Years 7, 8 and 9 Program Leader | Mr Damien Coman

Mr Damien Fall 'gets caught reading'

Is your checklist booklet being used effectively at this mid-point of the term?

The College celebrated Book Week with the library implementing a number of initiatives including the ‘Get Caught Reading’ campaign. I should note the staff photo winner was Mr Damien Fall reading besides a statue of Hans Christian Anderson whilst on Long Service Leave in the United States! Famous author Mr James Moloney attended a breakfast and the Year 7 then Year 8 cohorts then had a session each with James who shared his insights about writing styles, behind the scenes in his life as an author and where he drew some of his inspiration for writing from. The students asked some wonderful questions as their curiosity grew.

On Monday and Tuesday a significant number of Years 7,8 and 9 students were involved in the Future Problem Solving Finals (FPS). Congratulations to all of the hard working and talented young men and their coaches on their magnificent achievements in this area.

The Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN results were both strong and pleasing for Terrace. The way that our students approached these national benchmark tests was certainly a credit to them. They have maintained the College’s proud tradition of taking great pride in our academic results.

Week 5, leading into Week 6 is always a critical time of the term. The juggling metaphor can be a good one to highlight the challenges at present. Whilst homework is ongoing, assignments are well and truly in progress but exams that are approaching fast can’t be ignored either. We have to also juggle family commitments, friends and extra-curricular activities as well. Like anything in life, it is about using time effectively and chipping away at these elements each day (rather than letting them build into something that is too big to take on in too short a space of time). A question for our students: Is your checklist booklet being used effectively at this mid-point of the term?