College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Celebrate Edmund Rice Founders Day on 5 May.

Edmund Rice, Founders Day

It is always a meaningful day of the year to connect in Eucharist with the hundreds of Catholic Schools in the Edmund Rice tradition throughout the world. The Christian Brothers selected 5 May as all schools in both the northern and southern hemispheres are in session and are able to celebrate with one another regardless of continent. It is a privilege to be a part of the unfolding story of Ricean education which is now in its third century. Terrace joins over fifty schools throughout Australia in celebrating the life and gifts of Blessed Edmund Rice who challenged us to live authentic lives inspired by the Gospel, to create inclusive and diverse communities and to support young people to grow to make a difference in the world. The hundreds of Christian Brothers who served at Terrace from 1875 to 2010 left us a legacy of which to be proud and a great responsibility and opportunity to continue and renew the tradition.

Drop off and Parking

Space is at a premium at Terrace and everyone experiences this every day and we appreciate parental cooperation. One issue that continues to be of safety concern for students, staff and parents is the top driveway on Victoria Street. This is a key entry point on to the Campus for staff and an access point for students as well. Some parents dropping their sons off continue to park over the drive way and block the entry point for staff or park partially blocking off the driveway which makes the entry for staff difficult and dangerous as they cannot see students on the driveway. We would ask again that parents please refrain from stopping over or across the driveway. As always, your support on this matter is greatly appreciated.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Thank you to all students, parents and staff who have engaged in our interview process in recent weeks. This aspect of our culture is central to the well-being of our students and their success in striving to be the best they can be. I thank our dedicated staff for their preparation for these meetings, follow up and development of strategies for growth and improvement. Parents are welcome to make contact with teachers or Heads of Faculty directly concerning any matters for discussion arising from these meetings. We look forward to the next round of interviews in Term 3.

Staff News

We wish Mrs Cathy McDonald well for her leave and look forward to welcoming Mr George Hornsby to the Library team until August when Mrs McDonald returns.