Captain’s Corner | Vice Captain, William Cook

QCS was on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. It’s weird to think that after almost a year of preparation the real deal actually happened! However, in spite of a few nerves, I felt quietly confident. Not because of my own ability – I didn’t learn to tie my shoe laces until Year 4, but because of the dedication that every boy in Year 12 has shown. From Friday afternoons to public holidays, we’ve really given our all. It’s all well and good to pat ourselves on the back for working hard, but I think that most of the praise should go to Mrs Quinn and all the staff who have been so committed to our success. Mrs Quinn, some would say the best QCS coach in Queensland, went above and beyond for us, organising world renowned writing coach, Dr Ian Hunter to give us multiple workshops. To Mrs Quinn, we say thank you. Thank you also to Mrs Anne Kirkwood and Mrs Rhonda Curry, who worked tirelessly to make sure every boy was equipped with the right stationery and that we had all the required materials to have workshops. To the support staff, we say thank you and to the Maintenance Department who have set up the Campbell centre countless times.

QCS is a team effort. Clearly, we are incredibly lucky to have the best team around. Every Year 12 student feels incredibly grateful to be a part of the Terrace Family. We are 18 000 strong.