Director of Sport | Mr Damian Wright

The Junior Youth Water Polo team in action!

Finish Strongly

There are three weeks left for Rugby and Basketball to complete their seasons. It is very important that the boys remain fully committed and focussed on finishing their respective seasons well.

BGS away, TGS home, BBC home – let’s aim for three from there and be proud of the season in full.

Supplementary Games

Some teams will have to travel this week – thank you for your commitment. Unfortunately, a number of our teams will now have a bye as during the week, two schools withdrew their teams from the supplementary draw due to their programs collapsing from lack of commitment and interest. This has resulted in some of our teams now having a bye and playing NC again.

Term 4 Sign On

Parents may now sign their son/s to the respective Term 4 activities via the Parent Lounge.

Competition Phase – Track and Field

The Term 4 priority is Track and Field for all boys. Throughout Term 3, Track and Field has co-existed with Rugby and Basketball, however, it has always had a much lower profile.

In Term 4, Track and Field is in the spotlight and finally takes the limelight over all other activities.

Both preseason Cricket and Rowing will be modified in the first two weeks of Term 4 to allow and provide a clear pathway for this in season sport.

If boys are confused or a clash is occurring then it needs to be clearly stated:

Track and field takes 100% priority

I will often hear that boys will consider that their selection in teams for Term 1 activities will be jeopardised if they don’t complete training session in Weeks 1 or 2 of Term 4. Putting it as strongly as I can – that is totally incorrect and no boy will be disadvantaged.

The Cricket program runs for 24 weeks in total; the Rowing program runs for 22 weeks. For anyone who has ever overseen a program or has had responsibility for the planning of a developmental skills acquisition, the common sense and balanced approach would recognise that missing the first two weeks of Term 4 to complete Track and Field training will have no effect on crew or team selections in Term 1.

In fact, it will enhance the overall movement development and athletic ability of a student.

Track and Field Meets – Term 4

There are two options available for boys to complete at lead up meets for Track and Field in Term 4:

  • Friday evening, 25 August @ QSAC
  • Friday evening 1 September @ QSAC

All disciplines are available for boys to be involved and I would highly encourage our young men to participate.


The ISSA Cup Team (Under 14) was eliminated at the at the Quarter Finals stage of the competition – well done to these young men who competed so strongly to get this far.

The UHLSport Cup Team (Open) played last night in the Semi Final vs St Laurence’s at Annerley Football Club. Congratulations to these young men. As we go to print, the results are not in however if the boys were successful, the grand final will be held next week at the Annerley Football Club on Wednesday 30 August – playing the winner of the other semi final either BSHS or IGS.


Congratulations to our Terrace Gentlemen who have excelled in Sport outside of the Terrace GPS competition.

Lachlan Steains (Year 10) has just returned to Australia after representing the country in the Junior Youth Water Polo Team in a six-nation tournament in Montenegro, followed by the European Championships in Belgrade. Australia placed 11th in the world.

Lachlan is now preparing for the Nationals to be held in September. Well done on an excellent and demanding past few weeks representing your country and doing Terrace proud.

Congratulations also to brothers, Liam Walsh (Year 11) and Finn Walsh (Year 9) for their placings in the State Time Trials at North Stradbroke last weekend. Liam won a gold medal in the Under 17 trails and Finn won bronze in the Under 15s.

Good luck to both boys as they go to Tasmania for the National Road Championships next week.