Years 7, 8 and 9 Program Leader | Mr Damien Coman

As we move into the final week of school, boys are needing to be focussed on their exams. Having a specific plan of what subjects will be covered each night and what is actually being covered within those subjects is essential. Having a plan for this weekend is also incredibly important. What commitments with family/school/club have I got? What time blocks will I use for revision? What subjects and equipment do I need to bring home Friday? What actions will I be taking for each subject (end of Chapter reviews/checklist booklet items/Moodle quizzes/covering specific topics…).

The other question is HOW to study. Formation classes cover the range of Terrace revision techniques such as Friday Roll Call/Work the Corridors/Reading/Note taking in the checklist booklet/highlighting/self tests/mind maps/flow charts/flash cards/time based revision.

Year 8s have selected their two elective subjects for next year and I thank these boys and their families for their communication and punctuality in this process.

Congratulations to our Future Problem Solving Teams who have qualified to contest the National Problem Solving Championships being held at Knox Grammar School in Sydney.

The participation rates of our students in Years 7 to 9 across the co-curricular program this term has again been unquestionable. Recent results in the Catholic Music Festival were outstanding and our large number of sporting teams have been very competitive as well as playing with wonderful sportsmanship.