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Catholic Education Week will be celebrated across Queensland this week.

Sharing the Journey

Catholic Education Week will be celebrated across Queensland this week. The 302 Catholic schools educating over 146 000 students and employing more than 18 500 teachers and staff will take time this week to celebrate the special ethos of Catholic schools and to highlight the great things that take place in Catholic schools every day. We’ve been called to consider the concept of how our Terrace Family is ‘Sharing the Journey’. Which Journey? Journey to what?

Our journey to God is unique to each one of us. So too is our journey as a school and a church. Pope Francis encourages us with these words:

Today, we need a Church capable of walking at people’s side, of doing more than simply listening to them; a Church which accompanies us on the journey.The whole journey of life is a journey of see, to feel, to understand the beauty of what lies ahead, of the homeland towards which we walk.What is important is the whole journey by which we arrive at the mission the Lord entrusts to us.

A Catholic Terrace education, strives to form men of faith and learning by challenging or young men to live out the message of Jesus and to reach their full potential as compassionate, contributing, life-giving members of society. Tuesday’s Academic Medal Assembly highlighted the extraordinary dedication and talent that exists within our community. Furthermore, couple this with the recent House Choir and the current GPS Basketball, Chess and Rugby rounds, it highlights the emphasis our community places on ensuring a holistic education for our young men.

Let us not take for granted the wonderful gifts of a Catholic education. Our global church, network of Queensland Catholic schools and our Terrace Family has much to proud of and much to be stewards of. We are not alone. We walk with others, we are challenged by others and we are encouraged by others on this shared journey towards God and the realisation of the Gospel of Jesus.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts…..forever!

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