Captain’s Corner | Vice Captain, Matt Lo Grande

It is important to stay focussed on and off the field.

As Term 3 gets busier with assignments, exam revision, and co-curricular activities, it is important that all Terracians stay focused on the tasks at hand. It’s very easy for all of us to go home and procrastinate until bed and then come to school in the morning without achieving any successful study or assignment work. For the mean time we might not be realising the consequences of procrastination. However, when exams sneak up on us, time studying rather than procrastinating will prove pivotal in our Term 3 results.

It’s also very important to find a balance between studies, co-curricular activities and sleep. Sleeping well now will ultimately provide us with full capability to maintain concentration in class each day at school allowing us as to learn as much as possible. Sleeping in class, and zoning out due to tiredness isn’t good enough during crucial periods of the term. Furthermore, sleeping well will ensure everyone stays healthy and isn’t missing school. Class time is critical as it is the most important time to learn and remember knowledge. Therefore missing classes will put you on the back foot and catching up will be required.

Saturday, the 1st XV are playing against The Southport School at 2.15pm at Tennyson. One team’s season will be over and the other will continue their journey to the premiership. It’s the biggest game of the season and the Red and Black army might just prove the difference and get the boys over the line. Saturday is also a great opportunity to have a break from the books and restore your energy required for the remainder of the weekend. Good luck to all the Basketball, Chess and Rugby players on the weekend!