College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Staff News

Mrs Christene Clark has tendered her resignation from the College at the end of the term. Mrs Clark has contributed strongly and generously to the Exceptional Learners Faculty and we wish her well. There will be an opportunity to formally acknowledge Mrs Clark at the end of the term.

Joining the Exceptional Learners Faculty next term will be Mrs Megan Montaner. Mrs Montaner will predominantly work in the Years 7 to 9 support area and Mrs Bronwyn Platz will return to the staff in a Semester 2 contract position working in the Years 5 to 7 learning support area. We look forward to the boys benefitting from their expertise.

Next semester, Mr Matthew Shields will move from the Exceptional Learners Faculty and lead Mr Michael Wooldridge’s classes as Mr Wooldridge is taking extended leave to continue looking after his newly born triplets-good luck to him!

Mr Alex Berry has been with us in a contract position this term and will extend his stay next term and for part of Term 4 teaching in the HPE Faculty part-time and working as the HPE Aide as well. Mr Patrick Collins, who has been working as our HPE Aide will be transitioning to a full time Term 3 contract position working in the HPE and RE Faculties relieving for Mr Damien Cuddihy, Mr Mason Hellyer, Mr Rob Sweeper and Mr James Turner while they act in Senior and Middle leadership positions for this time.