Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Dr Ian Hunter working with our staff to enhance literacy.

Across the next few weeks, tutors will spend time with your son/s reviewing their Term 1 report.

We have now completed the first week of the term and our boys seem to be back and into the routine of waking earlier and adjusting to the daily demands of school. On day one every student was issued with an assessment calendar that outlines the date that assessment is delivered and the due date for the assessment. The calendar also outlines the type of assessment for each subject this term. On Moodle (our learning platform) we have listed a “checklist” for each subject . This “checklist” outlines what a student needs to learn for this term. We are able to give access to this section on the Moodle to parents. The following link will allow you to check the details of what your son needs to know for this term in each of his subjects. I strongly encourage our boys to print these checklists and paste them into an exercise book where they can methodically note and review their revision. Students in Years 7, 8, 9and 10 have these checklist booklets printed and issued to them.


Across the next few weeks, tutors will spend time with your son/s reviewing their Term 1 report. Tutors will review each students’ report to reflect on what strategies were successful for them last term and possible strategies that will enhance their learning and outcomes for the term ahead. Year 12 students will meet with their academic mentors over the next weeks to review their outcomes and to receive an updated estimated OP score. It would be a wonderful topic of conversation across the dinner table in the coming weeks to initiate with your son/s as to what was discussed in these mentoring meetings.

The staff tutoring program for Term 2 is also available on the Parent Lounge. This generous offer from so many of our staff to assist boys outside of the classroom is most valuable in enhancing learning . I encourage boys make use of this resource.


Across the first few weeks we have and will meet with each year level to highlight how the boys have performed as a cohort in comparisons to last term’s effort. These assemblies also give recognition to boys who have made improvements across successive terms as well as directions for continued improvement as a cohort and individually.


Many thanks to the number of parents who have booked interviews. These interviews are just another example where as a community we aim to support each other to allow our boys to “be the best that they can be”. We commence these interviews this week and next Wednesday afternoon and evening. I encourage the students to attend these interviews also. Classes will again conclude at 12.51pm to allow staff and students to attend the interviews.


This year, one of the College’s area of focus is around a whole school literacy program with an emphasis on Years 7, 8 and 9. Dr Ian Hunter, a consultant with great expertise in this area, has been working with our staff to offer professional development around enhancing literacy. Students in year 7 and 9 completed some literacy testing at the end of last term. Dr Hunter will be spending time in the coming weeks working with the Year 9 students in their English classes.