College Dean | Mr Chris Ryan

Welcome to our French friends.

A warm welcome to Term 3.

French Exchange Students

Welcome to our annual group of friends from France who are with us for the next few weeks in class. Thank you to the Terrace families who are hosting our guests from Bondues and Nantes. Thank you to Mrs Lindsey Maher, the French Coordinator for all of her work in supporting the boys and their hosts.


Baptiste CACHOT







Staff News

A warm welcome back to Mrs Janine Sulzer, Mr Andrew Ball and Mr Anthony Hayward who all return from long service leave this week.

Also a warm welcome to our new members of staff:

  • Mrs Diana Thiele (Finance Office)
  • Ms Sian Graham who is working at Waterford in English, Humanities and Drama for this semester replacing Mr David Giles.
  • Ms Natalie Berndt will be teaching Accounting and Business while Mrs Loren Serafin-Huey is on leave and Mr James Turner acts as Head of Faculty. Mrs Serafin- Huey will facilitate her Parent/Teacher interviews.
  • Mrs Megan Montaner joins the Exceptional Learners Faculty on an ongoing basis working in Years 7 to 9 support in particular.
  • Mr Patrick Collins is with us this term teaching HPE and Religious Education.

A reminder of the following staffing changes for this term:

  • Mr Damien Cuddihy will act as Dean of Students while Mr Damien Fall is on long service leave.
  • Mr Mason Hellyer will act as Dean of Waterford.
  • Mr Rob Sweeper will act as Head of Faculty: Human Movement.
  • Mr James Turner will act as Head of Faculty: Business and Technology
  • Ms Cassie Bampton will act as Coordinator of Learning Support while Mrs Melissa Deacon is on leave.
  • Mrs Lisa Betts returns to the staff while Mrs Deacon is on leave and will work in the Exceptional Learners Faculty.
  • Mrs Susie Cooper returns for some of the term while Mrs Mary Meadows is on long service leave.

Thank you to these staff for accepting these roles and responsibilities and I wish them well for the term.