The Weekly Wrap

Athlete Development

Term 3 has yet again seen further evolution within the Athlete Development Program. This term saw the continuation of the ever popular Yoga and Pilates sessions which have proven to be an integral part of the Program. As always, our Rugby and Basketball teams have had a great uptake with the injury prevention results proving the success of the program. It was also fantastic to see the introduction and application of our Swimming and Track and Field sports into the Athlete Development Program with high volumes of athletes noted during each of these sessions. So far in 2017 we have managed to implement Athlete Development training programs across all GPS sports with the goal to have all athletes involved in a year round strength and conditioning program to further increase their development and sporting performance.

Although Term 4 seems to be the winding down term of the year, it is contradictory to the Athlete Development calendar. Term 4 sees the greatest volume of athletes participating in specific preseason and in season sporting programs. These programs include Volleyball, Cricket, Swimming, Football, Rowing and Track and Field. We also see the continuation of our yoga and pilates sessions as they play an important role in complementing our strength and conditioning programs. These sessions are open to all students wanting to participate in core strength and stretching sessions and are located in room 5.2 of the Brother Tony White building.

Please familiarise yourself with the Term 4 Gym timetable below. As illustrated, it is a very busy term and as always punctuality to each session is important in order to achieve the maximum benefit of the program.

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