Years 5 and 6 Program Leader | Mr Brendan Ganley

Marcus Saunders, Max Van Balen and Charlie Lilwall at the Science Fair.

Today brings to an end an extraordinary term. Terrace is such a busy environment and all students will now finish knowing that they have put in all the work possible to achieve their goals. The preparation weeks have taken place and now the application week has concluded. With Term 4 being such a short term, being prepared for that first week will be crucial to success during the semester. Assessment will begin very early in Term 4, so preparation for this will be important. Assessment Calendars will be provided on the first day which gives each student a stepping stone in a short term.

Even though reports will not come out until after the holidays, the achievements of the term can be reflected on. The results now can’t change, but there could be reflection if the effort throughout the term was not the highest it could be. Each student should ask himself if he put in the best possible effort? If we cannot reflect on the past, there is little chance the future can be improved.

Today in the Campbell Centre, the Annual Science Fair took place. It was the culmination of a term’s work in science for our Years 5 and 6 students. Days like today are valuable as to pursue the challenges of science through prediction and discovery. Well done to our award winners on the day for your thoroughness and willingness to delve into the question of WHY?

A very happy holiday to all families. Wishing you a safe break with your family and may we see you re-energised for Term 4.