Captain’s Corner | Vice Captain, Matthew Lo Grande

Be a part of history this Saturday.

Gents, welcome back to Term 3. I hope the holiday break was enjoyable and relaxing. It is important that the transition from holiday mode to school mode happens instantly this week. Week 1 is integral, as it sets the tone for the term; we do not want to be falling behind from the first week, missing important knowledge for exams and assignments. It is very easy to slack off this term, but it is a test of character to stay focussed and work hard until September.

The St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace and St Joseph’s Nudgee College Rugby rivalry commenced 126 years ago and since then, each time the red and black has battled the blue and the white it has been much more than just a game of rugby.

Players participating on the weekend have their own chance to create history. The St Joseph’s Cup is won by the school that wins the most games across the day. In 2017, this is something that we all must strive for. In 2004, the Terrace 1st XV was victorious at home against Nudgee, and since then the only victory was in 2016 winning at home. In 36 years Terrace is yet to defeat Nudgee at Ross Oval. Last year, following our historic 1st XV victory, Isaac Lucas (Fly half for the 1st XV) was interviewed and said:

the Terrace supporters have become the 16th man all year and it’s so helpful out there.

This weekend the 1st XV will be chasing history trying to break the 36-year drought. It will not be easy, although if all Terracians in the community embrace the day and flood the hill at Ross Oval in red and black and become the 16th man, the Terrace 1st XV might just create history. Nudgee will certainly fill the grandstand and make their presence felt on Nudgee’s home turf. Although I have no doubt that all Terrace boys from Year 5 to Year 12 will certainly turn Nudgee’s fortress into an atmosphere filled with Terrace Spirit.

Prior to the 1st XV, the 1st V will be taking on Nudgee at Nudgee at 12.30pm. All the boys attending 1st XV should support the 1st V as they continue to stamp their dominance against Nudgee in their own back yard. Be a part of history this Saturday.

12.30pm 1st V

2:15pm 1st XV Ross Oval