Cross Country Wrap

GPS Shield meet results

There is one type of race with descriptions like ‘Tough’, ‘Grim’ or ‘Brutal’. Welcome to the world of cross country running and the second GPS Cross Country Shield Meet at the The Southport School (after the cancellation of the BSHS meet at the end of Term 1).

The Terrace Cross Country squad spent Term 1 preparing themselves for the competition season with a key message to drive their performance, ‘Consistency’ and ‘Best Effort Always’! The training program has been tailored to the demands of cross country racing and their commitment and dedication has been outstanding. They have focused on the processes and learnt to employ a steady effort, which can be utilised when racing. They have also learnt that a well-planned cross course will do everything to disrupt their stride, their pace, and their focus.

There were 61 runners who took to the start line over distances of 2km, 3km, 4km and 6km. The races delivered sequels to Chariots of Fire for some, and a battle ground for others who slogged around the course, with their hearts feeling like they were about to explode and their legs weary from the effort. In the main senior race – 6km (Opens and 16 years) of the afternoon, all of the favourites were right in contention throughout the fast course, which took them around the perimeter of TSS. There was no running out of steam for Nick Erzetic taking the win for the Opens or Ollie Seawright showing the 16 years how it’s done, breaking away mid way through the race and winning both overall and the 16years event. Another solid performer was Jeremy Davis taking a very close third place in the Opens event and Max Van Balen also finishing 3rd in the 11years – 3km event.

We need to field six runners per age-group, which let us down on the vverall score card. The 13years missed out on scoring points despite their efforts with only five runners taking the start line. One of our biggest improvers in this age-group Mitchell Taylor, delivered on his race cues and surprised himself with a top 20 finish. We also had Ned O’Rourke in the 14 years setting himself a target of a top 10 finish, and coming away with 7th place.


We head to Northgate this coming Friday 29April, for the Gregory Terrace and Brisbane Grammar School GPS Shield Meet.