College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Parking around the College remains an issue that needs your support.

Drop off and Parking

Please pardon my repetition of this message from last week but this is an ongoing and important safety issue.

One issue that continues to be of safety concern for students, staff and parents is the top drive way on Victoria Street. This is a key entry point on to the Campus for staff and an access point for students as well. Some parents dropping their sons off continue to park over the drive way and block the entry point for staff or park partially blocking off the driveway which makes the entry for staff difficult and dangerous as they cannot see students on the driveway. We would ask again that parents please refrain from stopping over or across the driveway. As always, your support on this matter is greatly appreciated.

Staff News

Congratulations to Mr Mason Hellyer who will act as Dean of Waterford during Term 3 and early Term 4 while Mr Damien Cuddihy acts as Dean of Students. Mr Hellyer brings a wealth of experience as Head of Faculty: Human Movements and Acting Dean of Studies to this role. The College will now facilitate a selection process for Acting Head of Faculty: Human Movements for this time.

Congratulations to Mr James Turner who will act as Head of Faculty: Business and Technology for a part of Term 3 while Mrs Loren Serafin-Huey is on long service leave. Mr Turner brings a variety of leadership experiences to this role and we look forward to his contribution.

Thank you to Mrs Susan Cooper who has facilitated Mrs Mary Meadows' classes in recent weeks. Mrs Cooper finishes with us this Friday. We look forward to welcoming Mrs Meadows back to the College as of next Monday.

Thank you to Mr Phil Elvery who has moved to the main campus for the past four weeks to look after Mrs Karyn Negus’s classes while she has been on long service leave. His support of the College has been greatly appreciated. We look forward to welcoming Mrs Negus back to the College. Thank you also to Mr Andrew King who has looked after Mr Elvery’s classes so capably for this time. We hope that Mr King may be able to return in another capacity on another occasion.

Last Saturday in the Courier Mail and with a recruitment agency, we advertised three positions:

  • Outdoor Education Instructor for our program at Maroon
  • A Learning Support Teacher to work with our Years 5 to 7 students in Maths/Science support in particular
  • A six month contract for an English/Humanities/Drama teacher.

Applications for these positions close on Monday 15 May.