Captain’s Corner |

Last Tuesday and Wednesday the Terrace Seniors sat the QCS. If you are unaware of what the QCS is–somehow–then it is the test which all year 12s wishing to get an OP score must sit. It is notorious, so much so that for the past year I have been dreading sitting it. If you asked me one week ago what I thought about QCS never once did I think I would miss it, but somehow, I do. The feeling of camaraderie and mateship as all 236 of us walked through the tunnel, made by every Terrace student and staff, to sit the gruelling seven hours of exams, were unprecedented.

On the weekend, I was had this exact same conversation with a fellow Year 12 student. Incredibly, before I had said anything about it, this Year 12 said the exact same thing. Word for word, he told me: “As weird as it sounds, I actually kind of miss QCS. It just seemed the whole cohort came together.” I couldn't have been happier. I wasn't some weird entity that enjoyed the exhausting 420-minute task.

I realised we may not have done well, or we may have killed it. Only time will tell. But one thing for sure is that every boy in that hall gave it everything. The Seniors of 2017 came together. The results that we get in December will be the best that our year could get.

Until then, study hard, revise your notes and get adequate sleep this exam period. Ask for help if you need it, don’t forget that together we are 18 000 strong.