Captain’s Corner | Vice Captain, Matthew Lo Grande

It is important to ensure that every Terracian is living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

As Term 2 is rapidly coming to an end and Week 5 is nearly over, every single one of us is feeling the pressure. It’s fair to say that this part of the term is crunch time! We all have numerous assessment pieces due within the next two weeks, so it is vital to ensure that homework and revision are being completed so we are prepared for our upcoming exams.

In order to achieve this successfully it is important to ensure that every Terracian is living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Sleeping suitable hours, eating well, and making good decisions now, will ultimately pay off during stressful periods. Personally, I have experienced the trap of getting caught up working on assignments while forgetting about exam revision and I ensure you that during exam block I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been. In order to be prepared during exam block, it’s the work we are putting in now that will ultimately pay off. In this time of chaos there is no point of adding stress by not completing homework or putting that extra 30 minutes of Maths revision in each night.

As Round 5 sporting fixtures are approaching I would like to congratulate the 1stXI on winning back-to-back games against Churchie and Brisbane Grammar. The support and spirit displayed on Saturday by all the Terrace boys was an integral part of the 3-2 win ensuring that the boys got over the line. I would also like to congratulate the 1st IV Tennis team who have won 4 from 4 and are currently the only undefeated team in the competition. This week they are fighting for top spot and I would like to wish them good luck in their quest to defeat TSS. Furthermore, I would like to wish all Terrace boys good luck in their respective sporting fixtures this weekend, give it your all!