Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Year 9 Tennis

Remember, Preparation = Performance.


From time to time it is important to remind all Terrace athletes of the College’s expectations around respecting our opposition and respecting the privilege of representing the College.

The distance in travelling to Toowoomba is no excuse to not turn up this weekend. Nor is the timing of exams or assignments – the round has been published in the calendar all year.

There is an expectation to be available for your game – be it at Tennyson, Ipswich or Toowoomba. It reflects very poorly on the College when Terrace boys use the excuse that it is too far to travel to Toowoomba, Ipswich or even the Gold Coast, when students from these schools do so every second weekend. You have made a commitment for the season so please be on time.

Please note: Travelling Time

It will take approximately two hours to travel to Toowoomba this Saturday. Please leave home with plenty of time to get to your game to warm up and prepare.

Preparation = Performance.


Well done to all the young men who competed last week at the GPS Championships for Cross Country.

It was a cool start to the day but it was brilliant weather in the end for the Championships on a testing Limestone Course.

The Junior boys kicked the day off well with William Charles 4th in the 10 years and under and Max Van Balen 11th in the 11 years and under.

The Senior boys found the going a bit tougher. The 13, 14 and 15 year boys were, I think, a bit over awed by what was going on around them and did not reproduce what they had been showing in the lead up meets. As a team, in their age levels they did not perform up to their best standards.

Individually in 13 years Mitchell Taylor was first home in 37th place, 14 years Griffin Kelly came in 12th, in 15 years Jeremiah Woodward came home 15th, well supported by Michael Gould 19th. In 16 years Oliver Seawright was 3rd with Xavier Warson in 10th place.

The Open team provided the best result of the day coming 2nd as a team – well done. The highlights being the 1st place in individual honours by Nick Erzetic, supported by Jeremy Davis in 4th place and Dominic Walsh in 17th place. The remaining top six runners of Kiernan Thompson 24th, Harry Watt 28th and Bill Bingham 33rd made up the remainder of the point score for this age level.

Thank you to the support group for their assistance on the day. Special thanks to Mr Andrew Ebrington and Ms Cerene Hughes for their guidance and leadership on this program, that has been reinvigorated this year.


The power and poise of the program was displayed last weekend vs IGS in Tennis with Terrace dominating across all teams on the day with Terrace winning 16 fixtures to IGS 4 fixtures.

A very dominant performance with standout showings by the Open 2nds 72-2, 11A 48-4, 11B 48-5, 8A 49-14, 7A 48-7, 7B 43-10, 7C 48-4 and 5A 48-6.

The Open First IV rolled through their opponents in the morning winning all 8 matches, all 16 sets and winning 96 games to 13 games.

This team remains undefeated and on track for a last round show down with BBC for the premiership.


A successful day vs IGS last Saturday for the Football program with Terrace winning 14 fixtures, IGS 7 wins and one draw. Interestingly IGS won the “A” divisions from Year 8 through to Open.

The First XI competed exceptionally well for the majority of their fixture – conceding a goal to only equalise themselves some two minutes later.

Half time 1 – 1 all, a slight concentration lapse early in second half had Terrace behind but continual pressure for the remainder of the half did not result in a Terrace goal. A late penalty to IGS saw them run out eventual winners 3 – 1.

The strength and dogged determination of the First XI was highly evident on Saturday – the boys need to keep it up for the remaining games this Saturday vs TGS and the following Friday night vs BBC.