 3 hour drinks package
RSVP: Please RSVP via College Events by Friday 3 August 
For further details or enquiries, please contact 
Erin Bowpitt | 

GTOBA Dinner - Book Here

Year Level Parent Social Functions

Please find your Term 2 parent function details here!

Year 9 Parent Function

Date and Time: Saturday 2 June | 5pm - 8pm       
Where: Newstead Brewery Co Milton | 67 Castlemaine St Milton    
Cost: $26pp (+ booking fees) | Includes finger food     
RSVP: Please RSVP by Tuesday 29 May     
For further details or enquiries, please contact       
Erin McKenna | | 0438 335 719