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The Terrace Mooting team

Congratulations to our students on some outstanding competition results.

Auction Idol 2017 Recap

The ability to think on your toes, make split second decisions on whether to take the bid, to have the commanding presence to control a roomful off bidders yelling out numbers; these are the skills of auctioneering. The image of the classic auctioneer is that big guy with the booming voice yelling out a bunch of words you can barely understand. However, that is the past. The new generation of auctioneers are young, clean talking, well-presented and outspoken men and women.

The schools Auction Idol program began 11 years ago in South Australia, teaching the art of the auction, knowledge on details of a sale and the confidence and skills of public speaking. Queensland is in its second year of running the program led by Mr Adrian Pauley at Waterford Place, where every Monday afternoon boys and girls from a range of schools come to learn, practice and eventually compete.

This year the first international school’s Auction Idol competition was held with competitors from Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and New Zealand. Charlie Parer, Year 11, was the runner up in this year’s competition and said, It was great to be able to compete and learn so many new skills, learnt from both Mr Pauley and Haesley Cush who I cannot thank enough. It was an honour to represent not only Terrace but Queensland.

The College congratulates Charlie on his outstanding success in this International Competition.


Mooting is a simulated court proceeding where students in teams are presented with a legal problem which they are required to argue before a ‘judge’ or ‘panel of judges’. Through their preparation and presentation of each case, students must show an understanding of the relevant laws and how it should be applied in their client’s case. Gregory Terrace entered a team consisting of Year 12s.

Senior Counsel - Connor Wright

Junior Counsel - Xavier Clark

Solicitor - Matt Latter

The standard was exceptionally high and all students, coaches and teachers can feel justifiably proud – it was a significant achievement in 2017 where 76 teams from every State and Territory competed in 38 moots.

Terrace achieved second place in the Grand Final. The moot was described by Judge Newton as one of the best moots he had seen in terms of understanding the intricacies of the law.

Adding further acclaim to the team, both Connor Wright, Senior Counsel, and Xavier Clark, Junior Counsel, were awarded winners of the Individual Oralist Awards for the preliminary rounds of the competition. An incredible result all round for the 2017 Terrace Moot team. Congratulations to Connor, Xavier, Matt and their coach Ms Knott.

Debating Dinner

Congratulations to the Terrace Debaters and the Debating Supporters Group for hosting another great event to celebrate our Terrace Debaters. The night started with a sit down dinner and moved into the Edmund Rice Theatre for an awards ceremony and comedy debate between our Senior A and a representation of parent, teacher and coach. This year’s topic was ‘That the younger generation have it easier.’

Affirmative Team – Isaac Wade, Jack Kimmins, Joe Pincus

Negative and winning team – Mrs Jenny Ryan, Mr John McKinlay, Mr Simon Pincus

USA Tour Parent Information Evening

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