Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

This next week is significant in determining final outcomes.

With exams commencing for students, this next week is significant in determining final outcomes. One of the strategies that a very successful past student used was to test himself by assuming that he was the teacher delivering the lesson to a class. This student had a large whiteboard in his room and would deliver a lesson to a fictitious class. In the student’s words “if I could not explain it, then I did not know nor understand it “. It may be a very timely purchase of a whiteboard for a number of students.

All students should have a study plan for their revision of each of their exams leading up to the day of the exam. Revision should not be left to chance - this is inevitably where a subject can be neglected in receiving adequate preparation.

Exam block for Year 11 and 12 students gives an opportunity for students to maximise their time by not having to spend time in travelling to school. However, if students are finding it difficult to use their time effectively at home, I encourage them to either use the school facilities for their study or go to their local library where a study environment can be accessed.

All students are required to have a transparent pencil case for exams. They are also required to have their student card on their desk so rolls can be marked without disruption during the exam.

Some students in Years 9, 10and 11 are considering subject changes for Semester 2. A request for a change of subject requires a student to complete a form that can be collected from Student Services. A change of subject should be sought only if a student feels that his strength is not in a particular area, rather than a lack of effort as the reason. This is an example of where logging hours can provide valuable information in decision making. As Year 11 students have been reminded, a change of subject does result in the changed subject becoming summative (being considered) towards their final OP score. Hence if exiting a subject, boys need to exit strongly.

This next week is a time when many boys should seek and attain the rewards of all their hard work across Term 2. I know that many boys have worked very hard all term and they should now feel confident in attempting their exams. This is not a time to doubt oneself if the work and time have been invested – it is a time to seek reward. With assignments now complete, we need to finish strongly over this final week. My best wishes to all our students in this time of assessment.