Dean of Identity | Mr Charles Brauer

From Thanksgiving to Legacy

The first days of term are always a special time for our College community, particularly with respect to greeting the smiling faces of our young men who are energised to tackle the challenges of the term ahead. For me, this is valuable time to meet with all students and affirm their commitment, challenge their perspective and orientate them around some key focus areas.

This week Iwould like to share with you the key messages I shared with each year level at their respective assemblies this week.

Years 5 and 6: Thanksgiving

Experiencing the first year at Terrace as a Year 5 students and transitioning into the next phase of a Terrace education as a Year 6 student are both special times for our youngest Terracians. We spent some still and quiet time reflecting on a key experience of gratitude and the people who made this possible, allowing us to recognise the opportunities that await us this term.

Years 7 and 8: The Spirit of Service

Enacting a ‘spirit of service’ was celebrated at the Years 7 and 8 Assemblies, particularly regarding how they have embrace our ongoing friendship with the Timorese by committing to the Kolega Café for the past 18 months. We honed in on our Formation Spiral and the concept of acting justly as a means of making a difference in our world.

Year 9: Leading Change

Empowering our young men with the confidence and ability to be effective leaders was the focus for our Year 9 Assembly. The leading of our 'Sustainability at Terrace' initiative was presented to our young men as an opportunity for them to enact their leadership aspirations and abilities. They were invited to sign up for the Sustainability at Terrace initiative.

Year 10: Learnings of Presence

With immersion remaining fresh in the hearts and minds of our Year 10s, we addressed the concept of ‘presence’ with others as a vehicle for strengthening relationships and mutual self-actualisation. We reviewed the role of tourist, partner and pilgrim and how we are challenged with ‘walking as pilgrim’ as an expression of Catholicity, and that of a Terrace Gentleman.

Year 12: The Legacy of 18 000 Strong

Our Senior class have done a wonderful job in translating the ‘legacy’ message of their 18 000 Strong leadership into reality. We took time to reflect on Day 1, Day 283 (today) and Day 328 (their final day) and the positive impressions they are leaving and the opportunity to deepen these impressions in their final term.

I wish all members of our Terrace Family all the very best for the term ahead as we advance together towards the season of Advent.