Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Terrace Tennis on top of the table.

Cancellation considerations

Following on from last weekend where there was a cancellation of the Cross Country on Friday afternoon, and the majority of Tennis and Football on Saturday, I thought it would be appropriate to provide some background to the consideration as to why events are cancelled.

Firstly, the host of each of these three events controls the final decision as to whether the event goes ahead.

For the Cross Country – the Ipswich City Council requested that TGS, the hosts, cancel the event The Council had already cancelled sections of the Ipswich show that day and then requested the cancellation of the Cross-Country event – due to the current weather and the prediction of further rain – and the damage it would cause to public park land.

TSS hosted the Football and Tennis.

The volume of rain at the coast on the Thursday and Friday leading into the Saturday fixture was far more than what Brisbane experienced.

For Football on Saturday, the fields were water logged – with water still lying on the surface in several areas on different fields. After two games these three fields were significantly chopped up.

For Tennis – the only fixture was delayed some 45 minutes and with five courts to choose from only two were deemed suitable for play – late and with continuous work being done on them.

The playing surface that boys will compete on is determined by the 24 to 48 hours leading up to the event. Not just what appears on the day.

It is always the intention to play wherever possible however the safety of the boys, families travelling and the damage done to the grounds are factors that need to be considered.

Bus collection

Boys returning to the College after training at Tennyson do so by being dropped off along Gregory Terrace at the Chapel.

I would ask Parents not to park in the bus zones on Gregory Terrace – to allow the buses to pull in.

Please park in Rogers Street or Victoria Street to allow the buses some room to park and drop your sons off.

Sport sign on

This is Week 6 and sport sign on for Term 3. Please go to Parent Lounge and accept your sport for next term

Basketball or Rugby | with the option to include Track and Field

TSS results

The Tennis 1st IV had their best win of the year so far to remain on top of the ladder with a 5-3 victory over their opponents. Terrace went into the final doubles 3-3 all with TSS but superb play by our boys allowed our supporters to witness Terrace winning both doubles.

Season momentum is building and the boys are looking forward to the rounds against IGS and TGS – danger games if they take their opposition lightly. Final round vs BBC will be the strongest test for the season. Keep that Friday evening, 16 June free to come and support the boys.


For the Football 1st XI, the Terrace men were again outstanding – offering up numerous chances, they converted on two occasions.

Again, the tenacity of the team was first rate, chasing everything down, harassing the opposition. It is amazing what can be achieved through 100% commitment. Well done to the boys.

This weekend is a bye weekend – followed by IGS at home and TGS away – two teams that will allow the boys to test themselves fully.

Last round vs BBC is still being organised for the Friday afternoon – more details to come. This emerging 1st XI need to identify the opportunities in the next three weeks and convert every chance to be the best Terrace 1st XI in 25 years.

The chances and the choices are there to be made.