Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

All boys playing TSS at Southport this weekend are required to make their own way there. There will be NO busses from Terrace.

For the last two weeks, the Terrace community have hosted visiting schools at our facilities. Hosting is always a pleasurable experience where our community can welcome visitors and show off Tennyson, Victoria Park, Ambiwerra and other venues to the best of their abilities.

I would like to thank everybody for all the hard work that has gone on, in the last two weeks, your work has been outstanding.

This weekend we travel to TSS for an away fixture. Travelling this distance, it is important to time your travel well so that you arrive with plenty of time to prepare / warm up for your fixture. There is nothing worse than being late for the start time or arriving right at start time. It creates anxiousness and uncertainty amongst your team mates and regularly leads to poor personal and team performances.


I would like to congratulate the two flagship teams of our Football and Tennis programs – 1st XI and 1st IV respectively.

It would be easy to focus on their outstanding victories for the last two weeks, rather, the focus I would like to point out is the manner in which the boys have applied themselves to getting the hard work done and fully committing.

These two teams have very good players, that is a given, but I truly believe that they are reaping rewards based on their never say die attitude. They are hard workers who never give up.

This Saturday is the half way point of Term 2 competition and TSS will provide stern opposition. For our Tennis 1st IV who are currently undefeated and sit on top of the ladder – they face the currently ranked 2nd team – it is an exceptionally important round.

The Football 1st XI, sitting mid field on six points, it is a must win game against the school directly below them on four points. Successful seasons come from recognising opportunities and taking chances in game execution. Good luck to all boys involved on the weekend.


The Championships are starting to loom large with approximately two weeks to go. This Friday evening the team will head to Limestone Park in Ipswich for their first and last pre-Championship meet on the actual course.

Coach Hughes is happy with what has occurred so far this season – but is cognisant that success can be made or lost over the next two weeks if the boys don’t stay focussed.

Limestone is a hilly course – and the boys have done plenty of work on the hills.

Keep training hard, keep training intelligently and listen to you coach – follow directions and guidance and stay under the Terrace umbrella of coaching.

Good luck for this Friday.