Dean of Students | Mr Damien Fall

This time of term raises the important topic of sleep.

Exams are underway for most students at what is certainly the business end of the term. The next week represents the final push before holidays, and I would expect that our students will go into the holiday period feeling tired and ready for a break. This time of term raises the important topic of sleep, an area that is often overlooked as a potential source of problems for teenagers who are not getting enough of it. Much is written about teenagers and sleep, and recent research indicates strong links between sleep and general wellbeing. In an effort to investigate the topic further, the College has engaged the services of a company known as ‘The Sleep Connection’. Specialising in sleep for teenagers and children, The Sleep Connection has an excellent website that provides information about this important topic; please see the link below. Next term, in conjunction with the Parent/Teacher/Student interview evening, we will run some information sessions about sleep that will be relevant to students and parents. Further information will be sent home about this in the near future. - 2amount

Below is a link to an article that may be of interest to parents. It addresses the topic of students who use their phones late at night when they should be sleeping. As indicated in the article, there is credible research indicating that students who deprive themselves of sleep through overuse of mobile phones late at night place themselves at greater risk of poorer mental health, lower self esteem and behavioural problems. A quick survey of one of my Year 9 Formation classes quickly showed that the majority of students are regularly on their phone when they should be asleep (and certainly when their parents believe they are sleeping). When done enough times, this behaviour becomes a habit that makes it more difficult for young men to get to sleep quickly. I recommend the article as a quick and relevant read for all parents. In connection with the website, sons may be able to collaborate with their parents to plan a way to ensure they get enough sleep (as a clue, it might involve screens being removed from bedrooms after lights out).

Next Friday afternoon, our 1st Football and Tennis teams will play BBC in their final fixture. Some students will want to attend as spectators and we will advertise this as an option next week. Due to space restrictions at the Tennis, it is likely that we will be limited in the number of spectators we can send. Once we have finalised details, we will communicate the plan. I wish our Gymnasts all the very best for the GPS Championships this Saturday. I admire the dedication these young men show despite the limited recognition they receive for their skills; they are forced to be humble in the way they approach their sport and I think there is a lesson here for all boys who represent Terrace. Learning to compete, win and lose with humility is an important life lesson we can take from sporting competition. All the best to our young men as they complete exams over the next week.