Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

With exams coming remember to Prepare, Practice and Persevere.

Preparation against Performance

Many elite athletes will tell the story of training programs that were executed with precision and perfection and subsequent race performance outcomes that were disappointing. With students moving into exams next week, we need to ensure that their mental preparation for the exam matches their efforts in their preparation program. Often my message to boys is to remind them that if they have invested their time into their studies, then it is their expectation and right to obtain strong results. Boys need to feel confident that their preparation will lead to their success. Many boys doubt themselves when under the pressure of exams and this leads to lack of confidence in responding to exam questions. I know that there are many students who have worked diligently across this term- the next weeks of exams are when they deserve their reward.

Some exam strategies for maximising outcomes are listed below

  • The night before the exam make sure you have checked and packed the required equipment.
  • The night before the exam go over rules, dates or any other rote learning that is required.
  • The night before the exam, mentally list off every topic and key points in the topics that you have covered in the exam subject during the term.
  • Make sure you get adequate sleep the night before the exam.
  • On the morning of the exam, make sure you have a good breakfast.
  • On arrival at school do not get caught up in ‘panic conversation’ that could undermine your confidence.
  • Plan your strategy for time allocation prior to the exam.
  • Be positive and confident! If you have worked hard during the term this is the time when you deserve to be rewarded. Go into the exam feeling strong and confident – do not doubt yourself.
  • During perusal read the paper carefully. Use a highlighter to remind or make yourself aware of key points.
  • During the exam be aware of the time. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to answer a question when you know how to do it!
  • Work hard for the whole duration of the exam. Check, check and re-check your work until it is time to hand in your exam paper.
Remember the 3 ‘Ps’ – Prepare, Practice and Persevere

Mathematics Teams Challenge

The Met North Mathematics Teams Challenge attracts approximately 300 keen and enthusiastic Mathematicians from across Brisbane. Teams consist of five students and Terrace was represented by six teams on the day. Students represented Terrace in three divisions: two Junior teams in Year 7/8 (finished 3rd and 5th), two Intermediate teams in Year 9/10 (finished 1st and 5th) and two Senior teams in Year 11/12 (finished 1st and 3rd). Congratulations to all the boys who participated. Thank you to Mrs Griffin for all her efforts in coordinating these boys for the maths teams challenge and to Mrs Harris, Ms MacGinley and Old Boys Mr Liam Fitzgerald, Mr Ben Crowley and Mr Alex Seeto for their assistance on the day.

Terrace Teams 2017