Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

In Round 1 the general standard of play in both programs, the commitment, enthusiasm and passion was outstanding.


Terrace turned out in significant numbers last weekend in our Round 1 fixture against our traditional rivals Nudgee College.

Thank you to all families and boys for their support of the College.

It was great to see the boys dressed proudly in their formal uniform supporting all teams.

Terrace were the program winner and 1st V winners in the Basketball whilst Nudgee College took the honours in Rugby program and 1st XV.

However, the general standard of play in both programs, the commitment, enthusiasm and passion was outstanding.

Regardless of individual results – the performances of the boys were outstanding and the enthusiasm for the context between these two schools only leaves one wanting more – in 2018 Terrace will welcome NC to Tennyson and the College in Round 2. For those that proudly represented the College in Rugby and basketball in 2017, the return fixture cannot come soon enough.


This Saturday we host BSHS in Rugby and Basketball. Unlike the NC Round 1, the College has had to secure a significant number of supplementary games in both activities.

To that end, I would like to specifically thank Mr Tyron Mandrusiak (Rugby) and Mr Sam Mackinnon (Basketball) for their efforts in securing games for all teams in both codes, well done. It is an enormous time consuming effort.

A glance at the schedules show the following:


38 games to be played

11 vs BSHS

28 vs Supplementary games (BBC, NC, TSS, ACGS)

1 BYE (15B)

As well as hosting 3 NC vs ACGS fixtures.


19 vs BSHS

11 vs Supplementary games (BBC, ATC)

Due to Met North Representation in the Under 15 age level the Under 15B team from BSHS has all but moved up to their 15A team, so a BYE was the only true alternative here. The Terrace 15A team also had a number of players missing – this taking numbers out of the Terrace 15B team.

Hosting other schools fixtures whenever Terrace host a home fixture it is preferable for all our sup games to be at Tennyson. When we are away we send out sup games away. This weekend to accommodate fellow schools who are on away fixtures, Terrace will host three supplementary games featuring two different visiting schools.


The College will participate in 11 official GPS activities throughout the year. However, from time to time, it is brought to our attention that boys have represented themselves and/or the College in any number of different activities that are not part of the 11 official GPS activities.

I firmly believe that boys who have achieved success in other sporting endeavours, need to be recognised and congratulated for their efforts.

So, if there has been success in representing Queensland at State or National Championships in eg. Water polo, Golf, Mountain Bike Riding, Cycling – whatever – please contact the College and inform us so we can mention it in the Terrace News or Terracian. Photos are always handy. Please contact through


It was pleasing to see the sportsmanship on display last weekend by both the Terrace and Nudgee boys involved.

In any activity, sometimes things can get heated / frustrated. It is always good to remember to try and stay calm – after all the best decisions are made when cool heads prevail.

Reminder not to respond to provocation – don’t let yourself or your team mates down.

Actions have consequences and in light of actions outside of normal school hours, it is good to learn the lessons of patience and control here at school sport, actions outside of school have significant consequences.