Dean of Studies | Mr Mason Hellyer

The term is rapidly moving past us as we enter the end of Week 3. The due dates for drafts and assignments have begun to get closer.  For every student, the middle of the term is a time of pressure as assignments are due and exams loom. Therefore it is vitally important to have a study plan that will allow a student to navigate through this period.

I have been reading Deep Survival by Lawrence Gonzales, an American author who examines the characteristics of those who survive and the common behaviours of those who have overcome adversity. Whilst Gonzales mainly examines survival examples from external traumatic events like plane crashes and mountaineering accidents, he does relate what he has found to ‘surviving’ everyday life.

At some stage this term each student will feel overwhelmed with the work they need to do. Therefore, from Gonzales I have adapted a number of his recommendations to ‘survive’ the term:

• Perceive, believe – recognise the situation you are in and ask for assistance from parents, teachers and friends.
• Stay calm – with help, a way forward can be found.
• Think/analyse/plan – get organised and break down big tasks into small ones.
• Be present – don’t put off what you can do today.
• Keep at it – consistent hard work is the key to success.
• Celebrate your successes – stuck to your plan? Well done, celebrate!

Every student can find their academic success. As parents and teachers, it is important to recognise and assist with point one, for without recognition there is no movement forward. For students, take the opportunities on offer – staff tutoring (check Parent Lounge for details), Study Hall, Study Group. At the very least, listen in class and complete your homework.

All the best for the weeks to come.