Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Students share their study success strategies.

Inspirational Stories

During Friday lunch time last week, we had the privilege to meet with boys in Years 7, 8 and 9 who were recognised as students who had made significant improvements to their Term 2 results compared with their Term 1 results. This setting gave the opportunity to ask boys about the strategies that have placed them in a position to make this significant improvement. The stories shared around the table were most remarkable. Examples of young people being determined to invest time into their studies through their own choice were highlights of the messages.

Listed below are some of their strategies:

  • I started my revision earlier
  • Kept on practising
  • Put more effort into subjects that I did not like
  • Paid attention more in class as I was not happy with the Term 1 results.
  • Did my assignments earlier which gave me more revision time
  • Concentrated more in class
  • Made a study plan
  • Divided the checklist into three parts and focussed on each part in turn
  • Talked with my teachers more
  • Gave myself a reward after completing set tasks
  • Used the checklist
  • Went to tutoring

Years 7, 8 and 9

Many thanks to all the parents who attended the information evening on Senior Schooling 2019 and beyond. We trust that this presentation gave some insights into the new system and the planning we have done around this new system to date. As we plan further, we will continue to update parents.

Year 10

All students in Year 10 should now have a booklet outlining the content and assessment for Senior subjects. This booklet also has details of individual interview times that will be held with a Head of Faculty, Dean of Waterford or Career’s counsellor. The information in the booklet should be read carefully prior to attending the subject information evening next Monday August 7 at 6pm in the Campbell Centre.

Year 12

On Wednesday our Year twelve students attempted a multiple choice paper in preparation for their practice papers on August 14 and 15. The multiple choice papers will be marked and results returned to the boys. Again, I commend our Seniors on their continued focussed approach to their QCS preparation.

Tracking and Mentoring - Year 5 to Year 12

Identified students from the reporting from term two continue to be monitored. A number of boys have met and will meet with staff around their academic outcomes. In particular, meetings will take place with boys who have lost or gained considerable academic ground across the terms.