Putting it on the line | Tennis Wrap

This week the Terrace Tennis program plays Brisbane State High School in matches from Years 7 through to 12. Our Years 5 and 6 will be either playing internal challenges or supplementary matches. This week the away matches are being played at Griffith University, Mount Gravatt Campus. The home matches are being played at Coops Tennis Centre, Ambiweera and Victoria Park for Years 5-9.

The results from the round v Nudgee College were excellent. The quality of tennis provided by both schools is a great reflection on the health of the game throughout Australia. Terrace were successful in the majority of matches as can be seen by the results sheets included for your reference. The program will be looking to build on this momentum from Round 1 as we move through the competition.

Tennis is a weather dependant sport and it was extremely disappointing for a number of matches being cancelled due to safety concerns and wetness of courts. Coaches were at the venues by 6.45am and at this time the courts were fine to play on, however rain swept through venues between 7 and 7.20am. This is the nature of the game and although extremely disappointing for all concerned we look forward to Round 2 with much excitement.

Team of the Week - OPEN 3rd IV

Edward Brockhurst

Sean Galloway

Nick Hopkins

Jude Korad

This team is full of boys who have played tennis at the College for every year they have attended, three of these boys have played since Year 5. These boys are outstanding individuals who together play the game the right way and for the right reasons. They are great examples to the rest of the program.