College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Each May we celebrate the mothers of our community.

Mothers' Masses

Each May, during the month of Mary, we have a tradition at Terrace where we celebrate the mothers of our community. We do this with a series of Masses, particularly with our Year 12 students and their mums. Also, there is a Mass offered for the Terrace Performing Arts community and the mums who lead this vibrant aspect of our school. At this Mass, I was struck by the words of Father Gerry Hall who spoke about poetry being more true than history and that creativity is within the very nature of God. The creative and artistic people within our community; students, parents, teachers and Old Boys remind us of this almost on a daily basis through the laughter we share, the solemn moments of reflection and the transcendent moments of wonder as we listen to a great singer, musician or storyteller or gaze in amazement at an extraordinary photograph, painting or montage. Father Gerry's words, heard by a few in our beautiful Chapel, are so true of our human experience that what is most meaningful and powerful is often beyond our immediate understanding as is the love Mary had for her Son and our mums have for theirs. Blessed Edmund Rice’s spirituality and mission were profoundly influenced by his Mother and the Mother of God-we gave thanks for the influence, leadership and guidance of all women in our community.

Staff News

Congratulations to Mr Rob Sweeper who has been appointed as the acting Head of the Human Movement Faculty while Mr Mason Hellyer acts as Dean of Waterford during Term 3 and the first two weeks of Term 4. We wish Mr Sweeper well for this professional growth experience. Mr Pat Collins will join the HPE teaching team for this time and Mr Alex Berry will have his Term 2 contract extended, including some work as the HPE aide. Thank you to Mr Sweeper, Mr Collins and Mr Berry for their assistance during this time.

While Mrs Loren Serafin-Huey is on long service leave during Term 3, and Mr James Turner is acting as Head of the Business and Technology Faculty, Mrs Natalie Berndt will join our staff community as a teacher of Accounting and Business. We look forward to welcoming Mrs Berndt and wish Mrs Serafin-Huey well for her leave.