Dean of Studies | Mrs Julie Quinn

Queensland Core Skills Test

On Tuesday and Wednesday our Senior students completed the two day testing of the Queensland Core Skills test. This test provides scaling parameters of final Senior results between both schools and subjects within schools. The results are not released until the Year 12 students have completed their year.

Our Seniors are to be commended on the effort and commitment made across these two days. Their focus and motivation to do well were outstanding and as I have quoted to the boys throughout the year- they deserve to do well. The theme for the Writing task paper this year was “what lasts”?

Year 8

A reminder to our Year 8 students that they must electronically lodge their two option subjects for next year. The relevant form must be printed and signed by the student and a parent and handed in to Mr Coman.

Year 9

A reminder to Year 9 students that every Friday morning at 7.30am in the GT125 theatre , Mr Coman conducts Friday roll call sessions. This is a very efficient way of making sure you understand the learning required in your core subjects. I strongly encourage boys to attend these sessions.


Next week is the start of exams for many students. Many boys have worked very hard this term and these exams will be recognition and reward for this commitment.

Below are some strategies for successful outcomes in exams:

The night before the exam
  1. Make sure you have checked and packed the required equipment.
  2. Go over rules, dates or any other rote learning that is required.
  3. Mentally list off every topic and key points in the topics that you have covered in the exam subject during the term.
  4. Make sure you get adequate sleep the night before the exam.
On the day of the exam
  1. Make sure you have a good breakfast.
  2. On arrival at school do not get caught up in ‘panic conversation’ that could undermine your confidence.
  3. Plan your strategy for time allocation prior to the exam.
  4. Be positive and confident! If you have worked hard during the term this is the time when you deserve to be rewarded. Go into the exam feeling strong and confident – do not doubt yourself.
  5. During perusal read the paper carefully. Use a highlighter to remind or make yourself aware of key points.
  6. During the exam be aware of the time. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to answer a question when you know how to do it!
  7. Work hard for the whole duration of the exam. Check, check and re-check your work until it is time to hand in your paper.
Remember the 3 ‘Ps’ – Prepare, practise and persevere.