Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

The Rugby 7s curtain raiser at Suncorp Stadium

Welcome back to Term 2 – another busy term.

Well done to all the boys that participated in Easter training, clinics, camps and tours, the sheer volume of boys involved was staggering. Thank you for making your time available. The work that was completed by all boys will show dividends come game time.


Round 1 vs Nudgee College this weekend. What a way to start the respective seasons. Both activities at home Tennyson for Football and Spring Hill for the 1st and 2nd Tennis.

Good luck to all boys and as reminded at assembly – it is good to compete strongly and fiercely but with respect to our opponent and with humility and of course always the best of sportsmanship.


The sharing of information to 700 Football Players, 150 Tennis players, 350 Rugby A/B, 200 Basketball members, 200 Cross Country and 30 Gymnasts is exceptionally important in trying to keep everybody informed.

That is why it is vitally important to make sure you have signed on electronically through PARENT LOUNGE.

If you are not receiving emails or important information please:

  • Check you are signed on
  • Download the College app – and ensure SPORT notifications are switched on
  • Follow Terrace Sport on Twitter

There is plenty of information being sent.


From time to time I reaffirm with parents the place of selections in team discussions. It is a highly emotive issue for some parents and I would never presume that any coach in any activity gets every selection 100% correct every time. What I can confirm that every coach selects what he believes is the best team that he believes can be successful.

Every coach wants to be successful – and he will choose his team – normally in consultation with a fellow coach, age group coordinator, Director of Activity in order to be successful in his judgement.

There is a saying that “cream rises to the top”, and if a boy has been overlooked or is incorrectly placed in a team – his performance will make enough noise to ensure he gets elevated into a higher team. Squeaky wheels do not generate team movement.

With over 50 teams representing Terrace in Football and 27 teams in Tennis, it has been a challenging job to get all boys organised into teams (especially when a few of them don’t come to training in Week 1) and ready for Saturdays fixtures.

If there are questions that a boy or parent wishes to raise, please contact:



Mr Brendan MCGRATH




And I am sure we can work through any concerns.


All boys representing the College must be in correct Terrace attire. Please refer to the recent emailed Looking Ahead documents (available on the app) as well as the Sport Co-Curricular Uniform booklet (available on the app) for item clarification.

Variations to the Terrace attire are not acceptable.

In season 2016, we generally were good but on occasions let ourselves down – let’s get 100% from this Saturday.