Dean of Waterford | Mr Damien Cuddihy

As usual we have had a number of events happening around the Waterford space over the past fortnight. The Waterford Place council has been in full swing running an ultimate disc tutor group competition. In addition to this a number of boys ran a “Daggy Jumper” day last week to raise awareness and funds for Brisbane Youth Services.

A large number of students attended the annual Terrace Careers Expo held on Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully these presentations have assisted the boys in developing some direction with their understanding of the options available at the various tertiary institutions in Queensland. The expo ties in well with the Careers program being run through the Year 10 Formation classes for the rest of this term leading into Year 11 subject selection early in the third term.

The assignment period is coming to an end with the last of the assignments for the term due in next week. The focus needs to shift quickly to the upcoming exam block which commences on Monday the 12 June. The exam timetable was handed out to the boys on Monday.