The Weekly Wrap

Rugby Wrap

As we head into the final round of the GPS Rugby season against Brisbane Boys College, I would like to take this opportunity to look back on the season. Thanks to the many people who contribute to providing a safe and positive environment for our boys to experience the great game of Rugby.

Over 790 young men participated in Rugby at Terrace in 2017 and all players, in all teams, in all matches displayed great sportsmanship and respect for their opponents, they are to be congratulated for their performances. Their coaches, many of whom are parents and Old Boys giving up their time, are to be congratulated as well, as the success of Terrace Rugby is due in no small part to their invaluable assistance.

Terrace Rugby is very fortunate to have such a committed group of Sport Office staff, teaching staff, parents and Old Boys.

Special thanks must go the following:

  • Terrace Rugby Support Group, lead by Mr Prins Ralston and Mr Damian Hearne. A special thanks to Mr Andrew Hiley and Mr Lee Bodimeade who are first to arrive and last to leave Tennyson on game day to set up and pull down.
  • Mr Andrew Dowling from the Rugby Support Group and Mrs Melisa Josephson from the TLG along with all parents who assisted in the BBQ pit and the canteen on game day.
  • Mr Shaun Hartland, Mr Lawrence Scott and Mr Simon Porter for their efforts with the home game score board, match day program and sponsorship.
  • Mrs Rossana Ferguson and her hard working sales staff for their efforts with the merchandise tent.
  • Dr Ben Forster, his team of parent doctors and twelve9teen physiotherapy who ensured all boys where in safe hands at our home away from home games.
  • Our Terrace referees who quietly go about their jobs.
  • Mr Alan Kennedy and Mr Craig Jesberg who prepare the fields at Tennyson each weekend and last but not least all the parents and friends who supported from the sidelines.
  • We have a number of long serving parent coaches whose sons are graduating this year, who over the years have dedicated countless hours to the program. I thank you all.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge all Open Rugby players and thank them for their efforts over the years playing rugby at Terrace. These young men have played rugby at Terrace, some since 2010. The Terrace Family is very proud of you and in your final year at Terrace we want to publically thank you for pulling on the Red and Black Jersey for the final time this Saturday at Tennyson.

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