Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

The Careers Expo is a very unique and special opportunity offered to our boys.

Career Expo

Yesterday was another very successful annual Careers Expo. My thanks to past students and parents who so willing give their time to the current students at Terrace to inform them of what their own careers involve from a personal point of view. The presentation entitled “Business Life after school and University” was again a most informative presentation. The Careers Expo is a very unique and special opportunity offered to our boys.

Exam timetables

Exam timetables have now been issued to all boys. As we tell the boys each term, this is a significant document in ensuring that they strategically need to use to prepare for exams. The outcomes from these exams will form the semester one outcome. Many boys are keenly striving for an academic medal that is based upon these Semester 1 results. With this focus in mind, I strongly encourage boys to make their academics the focus across the remaining weeks.

Years 8, 9 and 10 Students

Students in Years 9 and 10 should now have chosen their elective for next semester between History and Geography. Once selected, forms need to be downloaded and signed by parents and returned to the respective Humanities teacher.

Students in Year 8 need to select their preference in the Creative Arts subjects- Music, Art or Drama. Please note that all selections are dependent upon resourcing and as such students may not receive their first choice.

“Slight Edge”

I am currently reading a book entitled The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. This book was recommended by a colleague and student. While I am still some pages from completion, the book offers wisdom around success as having the discipline to practice the simple things that will ultimately affect an outcome. This idea would be very familiar with our successful students.

Below are some insights into the book:

  • “Success in life comes one day at a time” and, as Jeff Olson suggests, one step at a time. The Slight Edge will show you how your daily decisions can be the ultimate key to your success.
  • What Seligman’s happiness revolution has done is worked out the precise steps that it takes to do that. And what the positive psychologists have found is that happiness isn’t some big thing you pursue, not something you chase after. It’s not something “out there” that you have to go way out of your way to hunt down, like some sort of psychological or emotional safari. It’s right in front of our noses. It’s not something you pursue, it’s something you do.
  • Or to be more accurate, it’s a lot of somethings you do. It's a lot of a little somethings.