Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

Our formation program provides multiple opportunities for students to get to know themselves better as people and as learners.

For three days this week, I have had the great privilege of attending a Kairos retreat with 44 of our Senior students and a number of staff. Kairos is the peak retreat experience for students on their Terrace journey, and is surrounded by a good deal of mystery; a key ingredient to its success. The three days were a wonderful example of the incredible depth of reflection that our students are capable of and I was immensely proud to see them fully embrace the opportunity. While taking time out from school always poses challenges to our busy young men, experiences such as Kairos set us apart from many other schools and contribute to the overall development of what we know as the Terrace Gentleman. I strongly recommend that every young man takes the opportunity to attend a Kairos retreat when the opportunity arises in his Senior year as it is one of a number of a number of experiences that contribute to building the man.

Our formation program provides multiple opportunities for students to get to know themselves better as people and as learners. This week, our Year 8 students attended a presentation by Mr Luke McKenna, from a company known as Unleashing Personal Potential. Luke explored the concept of growth mindsets and how the neuroplasticity of the brain helps us to set ourselves high expectations and go about achieving at higher levels than we have before. This has its applications in all aspects of life, particularly in the pursuit of academic excellence, where research clearly indicates that IQ is not the major contributor to success. The better young men can understand themselves, the better equipped they are to be the best they can be.

On Monday evening, we will host Year 7 mothers and sons in the Campbell Centre for an evening of conversation led by a company known as ‘Time & Space’. The event provides an opportunity for both students and parents to gain some insight into the world of the other. We look forward to a strong attendance at what promises to be a rewarding evening. On the subject, I would like to wish all of our mums a wonderful day on Sunday. While our pastoral system attempts to emulate the atmosphere of the home, there is no substitute for family and we are greatly appreciative of the efforts of our mums in ensuring their sons’ Terrace journey is as fulfilling as possible.

NAPLAN is now complete and we are more than half way through the teaching period of the term. I trust that routines are well-established at home as the term becomes even busier for all year levels. I challenge every one of our young men to be disciplined and self-motivated at this important time.