Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

This week is the half way mark in the teaching and learning part of the term.


This week our Years 5, 7 and 9 students completed their Naplan testing. The program covered Language Conventions and Writing task on Tuesday, Reading (Comprehension) on Wednesday and Numeracy on Thursday. In the event of absence on the day due to illness, missed tests will be carried out tomorrow. The outcomes of these tests will, in the coming weeks, be forwarded to Terrace and results will be posted home to parents. The results from this testing are used in our in- house program of the “Hopemeter”. This data allows us to further track and support our students.


This week is our half way mark in the teaching and learning part of the term. I encourage all our boys ensure they are following their study plan. At school assembly last week we spoke about the need to make sure that even though we are blessed with many resources, we must ensure that the boys use these resources and they make a commitment. This term is often a term where boys can become very committed to assignments at the expense of their exam revision. The checklist details all topics and concepts required for this term’s exams. Consolidation of learning is essential for successful outcomes. This consolidation will not occur if revision is not done repetitively across the weeks leading into exams.


As teachers, we have the privilege to share the journey of past pupils. Our boys are very generous in returning to Terrace and keeping in contact. One of the questions I often ask past pupils is how they are coping with tertiary studies and what we could have done to further support them into their entry to further education. Last week I had a conversation with one of our Seniors of last year. He has just received some grades on his first year studies at the University of Queensland. The wonderful news was that he had received grades of seven- the highest possible score achievable. One of the many challenges in the first year of tertiary students is around the standard required and the commitment required. To achieve this grade within the first six months is certainly a credit to this young man. When I enquired about his method for this achievement, he commented on how he was still logging hours and this allowed him to track and measure his progress. It is wonderful to hear that our boys move beyond our environment and use the key study strategies to further their success at university.

I wish all our mothers a very happy Mothers' day. All the love and care you have invested in your sons have made them the wonderful young men with whom we are blessed to share our days .