Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

Ringing the bell!

Congratulations / Acknowledgements

At Tuesday’s assembly, the College recognised and congratulated some of the young men of our community for their performances, abilities and selections in front of their peers.

In Gymnastics, Ned Jessop and Lachlan Mitchell were congratulated for their leadership positions at the GPS Championships for Gymnastics late in Term 2.

Gymnastics is available for all boys - Years 5 through to 12 and caters for all levels and abilities, introductory through to advanced. Gymnastics information is currently being updated and will be emailed to the whole school in Week 5. Information can also be sourced via the Gymnastics tab on the College App -> SPORT -> Gymnastics in the coming week.

Congratulations Ned and Lachlan.

Water Polo is not a sport instantaneously recognised with Terrace or GPS sport. However, two of our young men were presented and congratulated on their selections in the Australian Representative teams on Tuesday.

Lachlan Steains and Reilly Townsend have been selected to represent Australia and travel to Montenegro, Serbia and Slovakia to compete in International tournaments. Well done Lachlan and Reilly.

Ring the Bell

The College had the opportunity to congratulate formally Nick Erzetic who was the individual race winner of the Open 6km race at the GPS Cross Country Championships held in Term 2. Nick completed the course in 19 minutes and 41 seconds, which was an outstanding performance on the challenging course at Limestone Park to record first place.

Nick’s performance has been recorded on the Championship Bell, a trophy which recognises victories by Terrace men in our Championship events of Swimming, Rowing, Cross Country, Gymnastic and Track and Field. Well done Nick. Let’s hope you and many of your fellow Track and Field Athletes perform strongly at the GPS Track and Field Championships on 27 October at QSAC, and have your names recorded on the bell. There are 20 plaques on the bell now recognizing victories. Let’s hope for a big haul coming again soon.

A different approach to leadership has been initiated in Track and Field due to the multi-disciplined event and spread of contact through eight different year/age levels. Boys who are representatives of their age levels have been identified and selected as age level leaders. These young men will act as a point of contact for their peers and be the conduits of information sharing.

Congratulations to Joseph Liddy Under 13, Matthew Mitchell Under 14, Ben McMahon Under 15, Keegan Sullivan Under 16, Nick Erzetic and Nick Beall, Opens.

The Track and Field Leadership of Captain and Vice Captain was also announced with Oscar Sullivan being selected as Captain and Nick Yem as Vice Captain of Track and Field in 2017. Congratulations to all the boys.

Track and Field Season

A reminder for all that training is well underway and boys should be identifying opportunities to train. If boys are currently in Rugby or Basketball, and still wish to represent in Track and Field then a balance between activities needs to be found. One session per week for Track and Field is satisfactory whilst in another inseason activity. If a boy is not in Rugby or Basketball and is interested in Track and Field, then he should be attending all Track and Field sessions specific to the discipline in which he would like to compete, to reap the benefits later in October.