Years 7, 8 and 9 Program Leader | Mr Damien Coman

The view of Maroon enjoyed by our Year 8s.

Years 7-9 have been very busy.

As always, these year levels have been incredibly busy with their studies and there are an extraordinary number of students committed to the co-curricular program this term which is great to see.

  1. NAPLAN- Our Years 7 and 9 students were very reliable with listening to instructions of where to be and what to bring to help them perform their best for this set of tests. The structures in place at Terrace enabled these tests to run very smoothly.
  2. Outdoor Education- The Year 8s continue to participate in this specific program run very capably by the GTOEC Director Mr Toby Gowland and his team.
  3. Year 7 Mother and Son night-Mr Bill Jennings hosts this special event where it structures a number if activities between students and their mothers in a special way. Hopefully, participants found this a very worthwhile opportunity provided by the College.
  4. Shrek Production- I had the pleasure of attending the Saturday night performance with my family. It was a very impressive and entertaining night which obviously had an enormous amount of time put into it by students and staff alike. I congratulate every young man who had the courage and talent to perform in front of a full house.
  5. Formation-recent lessons for Year 7 include people who make a difference/creating a term plan, Year 8 -How to focus/ be a responsible ‘Digital Terracian’ including online etiquette, the issue of distractions and cyber bullying. Year 8 also had Mr Luke McKenna as a guest speak about unleashing their own personal potential in their studies. Year 9- ‘What the top students do differently’/study spaces, neuroplasticity.
  6. We had a large number of students contest the APSMO (Australian Problem Solving & Mathematics Olympics) across Years 7-9 which was very encouraging. Students wrestled with a number of challenging questions. An example of one of the questions the Year 8’s completed was: If xy squared equals 12 and x squared y equals 18, what is the value of xy?

This weekend is an important one in terms of ensuring that a student’s plans for their assignments are on track. Weekends can provide blocks of time that are simply unobtainable at night.