Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

TTN's Mother's Day stall was a sell-out success.

Draw inspiration from their actions and examples. Even better, become a role model.

The Spirit of Campus Ministry

So, my message for today is – look for role models, whether it be to Gregory Terrace Old Boys leading Orange Sky Laundry or Ubuntu Through Health…..draw inspiration from their actions and examples. Even better, become a role model. Don’t wait for your mates to put their hand up before you. Join in. Make the choice to be the first to be the example for others to follow. Terrace’s strength has always come from Terracians willing to stand up, be noticed and be followed. Make a difference.

With these stirring words College Vice-Captain Jack Kimmins addressed our Campus Ministry Spirit Assembly. What a tremendous message of how to enact a key tenant of our student formation program - ‘talk the talk and walk the walk’. Jack’s reflections were inspired by his family’s experience with assisting the reunion and settlement of a refugee family to Brisbane. Most significantly, Jack’s reflection highlight the tremendous ministry work of our Terrace Family. Students, staff, parents and Old Boys, all committed to animating a spirit of service in light of the Gospel values of compassion, humility and solidarity. The swarm of Terracians advancing on last Friday’s Terrace Timor Network’s Mother’s Day stall – who’d have thought we’d sell out in 15 minutes! - provided another clear example of how the ‘spirit of Campus Ministry’ is well and truly alive at the College.

When I visited East Timor on Immersion last year, I met Flori, close Timorese friend of Terrace. He spoke of a childhood lived out in fear. In 1999, Flori and his family were forced to flee their village in fear and hide out in the forest of Timor-Leste’s mountains. Thousands upon thousands of Timorese were forced into doing the same, but not all would survive to tell of their trauma. 18 years later, Flori has graduated from university in Australia and represented Timor’s national football team. Like Timor-Leste, Flori’s freedoms were taken, as was his land. However, like Timor has done, Flori persisted and fought past this oppression to lead a life of independence and opportunity.’ - Henry Silvey (Year 11)

The ongoing commitment of the Christian Brother’s Oceania Province and the Terrace Timor Network, sees the work that began with Gregory Terrace Old Boy Br Dan Courntey 18 years ago continuing to evolve and prosper. In support of economic independence and development, the ministry of Timor-Leste focuses on the development of coffee and vanilla bean agriculture, hand-made gift cards and hand-woven tapestries and a trade training workshop. Enabling efficient access to health care services that are responsive to high infant mortality rates continues to be a focus. The training and funding of teachers remains a priority with providing education to the youth of Timor-Leste, who account for half of the population.

We stand in solidarity with the Timorese and join with them in liberating their country beyond the struggle and sacrifice and into hope and happiness. Never underestimate the role each of us play in this collective friendship. Whether it be through a cup of Kolega(‘friend’ in Tetum) coffee, a conversation about Timor-Leste with your son, a Bro Band around your wrist or the giving of a Timor gift card, you are part of a wonderful friendship. A friendship we must cherish.